Catherine and Daddy - 1


I had raised my daughter alone since she was a preschooler, after the death of my wife. She was a beautiful girl, with dark brown hair to her shoulders, green eyes, and flawless skin. We lived on a 3-acre property in the county, with only trees and wild animals for neighbors. After my wife’s death, Catherine was the light of my life, and the reason I got up each morning.
I decided long ago that I would keep the lines of communication open with her about any subject, so on the day that she walked in on me after I had just gotten out of the shower, I began talking about the differences in our bodies. She never had any problem with her daddy seeing her naked, and often walked around in the house without any clothing. I figured since she had seen me undressed, that clothes would not be necessary around the house.
Catherine was a good girl, and already very sexy, even though she had just begun to develop. The one part of her that had always been attractive was her ass, round and firm from early on, probably due to the dance classes she began taking in elementary school. She had a pair of AA breasts, that bounced so cutely when she walked in the nude. Her legs were starting to get long and shapely, and her pussy was still hairless. For several years after her mother’s death, nothing out of the ordinary occurred. But one night, I was reading a book before going to bed, and heard some unusual noises coming from her room. I walked to her door (which was not completely closed), looked into the room, and was surprised to find Catherine on her bed, leaning back against the headboard with her knees drawn up, and with a finger in her pussy. Catherine was moaning, and you could see when she pulled a finger out, that it (and therefore her pussy) was soaking wet.
She started moving her finger in and out, and I noticed that her little nipples were both erect.

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   The in and out movements continued, as did her moaning, and her still-bald pussy began getting wet all over. Her pussy fluid began leaking out of her pussy and onto her sheets as she kept pumping her middle finger in and out of her young pussy. And then she started talking, very quietly so as not to attract attention.
“Daddy, please make me come. Please stick it in my pussy and make me come all over you, just like we did before. ” I was quite surprised at this--was she really talking to me (I didn’t think she’d seen me at her door), or was she trying to turn herself on? If she did know I was there, was she trying to turn me on? I didn’t know quite what to think, and I continued watching her.
She then lifted her ass off the bed, and began to moan louder, before catching herself and stifling the sound. I noticed that the fluid was now flowing freely from her pussy, and then she became stiff as an orgasm tore through her body, soaking her bed. She dropped her ass on the bed, pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and began to catch her breath.
I kept looking at my little girl, coming down from the height of an orgasm, watching her little boobs rise and fall with each breath. Her eyes were still closed, but I dared not move, for fear of the floor squeaking and alerting her to my presence. My cock had grown to its fullest height (about 6 ½ inches), and I was absent-mindedly stroking it. I kept my eyes on her pussy the entire time I was masturbating, and eventually she heard my stroking and looked in my direction. “Oh, Daddy, I’ve never seen your thing that big! How did that happen? Does it hurt?” Then reality hit her. “How long have you been standing there?”
“No, honey, it doesn’t hurt.

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   And I’ve been here long enough to know my little girl is starting to have grown-up needs. Where did you learn to masturbate?”
She hesitated before answering. Finally she said “I’ve learned it from what my girlfriends have told me, and other places. ”
“Like what other places?” I was getting worried that she’s been experimenting with boys, but I didn’t want to suggest that. It would sound too much like an accusation.
Again, she hesitated. “Promise you won’t be mad?”
“I won’t be mad” I promised “…unless you don’t tell me the truth. ”
Deep breath, then “OK, here’s the truth. When I spend the night at someone’s house, we talk, you know, about things like this. Some girls even get their parents’ movies, the ones showing naked people and sex, and we watch and sometimes try some of the things we see. It’s only with other girls, so nobody can get hurt. Are you going to make me stop going to sleepovers?”
I managed to remain calm, and tried to reassure her. “No, honey, you can still go to sleepovers. It’s only natural that girls your age get curious about sex. And I won’t tell the other parents unless I hear that boys are involved in your games, too.

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“No, Daddy, no boys. They’re still too silly right now. ”
“I’ve noticed that you haven’t had any girls to our house. How come?”
“Well, I was going to ask you about that tomorrow. Two girls, Maggie and Claire, wanted to come over this Friday. Can we have them over, please Daddy?”
I already knew Maggie and Claire from Catherine’s dance classes, and they seemed to be from good families. All three were around the same age. “OK, Catherine, you can have them over Friday night. Tell them they can come straight home with you on the bus if you want to. Just make sure their parents know. ”
“OK, I’ll take care of that right now. Thank you, Daddy!” And she ran to get the phone faster than I could ask her anything else. Well, that could wait for another day.
Friday rolled around faster than I could prepare for, and when Catherine got home, Maggie and Claire were on either side of her, with overnight bags and back packs in tow. Maggie was taller than the other girls, with brown hair, darker than Catherine’s and cut in a bob, and dark brown eyes.

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   Her boobs were A-cups. Claire was even prettier than the others, with blonde hair, gorgeous light blue eyes, the face of an angel, and A-cups of her own. Quick introductions were made, the evening’s supper quickly planned, and then they were off to Catherine’s room for an evening of gossip, giggles, and music.
After supper, I popped some popcorn, then went to my room to watch TV, allowing the girls to have the living room TV to themselves. I changed into some old gym shorts, and stretched out on my bed. Once their TV was on, they seemed to settle into a calmer mode. I had a break between programs, and went downstairs to check on them, and noticed that they had all changed into nightclothes by then. None were traditional night gowns or PJs, but more like oversized shirts that came just past their asses. I went back into my room and watched TV for a while again. With another program break, I went back down the hall to the living room, and saw their programming immediately. I must have stood there with my mouth open, because of three reasons: first, their knees were pulled up, leaving the hem of their shirts at their waists, revealing that none had on any panties; second, each girl was playing with herself; and third, the movie they were watching was definitely X-rated, with actresses performing lesbian acts on each other! I’m not sure which fact surprised me the most.
Then Maggie spoke up. “I hope what we’re doing doesn’t bother you, Mr. Wills. We’re just trying to have some fun.

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  ” Then she licked her juices off her finger, just to tantalize me.
Before I had a chance to answer, Claire asked “Do we look sexy to you, Mr. Wills? In fact, I think it’s getting really hot in here, don’t you?” And with that, Claire pulled her shirt off, revealing her little boobs, with very erect nipples pointing right toward me. She then started stroking and pulling on her nipples, which seemed to kick her finger into high gear in her pussy. As she got more and more excited, her ass rose slowly off the couch as her pussy looked for more stimulation.
Catherine was not left behind either. She had her middle finger as far into her pussy as she could get it, then began working her ring finger in at the same time. “I’m getting close” she said between clenched teeth.
This must have been a signal to the others, because they all began pumping fingers into their pussies still faster. Each of them raised their asses off the couch, revealing pussy juices running out and down their ass cracks. Claire began moaning first, and then stiffened, and her juices began flowing like a river over her finger and onto the couch. Right behind her was Maggie, with her middle finger deep into her pussy, making her own wet spot on the couch. Then came Catherine, with a quick, high-pitched squeak as she, too, came all over her ass, and then the couch cushion.
I had unconsciously begun stroking my cock through my gym shorts, and little was left to the imagination then. Claire, the more aggressive one, came over and touched my cock through my shorts, then suddenly pulled the shorts over my ass and cock, leaving me exposed to all three girls.

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   Since my cock was nothing new to Catherine, she took a back seat for a while. Claire said to Maggie “Come on and have a feel, Mag. It won’t bite. ”
Maggie couldn’t let Claire one-up her, so she joined Claire at my recliner, where I was sitting. Maggie just looked at my cock for a moment, examining it with her eyes, before reaching out and touching it. Her touch was so gentle, as if she were handling crystal, and it made my cock jump when she did. “Stroke it up and down, Maggie” instructed Claire, “…just like we’ve seen in the movies. ” Maggie then began lightly moving her hand along the head and shaft of my cock, causing me to moan in delight.
“Is this OK, Mr. Wills? I’m not hurting you, am I?” she asked innocently.
“No, you’re not hurting me, Maggie. It feels exquisite, in fact. Just keep up the good work. ” And with that, Maggie began moving her hand along my cock, gently as ever. “Maggie, do you know what would help me even more?” When she shook her head, I said “Pull your shirt off, so I can see your body.

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  ” She hesitated for a moment, then when she realized that Claire was already naked, pulled her own shirt off also. “Now that’s more like it. It helps when I can see your boobs and pussy as you’re doing this to me. Now keep stroking me. ” To get a better angle, Maggie then sat upon my leg while stroking me.
She did as instructed, and I felt my come beginning to move. I stopped her and asked all the girls “Have you ever seen a man come before?” They all responded with a “Yes. ” My next question was “How did that happen?” Catherine said “Not live, Daddy, just in movies like this one. ” I felt a bit relieved, but still confused about how I should be reacting to all of this, when Maggie began stroking my cock again.
Claire said to Catherine “How come you’re the only one with any clothing on now? C’mon, Cath, off with the shirt!” Catherine stripped her shirt off immediately, letting me know that the ringleader is Claire.
All three girls were as sexy as I could have imagined. Their budding boobs were probably the best part, but the hairless pussies were a close second. Not an ounce of fat on any one of them, and their pussy lips were shiny with their wetness. Catherine and Maggie had rather dark brown nipples and areolas, while Claire’s were a lighter brown, going more with her blonde hair.
Maggie continued to stroke my cock, with still a light touch, but a bit faster than before.


   The other girls both moved over to watch the proceedings, and began touching their pussies again. As Maggie moved me closer and closer to my orgasm, Claire and Catherine began touching each other. I involuntarily moaned, then began coming all over myself and on Maggie’s hand. Maggie jumped at first, then began stroking me again, while Claire and Catherine both came all over each other’s hands. Maggie had gotten my leg wet with her own juices, and when I finished my cum, she soaked my leg with her own orgasm, and fell against me, chest to chest. I lightly stroked her boobs with my right hand, and her ass with my left.
All four of us were breathing hard, so no one spoke for a few minutes. When someone did, it was Maggie. “That was intense, Mr. Wills. What else can you show us?”
“Have any of you tried oral sex?” I asked.
“You mean, mouth on pussy?” asked Catherine.
“That’s what I mean. If you’ve been watching porn flicks, you’re bound to have seen that sometime, right? So you know it’s done all the time.
They all hemmed and hawed about who should do it first to whom, when I jumped in and said “How about me first? I’ll do oral sex on one of you first, and I guess you’ll have to draw straws to see which is the lucky one.

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The straws were drawn, and Claire was the winner. “OK, Claire, sit down on the armchair over there and put a leg over each arm. ” Claire did as instructed, and then I said “Now, just sit back and enjoy. ” I then took a long look at her completely exposed pussy from just a few inches away. She was completely bald, and still completely wet from her encounter with Catherine. I licked her titties first, circling her nipples, then concentrating right on them. I sucked them to their fullest length, and she began to moan with the stimulation, so I started moving down her hot little body toward her bald pussy.
I kissed her thighs, licking what had dripped down from her last orgasm, then worked my way up to her pussy lips, holding her legs apart all the while. Her lips were already parted, so I sucked first one and then the other into my lips. Her inner lips were already obvious, so I concentrated on them next, then stuck my tongue into her love canal as deeply as it would go. She tasted delicious. I then took long swipes with my tongue from her hole to her clit, then flicked my tongue over her clit a few times. I felt her begin to stiffen, and her ass began to rise off the couch. I wanted to prolong her pleasure for as long as possible, so I backed off a bit. Claire’s little hands then went to the back of my head, as she said “Please don’t stop licking my clit! That makes me feel sooo good.

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  ” Not being one to disappoint, I began my clitoral stimulation again, but with much more zeal than before. At the same time, I stuck my first finger into her pussy hole, and began short pumping movements. Soon, her ass was rising again, and her pussy began seeping her love juices once again. I sucked on her clit as hard as I could, and that final suck gave Claire a huge orgasm. She began shaking, and I heard her go “UUUNNNGGGG” as her juices flowed as freely as a river, soaking my face and the chair.
Catherine and Maggie were both transfixed by this, and were diddling their clits all the while. Both came again, with me as their audience, and soon I saw pussy juices flowing freely from both their pussies. I moved quickly, in order to lap up as much of their juice as I could, then let the girls settle down once again before I asked “Well, what did you think, Maggie?”
“That was great, Mr. Wills. I have never felt that good in my life. How did you do that?”
“Years of practice, Maggie, that’s all. So who’s going to try it next?”
Maggie said “Catherine, I’ll do you, if you want. ” But Catherine seemed to have developed a shy streak that she didn’t have before, so Maggie moved on to Claire, and said “C’mon Claire, make me feel the way you just felt. ” Claire began sucking Maggie’s pussy just the way I showed her a short while ago. Catherine moved to her left side to stroke her boob and nipple, and I did the same to Maggie’s right nipple.


   When Claire began moving a finger in and out of Maggie’s pussy, she began breathing like she’d just run a mile. Then Maggie began to come, and said “OH GAWD, OOOHH GAWD, I CAN’T STAND IT ANY LONGER!!!” Claire then stopped her stimulations, leaving her finger inside of Maggie’s pussy. Maggie began to calm down, then Claire began her in and out movements with her finger again, and Maggie again had an equally intense orgasm. Claire’s finger and her entire hand were soaked with Maggie’s juices, and when she licked Maggie’s clit ever so slowly, Maggie again raised her ass off the chair and had a mind-blowing orgasm. “I THINK I’M GOING TO PASS OUT!!” said Maggie, though she remained awake to experience everything.
Catherine had long ago stopped sucking Maggie’s nipple, and started in on her own pussy again. This time, she used two hands, one to finger her pussy, and the other to finger her clit. Shortly, Catherine’s pussy was making squishing noises as she came all over her own hand, and she again made that short, high-pitched squeak as her orgasm arrived.
The girls were finally spent, and they all collapsed on the couch and chair in the living room. For my part, I was still horny, but enjoyed myself as I looked at three lovely girls all naked, sleeping in front of me without caring about their nudity.
Sometime in the middle of the night, I felt a set of hands playing with my cock. I pretended to still be asleep, but opened one eye just enough to see that Catherine was the perpetrator. I closed my eyes again as she began licking my cock, bringing it to full attention. She then moved around so that her pussy was staring me right in the face, and continued stroking my cock. The aroma from her pussy was heavenly, so I decided to dispense with any pretense of being asleep, and began eating my daughter out.

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   I grabbed her shapely ass and pulled her pussy toward my face. Then I immediately began working my tongue inside her pussy as I spread her lips wide with my fingers. As her wetness increased, I replaced my tongue with a finger. She whispered “Keep it up, Daddy. I’ve been waiting for this all night. I wanted my first man to be special, and you’re the one I want. ” She began licking and sucking my cock then. Since she was still young, she had trouble getting it more than a couple of inches into her mouth, but that was enough for me. She kept the stimulation centered on the end of my cock, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. In the meantime, I increased the speed of my finger in her pussy, and moved my lips to her clit. I licked her clit over and back, and my finger could feel her wetness dribble out of her cunt. When I sucked her clit hard between my lips, I could feel the muscles in her pussy clench. She threw her head back and shivered as her juices ran over my hand and down her legs. She then returned to my cock, and increased both the speed and pressure on the head, which caused me to come into her mouth. She couldn’t hold it all in her mouth, and when she pulled out, cum sprayed out over her hand, and then spurted onto her little boobs.

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   She licked the remainder off her hands and boobs, while I cleaned her pussy and legs off with my mouth.
Both of the other girls remained asleep through our encounter. It was so sweet that Catherine ‘saved’ herself for me that night. There were more encounters to come for Catherine and me, but the first one has always been the most special.



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