Christmas Gift


Hi my name is mark and I’m a single father of a beautiful 16yo girl. Her mom died about 1 year ago. So I’ve been raising her on my own for the last year.

Angel (my daughter) keeps telling me I need to go out and find someone to spend time with and I just keep telling her she was all I need. Let me tell u about Angel she is 18 stands about 4'8 red hair down to her ass green eyes weighs about 95lbs and is so adorable she gets away with almost everything. Now that u know what Angel looks like let me get on with my story. Angel wanted me to find a new girlfriend so I would stop being miserable but all I could think about was raising her and taking care of her. So without my say-so she talked a friend of hers mom into going out on a date with me. I was pissed that she set me up on a blind date with her friend’s mom. But she gave me her puppy dog eyes and I melted as always. So I said fine and shaved showered and got ready for the date. Angel said she was going to a Christmas party I said ok. Angel told me if I was a good boy id get my Christmas present later after my date was over. I laughed and went and picked up my date. When I pulled up Christi was waiting for me so I said hi and asked how she was talked into it. Christi said it was too embarrassing to say.

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   I asked where she wanted to go she said how about a bar. I said ok and drove to my favorite bar and rented a pool table and got us our first rounds. We both pounded back 5 beers real quick to loosen up and played pool for awhile.

After the 7th or 8th beer Christi started loosening up and said she wanted to go sit down for a bit. So we grabbed a table in the corner and sat down. She ordered another beer and started to get the glazed eyes from the beer. So I decided to ask again how she was talked into this date. She started explaining and slurring her words but said it happened like this. She said she likes to sunbathe nude and was sitting out by the pool when the sun started making her horny so she started playing with herself. But right when she was about to orgasm Angel and her daughter walked in and caught her. Angel asked her if she was horny and wanted some cock.

Christi said she was dumbfounded till Angel said that her daddy hadn’t been laid in like a year and had a huge cock. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed and a little furious. Christi said Angel then pulled out her cell phone and took a complete body shot of her naked and said go out on a date with me or the pics would be spread all over the internet tomorrow. Christi agreed I was amazed my little girl was a conniving blackmailer.

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   Christi then said what she is supposed to do when my daughter has incriminating photos of her. I told her it will be ok that I’ll get rid of the pictures tonight Christi started smiling and leaned over and gave me a kiss. She said she was kind of glad that she went out with me. Then I felt her hand on the front of my pants. She rubbed me a little and said wow Angel wasn’t lying you do have a big cock. Christi said lets go back to my place so we can have a little fun. Who was I to argue so I paid the tab and called us a cab my bartender friend said he’d have my car back in the morning. I said thanks and me and Christi left we got back to my place and no sooner then we entered then Christi was totally naked and on her knees in front of me. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped me with her teeth. Then she yanked my pants down which made my cock pop out and smack her in the face. She was stunned at the size and asked how big it is.

I said last girl that measured it said it was 11. 5 inches and 2 inches in diameter. She just looked up at me and gave me a wicked smile and growled this is going to be fun. She started licking me up and down like a lollipop then took me in her mouth and swallowed half my cock in 1 stroke.

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   She kept at it for about 5mins when I pulled her off me and sat her on the corner table and said my turn. at that moment I saw her body in full light she was hot as hell about 5'6 platinum blond hair 39c's weighed maybe 115lbs and had no pubic hair but had a pair of eyes tattooed above her clit. I went down on her and started eating her out she was moaning and thrashing all around till the table gave way under hers and my weight. She fell with me on top of her the moment she hit the ground I landed on top of her and my cock slid inside of her to the hilt. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock as she came from my sudden intrusion. She looked up at me after she stopped Cumming and had a smile plastered on her face. Then started rocking underneath me so I started slamming, into her with a power of a jackhammer. She was screaming and Cumming again in seconds. This time I felt something pushing my cock out of her so I pulled out and got drenched by her pussy juice. I was sitting there covered in pussy juice and a shocked look on my face watching her spasming on the floor. When she snapped back to reality she got embarrassed until I jumped on top of her and entered her again and said damn that is sexy. That’s when Angel came out from behind the sofa naked playing with herself and said sure was
I was sitting there with my cock buried inside of Christi and my daughter not even 3 feet from us naked and her and Christi smiling at each other. I was wondering what the fuck was going on till Angel spoke up and said see I knew you could get him to nail you Christi. Christi then asked if she liked what she saw Angel just rubbed her pussy some more and shook her head.

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   I asked what the hell the meaning of this is and Angel said her and Christi have been having sex with each other for awhile. I was once again shocked at hearing this and Christi then said it was Angel’s idea that Angel has been watching me while I was masturbating to porn on my pc. And that Angel wanted to have sex with me and have me take her virginity. I said I couldn’t do that Angel said why not. I said because its incest and illegal. Angel then spoke again and said no one else would know except me Christi and her I started looking at Angel from her very small tits and nonhaired very wet pussy. Which at the time I thought was ok but it gave Angel the opportunity to motion Christi to flip me over on my back. Angel then walked closer to me while Christi started riding me again. When Angel got close enough she stood over my face then lowered her pussy down to my mouth I don’t know if it was the alcohol or me just being really horny but I started eating Angel out. In seconds she was Cumming all over my face like a water hose. Then I felt Christi get off my cock and Angel slid down. I looked and Christi was holding my cock straight up pointing it at my little girl’s pussy.

By this time I was too far gone to fight it and watched as Angel put her pussy on top of my cock and let just the head enter her. All I could this was damn this is a tight fit. Next moment I knew Christi kissed Angel then shoved Angel straight down on my cock forcing me to take my daughters virginity in 1 stroke.

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   Angel was impaled on my cock and fell forward on my chest crying. I was worried and held my daughter to my chest when I did I started feeling Christi licking my cock and around the edge of Angels pussy it must of felt good to Angel because she started rocking on my cock a few minutes of this and Angel came in gushes around my cock. Then Angel started riding me moaning and screaming that this felt so good. Then she came again which pushed me over the edge and I shot a huge load of cum inside my little girl. At that moment it came to me that I just shot my seed into my little girl and might have gotten her pregnant. I pulled Angel off me and put my hands over my eyes and said I shouldn’t have done that. Angel said its ok daddy I said having sex with you is one thing but Cumming inside of you is worse if you get pregnant will be locked up. Christi said its ok Angel has been taking my birth control pills for 2 weeks she won’t get pregnant. I looked over at them both and saw Angel with her legs spread and my cum leaking out of her pussy. Then I heard both of them say so how you did like your Christmas presents. Then they started laughing. All I could say was damn what a Christmas.

That’s when Christi’s cell phone rang and it was her ex-husband she told him my address then hung up. I asked what that was about Christi said my other present is on the way. I said what other present that’s when Christi and Angel both said Megan Christi’s 16yo daughter I started to say something but they said they have been having sex with Megan too and Christi said she wanted Megan to lose her virginity to me.

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   I asked if she was sure she wanted this and Christi said yep she would rather be there when her daughter lost her virginity so that she could make sure the guy didn’t hurt her too much. I got up and said ok I’m going to go take a shower. They said ok and said they would go make some dinner. Both of them naked walked to the kitchen naked and started cooking I watched for a few minutes before I walked upstairs to take a shower. I got in the shower and started soaping up that’s when Angel came in and hopped in the shower and said here daddy let me help and started soaping up my cock which started stiffening when she touched it. Angel started giggling and said looks like daddy wants to play again. I just rinsed off picked her up into my arms and slid her tight pussy over my cock. She started moaning and thrashing in my arms then let out a scream that she was Cumming. I just held on for dear life till she stopped wiggling so much and then started plowing into her pussy. About 15mins later I let loose in her tight pussy for the second time tonight which pushed her over the edge and brought her to another screaming orgasm. Christi walked into the bathroom and said awwww you two left me out of playtime and started giggling. I just laughed and pulled out of Angel’s pussy.

When Christi saw my cock dripping with mine and Angels combined juices she dropped to her knees and started cleaning my cock when she was through all she said was waste not want not got up and left the bathroom. Angel said she was going to go clean up our mess we made earlier and get dressed before Megan got here. I said make sure to tell Christi to get dressed too.

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   She said ok daddy and walked away. I finished up my shower and walked to my room I started to get dressed when Angel said why don’t you put on the Santa costume and started telling me how Megan told her that Santa makes her horny and she has always wanted to fuck Santa. I started laughing and said ok but if this is gonna happen Megan’s dad will have to leave Angel said that before I come downstairs her and Christi will get rid of Megan’s dad and make sure she has no panties on and started giggling. I said ok and lay down on the bed to rest for a few minutes before I got dressed as Santa. Angel left my room and walked downstairs I started hearing giggling from down there then the doorbell rang. Angel told Megan hi and gave her a hug Christi said thanks for bringing Megan over here her ex-husband said who’s house is this and Angel said her daddy’s whom had to go out of town on a business meeting last minute then Christi said yea and he couldn’t find a babysitter so she volunteered. He said ok and said he had to leave he had a party to go to. Christi said thanks again and closed the door.

That was my cue so I got dressed up as Santa and waited for Angel or Christi to come get me. Christi came up and walked into my room and said damn you’re a hot Santa she walked over to me and said are you wearing any underclothes I said no. Christi said for me to come down as soon as I hear Santa Claus is coming to town being sung. I chuckled at that and said ok. She walked back downstairs and talked to the girls then I heard Angel moaning and saying Megan’s name. Then it stopped and I heard another voice start moaning Angel’s name. My cock started stiffening in my Santa trousers then I heard Christi say to the girls to stop and behave themselves.

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   I heard Angel say lets sing some Christmas carols Megan said yea. So they started singing Rudolf all 3 of them had beautiful voices it was like 3 angels from heaven singing. When that song ended they started singing Its Christmas time in the city. I slinked back against the wall and slid into a sitting position. Then I heard Megan quite down for a second and then scream it burns mommy what was that. Christi said it’s called whiskey then Angel asked if she could try some. Christi said only if your dad doesn’t mind for her to call me and ask first. I ran and grabbed my cell phone and turned it on vibrate so the ringtone wouldn’t be heard. Then it started going off Angel asked me if she could try some whiskey I said sure why not. Then I asked her what’s going on she said hold on let her go upstairs so she can talk to me in quiet. I held on Then Angel came upstairs we hung up the phones. Angel told me that they were going to get Megan a little drunk first then get her really horny then have me come downstairs. I said ok and went to my room and sat down at my computer and watched the security cameras I had in the living room. I saw Angel reappear in the living room and Told Christi I said she could have a little whiskey. Christi poured Angel and Megan some and I watched as both girls shot it down and hurriedly chased it with some coke then asked for another Megan being 18 was already starting to feel it I could tell be how she was wobbling as she walked.

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Angel took her shot and asked for 1 more so she could have as much as Megan did. Christi poured her another shot Megan in the meantime started saying it was getting hot in here and started pulling her clothes off she got down to her panties and training bra which by my standards was a little small for her b size tits she was sporting. Which were about 32b I was amazed that Megan’s tits were almost as big as Angels were. Angel agreed and stripped down to nothing Megan started giggling and took the rest of her stuff off too. Then they both stood up and stumbled over to Christi and started stripping her naked. I’m sitting there watching this getting really horny so I hit the record button on my security cameras. Then the scene gets hotter as the three of them start making out Megan eating her mom Christi eating Angel and Angel eating Megan. Then I heard Megan say she was about to come and Angel stopped in mid lick. Megan started cursing and said not fair in a really cute little girl voice. Christi said its fair and said its time to stop and get back to singing Christmas carols. Megan started pouting and was reaching her hand down between her legs when Angel grabbed one hand and Christi grabbed the other. Then they started singing Santa Claus is coming to town. So I put on the wig beard and hat grabbed the big red bag slung it over my shoulder and walked quietly down the stairs. Christi and Angel turned Megan towards the kitchen and asked each other if they heard that noise. I slipped over to the chimney and jumped slightly to make a thud on the floor and said in a loud tone HoHoHo Merry Christmas all three of them turned around and Christi and Angel started playing like they were covering themselves while Megan really did.


       I said in my Santa tone well what’s this 3 really naughty girls. Angel and Christi smiled and Megan started crying. I sat down on the recliner and asked Angel and Christi to come sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas both of them stood up walked over to me naked and sat on my legs.

    They whispered to each other then they said Santa we want you to give us orgasms for Christmas. Megan started staring as I reached my hands to turn their backs to me and reached down to Angels and Christi’s pussies and started rubbing and fingering them right in front of Megan. Who by the way couldn’t take her eyes away. Christi was the first to lose it and started spraying cum all over the place. Then Angel followed suit and started shaking in an intense orgasm. They both fell off my lap and said thanks Santa. Then I looked at Megan who had uncovered herself and had her hand between her legs. I said well Megan why don’t you come sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Megan stood up a little nervous and walked towards me then sat in my lap my cock by this time was hard as hell and by perfect chance was in the pants leg Megan sat on. When she sat down I knew instantly she felt my cock because she jumped a little and looked down. When she saw the outline of my cock she walked over to Christi and Angel and whispered to them. Christi whispered back and pointed at me.


       Megan walked back over to me and straddled my leg which had my cock resting against her pussy. So I asked again Megan what do you want for Christmas. Megan started rocking on my leg for a second and then said I want your cock in my pussy Santa. She then stood up and turned towards Angel and Christi which at this moment I stood up and dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Angel and Christi made a OMG face and Megan turned around and came face to my monster cock.

    Megan just stood there for second then asked me what about Ms Santa I said Ms Santa would say I have to give good little kids what they want for Christmas. She smiled and reached for my cock with her tiny hands. When she grabbed my cock looked at it and said wow Santa your cock is huge no wonder Ms Santa has stuck with you so long I laughed. So did Angel and Christi and I saw them go into a 69 position? Megan said this will be my first time Santa I said I know and picked her up and put her on the chair got between her legs and ate her young pussy out she came 3 times on my tongue almost instantly. She started yelling at me to put my cock in her now. That’s when Angel and Christi walked up and said Megan this really isn’t Santa. Megan looked up at me then at Christi and Angel and said she knows that I was Angel’s dad all along. Megan then yelled again put that big cock in my pussy Mr. Mark I laughed and put my cock at her entrance. Angel and Christi pulled the rest of my Santa outfit off.

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       I started pushing against her pussy until just the head entered her Megan was writhing around say put more in her. That’s when I pushed all the way into her up to her hymen then stopped I asked if she was sure that this is going to hurt she said in a cute little girl voice laced with horniness yes Mr. Mark. That’s when Christi and Angel put their hands on my ass and shoved me up to the nuts into Megan. Megan screamed for a second I reached down put my arms around her lifted her up turned and sat down on the chair. Angel and Christi started licking Megan all over the ass and then I felt both of their tongues licking Megan’s pussy where it met my cock. Megan started moving her hips causing my cock to slide in and out of her she got into it fast and started bucking like a little bronco. I asked Christi if Megan was taking birth control too and Christi said yes.

    All of a sudden Megan slammed down on my cock and started Cumming wildly causing me to shoot inside her Megan just collapsed against my chest and said now this is a great Christmas present. All of us laughed at Megan’s comment and said yep it is. I said it’s going to get better after I got back from doing something. They looked at me and all said awwwwwww why do you have to go do it now cant it wait. I said no pulled Megan off of me and went upstairs and got dressed grabbed my wallet car keys and walked to the front door I then said I’ll be back in about 1 hour. Then left got in my car and drove off. I drove around for a few minutes till I found what I was looking for.

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       I walked into the store and asked for what I was wanting the saleswoman told me to follow her and pointed out all the rings. All of them were way over my price range. I started frowning the saleswoman asked what was wrong I explained I was going to pop the question to a girl I fell for but the rings were out of my price range she looked me over for a second and said maybe we can come to an arrangement. I said what kind of arrangement. She said that if I fuck her she would knock a ring of my choice down half price. I asked if she was serious and to answer my question she took her shirt and skirt off making her completely naked. I said ok and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She reached inside my pants and grabbed my semi hard cock and pulled it out when she saw it she said wow and started jerking me off she got it hard in seconds and said wow this is going to be good walked over to the door locked and pulled the blinds. Then came back over to me sat on the chair and said no foreplay needed just fuck her. So I pushed into her in one swift stroke and started fucking the hell out of her she came about 4 times in 10mins before I pulled out and sprayed all over her face. She said Merry Christmas and laughed got up got dressed washed her face off and asked which ring I wanted I pointed out the best looking ring and looked at its size I could tell it was the right size.

    I said I want this one the salesclerk put it in a ring box handed it to me and said for the fuck you gave me it’s worth this ring I said are you sure she said yes. So I said ok does u have an children’s rings. She said yes and showed them to me. I picked two out and paid for them said thanks and left the store.

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       Drove home and walked inside. Angel, Christi and Megan were all three sitting on the couch cuddling naked as when I left. So I stripped walked into the living room and asked all three of them to come over to me. They all stood up walked over to me and I handed Angel and Megan their rings and said Merry Christmas. They put them on and gave me a hug and kissed my cock. I then walked up to Christi and started out by saying I know we have only known each other for a day but I think I’m falling for you. She said she was falling for me too. So I dropped to one knee opened the ring box took out the ring and said Christi will you marry me. Angel and Megan both looked at me then at Christi who at that moment said yes ill marry you Mark. She grabbed me hugged me and gave me a huge kiss. Angel and Megan said does that mean we all will be living together I said yes. They ran over and shared in the hug. Christi said tomorrow they will move in grabbed my cock and said tonight is a celebration day for our engagement. Pulled me upstairs and said come on girls you both are going to help us celebrate.

    Part 2 coming soon to tell u about the celebration and the wedding.

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