Chris's Unbelievable Luck


"Damn did you see that shirt Jessie was wearing today?!" Jason said as he put his money in the machine. "Hell Yea I did! How can someone be so hot? It just sucks too much!" I replied. Right after my whiney reply Jessie came up and stood behind us. I heard whispering, and then i felt a brief touch on my ass. I looked straight forward. 'This isn't happening' I told myself. 'Jessie would never do something like this. ' It was the only touch that was given, but it still made me semi-hard knowing that it was her who delivered it. That turned out to be the high point of my day. We returned home, and my brother dropped me off, saying he was going somewhere to run some errands. I said fine, and I was left the opportunity to PBP (Pitch Batting Practice) as Jason and I put it. I ran upstairs, turned on the computer, went to the bathroom, and returned, finding my desktop bare. I opened AOL, and signed on, went to favorites, and clicked on good old White Shadows. The screen flashed up, and i went in, finding that Endless Nights had posted a new story in the Incest section, my favorite. I unzipped my pants, and pulled them, along with my boxers, to my ankles. I opened the story, and played with my dick a little to get it hard as I read.

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   The story got spicier so I got some lotion and lathered my dick up. I was a good 5 minutes into stroking and reading when the phone rang. It was Jason. Of course. He just HAD to ruin my fun. "Hey man you wanna come over?" he said. "When?" "Like, right now, 'cause my mom gave me the car tonight, and she said you could stay over too. "Well, I thought 'Cool. . . ' 'cause Jason has a computer and he has N64, so I told him yes and we arranged that he would pick me up in 18 minutes. Well, I had to stop, 'cause the story was still in the beginning, and I was just going to save it for later. By the time Jason got there, I was ready to go, with all of my things. It was a quick drive to his house, so we got there soon. Jason and I are very open about masturbating.

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   Hell, we even take turns when we have overnights. Don't take it the wrong way, we are soooo not gay or bi, we just understand what needs to get done, so he goes in one room and takes care of business, and when he's done, we switch. Anyways, we arrived, he got us some pop, and we went to the basement where all of the entertainment is. We played N64 for an hour or two, got on the computer for a bit, and ate dinner, and by that time, it was about 8:00PM, and it was dark. It was nice out, so we decided to go walking. We started walking and talking about things that have been going on, of course Jessie was in the convo, with her hot body that we both just want to ram our cocks into!!. . . . ahem. . . excuse me for getting carried away. Anyways, we were still walking, and we came upon Quail Ct. Well guess who is two houses on the left? You're damn right! Jessie.

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   We decided to do a little voyeur action. We walked up, and found what seemed to be Jessie's window. We looked in, and she was talking on the phone. I didn't know who, but what made my dick hard was the fact that she didn't have a shirt or pants on, was bare in just her white bra and panty set, casually rubbing one of her tits lightly! Imagine a girl you've had your masturbatorial thoughts on for 5 years right in front of you rubbing her tit! It must have been her boyfriend on the phone. Well, anyway, we crouched down, and there was no way she could see us, from the way her blinds and lights were. We had a free show. At that moment, she hung up the phone, and her sister walked in. Younger, at about 13. "Hi Jess. Whatcha doin?""Get the hell outta my room brat!""Why? Don't make me go tell mom you were mean!"By this point Jessie was angry because it seemed she couldn't get herself off because her sister was there. "Fine, whatever. What do you want?""Oh nothing, just coming in to say hi. And it seems you were a little busy yourself!"Her sister (Carrie) giggled. 'Oh Jesus' Jessie thought, 'she must have seen me playing with my nipples! How embarrassing can you get!'"Oh shut up. When you get older you'll understand.

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  ""I already understand Jess," Carrie said as she walked over and put her small hand on Jessie's tit. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Jessie roared as she smacked her sister's hand away. "SSHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Mom will hear you! I just know what you were doing and I was gonna help, that's all. ""Well that is NOT something I wanna do with my little fucking sister!"Carrie was not happy to hear this. She had been thinking about seducing her sister for the past year or so, and had a plan, no matter what Jessie wanted. Her other hand, which didn't touch Jessie's tit, had been hidden behind her back. She pulled out a softball, and Jessie only had time to open her mouth before she was hit on the temple with the ball, knocked out cold. "OK bitch, now what are you gonna do?" Carrie said to herself as she began to undress. She took off Jessie's underwear, for everyone to see. Outside, the story unfolding within the house had totally boggled the minds of the 2 teens. Both of their dicks were hard, and both of them were being rubbed over their pants. 'There is no way in hell this can be happing' they both thought to themselves. But yes, it was happening, whether they believed it or not. Both girls fully naked, Carrie climbed onto Jessie and pulled a nipple into her mouth. Sucking on it hard while rubbing her own pussy frantically, had her so hot she was already sweating and dripping with passion.

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   'Enough of this' she thought, and she moved up and sat right on Jessie's mouth. Jessie was unconscious, yes, but her mouth was open, and pointing straight up. When Carrie sat down her eyes lit up with desire and started riding Jessies face. Outside, both teens decided, involuntarily, and oblivious to each other to take out their cocks and start to do a lil PBPing. Watching all this happen was just something that didn't happen on a regular basis, and were both about 2 minutes away from a load blowing. Carrie had her mouth open, as she slopped up and down on Jessie's face, moving back and forth, teasing her pussy which wasn't fully covered with hair yet. Jessie was limp, still out cold, and her face was dripping with her sister's pleasure. Carrie felt her orgasm rise up in her, and had to cover her mouth with a pillow before letting loose her flow of juices and screaming. She just went faster as the orgasm ripped through her, causing her to shake uncontrollably. It was subsiding, and she bent over, pussy still on Jessie's face, and let out a deep breath. She got up, and looked at her sister. Eyes closed, naked body sprawled out, juices running down her face. She looked good enough to eat. Well, ok then. Carrie leaned over and licked her own juices from her sisters face and laid a wet kiss on her mouth before moving down, with a trail of wet kisses behind her, to Jessie's pussy.

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   She looked at it, completely bare. Jessie must shave her pussy! She got up on the bed, and put her mouth near the luscious delight of hair pie beneath her. She inhaled deeply, savoring the smell. It smelled musky, like her own, but sweet, like peaches, as Jessie uses some body lotion, apparently *everywhere*. She couldn't wait any longer and just leaned forward, and planted a small kiss on her sister's pussy. Jessie now beginning to stir, Carrie shoved her tongue inside Jessie's pussy, which was beginning to involuntarily get moist. Jessie felt something warm and wet, and was gliding through space. Through a world which no one has ever seen before, yet everyone was there. No one needed clothes, so they were all free to do whatever they wanted. This place blackened out, and the warm wet feeling remained. Her pussy tingled thinking of her boyfriend's tongue the previous night, as he licked her out. She was near orgasm again. Her eyes opened, and the feeling was there, and she looked down to see her sister eating away! She panicked and closed her legs around Carrie's head, but this only intensifying the feelings she had. Her legs dropped down as a powerful orgasm welled up in her loins. Her head was thrown back and forth, and her hips started humping her sister's face.

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   Spasm after spasm of uncontrollable lust speared her insides, making her moan audibly, and she was forced to turn her head into a pillow. Her sister, Carrie, was too busy slurping up every juice that left Jessie's body to notice that it was time for her to go to her friend's house. She licked for a couple minutes more, letting her sister drift down from her orgasmic high, before going up to her face, looking her in the eyes, and saying "It was great the first time, but will be better the next time. " With that she planted a pussy juice tasting kiss on Jessie's lips, and left the room. When Chris and Jason saw Jessie orgasm, there was NO WAY IN HELL they could have stopped their own even if they wanted to. Both blew jizz all over the side of the house, making their knees weak, and causing gasps from each. Now was when they noticed that they were both jacking off and they started laughing to each other. Jessie was just laying there, staring at the ceiling, thinking about what just went on, trying to sort things out. Her mother had yelled to her, telling her that her friend, Libby was here. She quickly dressed and told her mom to show Libby to her room. Libby was a freshman, but the most beautiful by far. Her short blond hair and B or C sized breasts just held a gaze for hours. She was tall, about 5'10", and was pretty slim. She played on the varsity basketball team. Libby was shown up to Jessie's room, and they had their greetings, Libby smelling the unmistakable scent of pussy.

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   She guessed that Jessie had been horny tonight, and was just getting her rocks off. She began kissing Jessie, and this time Jessie kissed back. Jessie and Libby met a couple of years ago at middle school. They liked each other right away and became good friends. Jessie had Libby over one night and they were watching TV and Libby was rubbing her pussy in front of Jessie. One thing led to another, and because of Jessie's interest in Libby, they had hot, lesbian love, right there in Jessie's room. They had been very close ever since then. Chris and Jason almost fainted. Jason was so hot for Libby, and Chris already hot for Jessie, just made the scene that more unreal. Jason was instantly hard, but Chris was getting there. Jessie's hand moved down to Libby's crotch and she felt the heat coming from her shorts. She still hadn't completely forgotten about the escapade with her sister, but she put it in the back of her mind, because her lover, Libby, was right there, right then. Libby's eyes had flashed open and somehow caught a glance of Jason's eyes. She didnt panic, because she had seen the way Jason had looked at her before. She started kissing Jessie's neck, and fondling Jessie's tits, and then moved her head to Jessie's ear, and told her of the situation.

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       Both kept it cool, not letting Chris or Jason know what was going on. They just stopped, and left the room. "SHIT!" Chris whispered. "What the hell happened?!"Jason had already begun to stroke. "I dunno man, but Im finishing this one way or the other, as he began to stroke faster. "What the hell are you two doing by my window?!" Jessie yelled. Libby was right next to her. Both teens froze. They were sooo caught with their pants around their ankles. There was nothing they could do, but just stand there. Jessie spoke up. "Both bathrooms in my house were busy so we decided to come out here. "Jessie moved a little closer, with Libby following, and undid her shorts, and squatted down with Libby. Piss started in a small trickle to leave her hole and then picked up a little. Libby put her hand underneath and let the stream glide over her fingers.

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      She brought the fingers to her mouth and said "EVERY part of Jessie tastes great. Even her pee!"Jessie gave her clit a couple tugs as her current sputtered to a couple drips. She stood, but taking her shorts totally off. Libby needed to go as well, so she discarded her shorts and had Jessie lie down under her, and let loose herself. Jessie opened her mouth, inviting the flow of acrid spray into her awaiting mouth. Libby crouched lower, putting her clit into Jessie's mouth, Jessie sucked from it like a baby sucks from a nipple. Jason and Chris, too hard for words, just stood there, slowly stroking. As Libby's stream died down, she began humping Jessie's face a bit. But she finally got up, and both girls discarded the rest of their clothing. As I said before, it was a nice night. Jessie walked to Chris and kissed him, catching him by surprise. But what caught him by even more surprise was that she then kneeled down and took his dick into her mouth! Jason was staring at the beautiful figure of Libby coming towards him. He just immediately got on his knees, self consciously thanking God for this opportunity. Libby, though, took this opportunity to shove her cunt into Jason's mouth. Of course, he sucked eagerly.


       Chris felt that his load was going to blow, so he pulled out, confident now that he had this under control. He laid Jessie on her back, and dove into her moist pussy, savoring each fold of her skin, every inch her pussy juice covered. He was licking like a madman and Jessie exploded onto his face. It was about the best thing he ever tasted. He kissed her again, pulling on her nipples as he did so, then flipping her over onto her stomach, and lifted her, and put his dick in her pussy, doggy style, and begin to thrust. Unbelievable feeling. Warm, wet, tight, sucking action. . . . all these words going through Chris's head. He was pumping for all he had when Jessie had yet again, another orgasm. The first clench of her pussy muscles had Chris over the edge, and he pulled out, put Jessie on her back, and went into a 69 all in one motion. His cum shot down her throat as his hand shot down to her pussy and put his finger on her g-spot. Her orgasm was like a nuclear explosion.

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       She was shaking and her head just sucked every drop out of Chris's body and his hand milked her dry. They both licked their fingers clean and laid down to watch the show before them. Jason was feasting on the freshest pussy at LNHS. Libby was humping his face like nothing else. Her first orgasm racked her body sending her to the ground, and sending her juices onto Jason's awaiting tongue. While she was recovering from the most recent of orgasms, Jason mounts her in the missionary position, and begins to thrust. This feeling is one unknown to Jason, as he is with his hand most every night. He goes slow, making the orgasm build to last longer. Libby has used dildos before, so is used to penetration. Her mouth is open and Jason is licking her tits and nibbling on her nipples. Libby uses her hands to feel the rippling muscles of Jason's large arms as she pulls herself onto Jason's cock. She feels her orgasm build, as does he, and he also quickly switches into a 69, and just as his cock hits her tongue, he begins to shoot. Spurt after spurt of his jizz lands on the back of her throat, which then sends Libby off the edge, and her pussy begins to squeeze repeatedly, catching Jason's tongue and sucking it in deeper. His face is left soaked, and he moves to kiss her as they both enjoy Libby's pussy juice. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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