Christina Chapter 1


Topic: Christina Chapter 1At the young age of 21 I married the woman I thought was the one. During that first year things were ok. But by year two things were rocky. That second year was my older cousins graduation,  so I decided to go to the reception for appearances sake and sat with a free beer complements of the med school budget. Looking around at the family who attended I caught a glimpse of a family member I didn't recognize right away.
The cousin of this story, which wasn't the one graduating, this was the daughter of my cousin Diane. Her name was Christina, a vision of beauty at 18 she had grown from that hyper little girl to a girl with sexy confidence. The way she walked showed slight hints of seduction and sensual attitude. Catching me starring at her she smiled and waved. Snapping out of my daze I waved back. Through out the night I would sneak glances of her young tight body. And every now and then I would swear she was glancing at me as well.
Dismissing that thought as me having wishful thinking I continued to watch the other attendees dancing to the beats of the DJ hired to entertain. As the songs continued couples filed out to dance floor for a slow love song. By this time my envy for all the couples was at its highest since my wife hated to dance. But just as I took the last sip of my 4th beer I felt a tap on my shoulder and to my surprise saw my beautiful cousin leaning down to ask me to dance.

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   Not knowing what to say I didn't resist as she lead me to the farthest side of the dance floor away from where our family was sitting. Feeling a bit set up I let her place my hands where she wanted them. Dancing there with my hands dangerously low on her waist she smiled with those eyes that had to be an illusion of contact lenses. Leaning up to me she spoke for the first time that night to me,
"How does my body feel"?
Looking at her with wide eyes I replied, "I don't know how to answer that. "
" Why not," Christina said with a pouty lip.
"Because were cousins were not suppose to be having thoughts like that," I tried to explain to her.
Smiling as she looked down and then back into my eyes she snickered,
"Well that slight reaction I can feel tells me otherwise. "
Just realizing I was having an unplanned reaction with in my boxer shorts I quickly began to apologize just as the song ended. The DJ wanting to pump thing up a bit played a perfect song for bumping and grinding. Starting to walk back to the table I felt some resistance from my arm turning Christina looked at me with lust in her eyes and pleaded for one more dance. Worried about the type of song I replied "Now?"
"Yes why not," she said so innocently.
Turning around she placed her hands on my hips and hiking up her skirt up a bit began to grind my crotch. Loosing all control over wrong and right I placed one hand on her hip awfully close to being her ass and began to grind back. The more we bumped and ground the stiffer my dick got. Felling the reaction she was hoping for she flipped around and proceeded to grind away.

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   By this time my mind had shifted from fear of getting caught to enjoying the closest feeling to fucking my sexy cousin. As the song came to a close she placed her hand on my thy and ran it up and gave my dick a quick squeeze before we circled around and got a beer for me to use an excuse for being gone during that second song. The rest of the night was spent glancing at each other from opposite sides of the table. After that her and her mom went back to there home 6 hours away, and I went home to my broken marriage.     Two months later me and my wife separated, and wanting a change of pace asked my uncle who lived near a big city where I could find a better job. Arriving he explained that he couldn't accommodate me then revealed he talked to his daughter and made arrangements for me to live with them for a while. Now my uncle has two daughters and not knowing which he meant I assumed my cousin Lindsay so I waited for her to arrive to show me the way.
Hearing the doorbell ring I sat up to greet and thank my cousin Lindsay for the favor. Looking up I meet eye to eye with Christina and her mom. Smiling she hopped over and gave be a big hug. An hour later we arrived at their house, my cousin Diane was married with two kids. Her husband John was a business man who was always away. And Christina's brother was away at the military so I would be staying in his basement room which was amazing.
That first day was painful after dinner Christina went to her room and changed into her nightie which her mom let her wear while her dad was out of town. Going down to get situated Diane yelled down that she was going to bed because she had an early day.

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   Thanking her again she went up and retired to her room. After about an hour or so I looked over at the clock and realized it was getting late and if I was gonna get up to go job hunting that I would need some sleep. Undressing as I always slept nude I lowered my boxers with my back to the stairs. Straightening back up I near jumped as I felt a hand take my dick and began stroking it. Turning my head I was surprised to see Christina smiling back at me.
Turning me around she shoved me on the bed and dropped between my legs and before I could say anything in protest popped the head of my dick in her mouth and began to suck. Just reacting to the sudden rush of pleasure I tilted my head back and let out a loud exhale. Bobbing up and down with the feel of teeth on my dick I had a feeling she was new to this. Regaining my composer I began to protest what she was doing,
"Christina what are you doing your gonna get me in trouble if your mom catches us. " Taking a pause from her assault on my dick she explained that her moms room was clear on the other side of the house and that she was such a sound sleeper that their family is amazed her alarm wakes her up in the morning.
"But this is wrong," I said in an unsure voice.
Not wanting to loose this argument she stood up and slipped the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor as she said,
"are you sure you don't want me?"
Not knowing what to say I just lay back down as she kneeled back down and continued her work on my dick. Even with her obvious inexperience I could feel my load building up. Not knowing if she knew what was about to happen I sat up and warned her that I was about to cum.
Looking up she smiled and said, "let me taste it"
That look in her eyes plus the innocent way she said it threw me over the edge.

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   Thowing my head back the first shot came ferociously out and splashed the back of her throat causing her to gag. But not wanting to ruin the moment she forced her way though the feeling and continued to suck and swallow the next 6 shots of cum. While I lay there recovering from that wonderful feeling, Christina stood up and put her nightie back on and leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss before she left the room. Laying there I didn't know what this meant for me or how this was to affect my living there but for the first time in a long time I slept soundly. . . . . . . . . To be continued. . .


  . . .  All comments are welcome this is my first story ever.   Email me at lestat20243@gmail. com



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