Caught by the triplets


Let me start by describing myself. I'm 16, 6 foot 4, 165lbs, with curly brown hair. I'm a triplet, but I'm the only guy. So I have two sisters that are both around 5 foot 11, 110lbs, straight brown hair about waist length, one with 32Bs and the other with 29Bs. I also have a younger sister that is 14, 5 foot 7, 101lbs, black hair about solder length, and 28Bs.  
One night during the summer, I got home late from a date. I was horny, because my girlfriend was super christian and didn't want pre-martial sex. So I decided to look up some porn since my parents were on a vacation, and my sisters were asleep. I was surfing the web when I found a promising link. It went to a page about incest, and it made me the hardest I've ever been in my life. In most of the pictures, you could see a resemblence between the brothers and sisters fucking the brains out of the other one. I started slowly rubbing my penis as I watched a set of triplets [all girls] play with each other. Just as it was about half way though, one of the girls pulled out a strap on and put it on. As she slowly put the tip in one sister's dripping cunt, the other sister started straddling the sister about to be fucked's face. as it was almost over, my door bursts open and my triplets walk in wearing only really big shirts. I try to minimize the window so they can't see what I'm watching, but I'm too slow and they see the I can't tell if they're pissed or not, but my dick is still hard through this.

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   My sisters, Mallory and Dina, can't take their eyes of it. As this is starting to get uncomfortable, I try to cover myself. As I reach for a blanket, Mallory says,"Who said you could cover up?" and Dina says,"Its time for a little fun. " They walk towards my bed and and tell me to lay down. Once I'm laying down, Dina comes over and starts rubbing and feeling my dick. As she does that, Mallory says,"You have such a big penis. How big is it?" "It's 8 and a half inches. " By now Mallory has started taking her shirt off, reveling her red panties and matching bra, and Dina has one hand down her panties and the other is still stroking my dick.
         Then Dina starts licking my dick, sending shivers down my back. She lightly flicks her tongue against my head, and Mallory comes up behind her and starts lifting her shirt over her head. She then removes her panties, allowing me to get my first glimpse of a real life cunt. She comes over and starts straddling my face, and stick my tongue out and get my first taste of a cunt. As the taste is sweet, I keep licking.   As this is all too much, I stop licking her cunt and tell Dina I'm going to cum. That makes her start deep throating my dick, and I blow my load down her throat.

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   Dina and Mallory then removes all remaining clothing. This seems like a good time, so I ask,"Have either of you guys done anything before?" Dina says,"We've both given bjs before, but we also like to play with each other. " and Mallory says," We've had dildos, but not a real dick, and not one as big as yours. " Dina goes on and says,"But thats going to change, isn't it? We're both on the pill. " The only thing I can say is,"If you want it to. " Dina says,"Can I go first?" And I just can't say no to that. "How would you like to do it?
           She answers," How about from behind? That way, Mallory won't be left out. " That stumbts me until I see them get in position. Mallory lays on the bed with her legs spread, and Dina starts to lick her pussy. My dick springs to live at this amazing sight. I go behind Dina and start to press the tip of my dick to Dina's wet pussy. There is some restitance, but it slowly goes in. as inch after inch slowly goes in, I finally meet a wall. With a small push, I break through and keeping going in until I'm fully in. I wait for her to get used to the feeling, then slowly pull out till I'm almost fully out, then slowly  go back in, then slowly back out.

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   I start building up speed  as I keep thrusting in and out of her very wet pussy. after about the ninth thrust, Mallory starts moaning as Dina's tongue works it magic, just as I work mine in Dina. As I keep thrusting, I feel the familar sensation at my balls. I keep thrusting, and after about the 23 thrust, I blow my load in Dina as deep as I can. As I'm squirting in her, I feel her muscles tense as she starts cumming all over my dick, legs, and bed.
        I pull out of her and say,"That was awesome. " By now, Mallorys had a couple of orgasms of her own. Seeing as we are all tired, we cuddle up and lie in bed. Mallory says,"Seeing as I haven't been fucked yet, lets rest today and start again tommorow night. "