christmas night out part2


Boxng day was always a day when we spent time with alan,s presents but this year he had got a computer and Jake had set it up in his bedroom for him. Standing in the kitchen making the lunch I felt Jake behind me rubbing up against my legs watch out!!!! Alan could appear at any time,he won,t be down for ages he,s too engrossed in his new toy I need to feel you desperatly I know we shouldn,t but lets go out to the shed shouting up to Alan I said I needed the table from the shed and Jake was gonna get it,O.K.Alan shouted so did Jake when he knew he was gonna get something
Opening the shed Jake pushed me against the wall and his hand was under my skirt and in my pants before I could close the doorhis cock felt so hard through his trousers and I couldn.t wait to feel him fuck me bending me over I felt his hard cock shove its way up my cunt he didnt even wait till i was wet his cock was pumping so deep in my cunt i thought he was gonna come out my mouth
Oh my god mom he said i,m gonna shot my load any second Please Jake fuck me so hard I want to feel you in my womb shooting all your spunk into me we can,t mom what if you got pregnant I really don,t care hun I want you to make me pregnant we were just about to come when Alan called out the window MUM!!!!!!! I think something is burning, Shit we had to stop and go back into the house we will finish this later I can assure you Jake said.
That night after Alan had gone to bed Jake came into my room and now wer're gonna finish our session from this afternoon soon we were stripped and on top of the bed Jake was sucking on my clit while I was sucking his cock oh it felt so good in my mouth but I was desperate for it back in my cunt moving down Jake soon had me on my back and was fucking me so hard and deep have you ever fucked your girlfriend like this I asked Jake??
No way she won,t even let me touch her tits which are nowhere as nice as yours.After cumming in me a few times before the morning Jake slipped out of my room before Alan got up, Ihave to go out today Jake shouted from the bathroom i told my mates I,d pop over today,no problem I said.
When Alan came down for his breakfast he looked so happy How,s your computer I asked?? Wonderful Alan said did you know there are lots of things you can do on it?? Giving Jake a wink he left the room What did he mean by that I asked??
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