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This day had been bad,real bad. Or should I say quite sad. I don't know! but as I approached my dad's home to tell him the latest in my woeful life. I trusted the first man I loved and always knew would have a solution to my problem would come up trumps yetagain. . .

Was I in for a surprise! - I always knocked although I had a key,since the demise of mum,who know's, I may walk in on dad in a compromising situation - like making love with a new woman - why did I keep thinking of dad and sex? - So - lightly tapping the door glass rather than a bang-banging on the knocker. I stepped back in surprise as the door instantly was opened by my dad. The surprise being his dress mode.

I found myself confronted by dad's penis and balls tightly but proudly confronting my eyes. No! Not naked,but clearly visible thro' the pair of black sheer knicker's that I recognised as some new one's of my late mum's. I wanted to scold dad,but as he turned showing me a profile of his wedding tackle then he led off up the stairs showing me the crease of his bum and is that his ball sac showing between his hairy legs.

Now instead I smiled as my pussy responded unbelievably to this sex show. Christ girl,what's got into you? That's your dad's dick! - Nonetheless,dad dressed in knicker's had me shocked,intregued and wondering! Surely I would have twigged years ago if dad was a secret cross dresser. I walked thro' to boil a kettle intending to make us a cuppa as I always did.

"Hey, Fay,bet you got a shock then,finding me in you mum's knicker's" - "Intregued dad! Intregued.

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   What was that all about?" - Standing as I studied his short PJ bottom and PJ tee shirt,he was now wearing,I couldn't help noticing the flimsy material was showing a bulge where I adjudged his penis would be. - God,why is my mind always on penis?Of course,I knew exactly why. Digressing. . . Now in my thirties,my husband and myself had failed so far to produce a baby. - this was why I'd been woefully heading to dad's. My husband had gone in another direction in a frustrated temper.

I felt annoyed yet sympathetic for him,we'd just been informed it was his low sperm count that was our problem,but more too the point. Coldly they started talking money. To us big money. A thousand pound,just as a starter. John,blew - "Fuck off you parasites,we come with a problem only to find you're a bunch of crooks!" - I trailed out behind him,embarrassed yet equally upset for it was me that had plagued him, going on about babies.

I loved him,but now we knew he was short on ammunition! - Hence my heading to dad,to seek some solice. Christ solice! There's dad's heavily armed penis on display.

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   - armed? yeah! Me plus three other siblings confirmed dad didn't have a sperm count problem and remembering mum half joking one day as a neighbour drooled over dad half stripped in the garden. - "Blime Betty,your old man could do me a hell of a good turn by the look of him" - Mum smiled but later said when we were alone, - "I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't already and that ginger woman next door to her!"

I being quite a bit younger then replied, - "Well mum,you can't blame 'em. Dad is a hunk,you know that" - Reply - "Christ Fay not you as well,his own daughter mind!" - But strangely although I didn't relate anything at the time. I noticed mum had her fingers crossed and uncrossed them immediately after. Now where was I? Ah! My dad explaining his strange behavior. "Yeah,I've gradually been sorting stuff,you know! well got to those knicker's and thought,lets try 'em on - Hope you're ready for this! - They pinned my tackle in so tightly it well. . it did so I kept them on while I sorted - A real sexy feeling it was giving me - and just as I was heading back upstairs having put a lot of it in the car,low-and-behold you knock"

"Not thinking,I knew it would be you,I opened then thought,christ I'm in panty's" - The grin on his face told me it was exactly as he claimed. I had no intention of saying I found dad in knicker's and it gave me a twing in my pussy but it did and even at that moment my minds eye had a picture of dad's bollocks pressing between his hairy thighs as he ascended the stairs. We went into the lounge and sat drinking the cuppa I'd made. - dad picked up on it straight away, - Doom-&-gloom day is it?" - "Sort of" - I told him what had gone before. - "If I/we had that money,no way would I pay those greedy bastards - sorry dad" - "No need to apologise,you're right,they are greedy bastards. After all,all you're on about is a drop of stuff that comes out of this!"

I never even thought what I was looking at as dad squeezed his penis between thumb and finger under his PJ's - "MMM! Yeah,it is putting it like that!" - My mind was whirring like a mad woman - Should I? shouldn't I? Would he? - "Dad! I been thinking,well wondering,well do you think it would be possible/" - "It would hun' if I had it,but I'm nowhere near that bracket with money" - "No,its not about that - fuck them! so tense had I become - No listen,you've a proven track record. . .

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   - he finished it for me" - "Semen! You are hankering for me to let you use some of mine! Yeah?

"Spose,it could be a way,what were you thinking?" - "Well it only came on me when I saw you in, well saw it when you had those knicks' over it" - Absent mindedly dad was drumming his fingers on his penis and it changed again I'm sure in an absent minded way to pulling his dick up & down just slightly you understand. - "How were you meaning, go on give me a bit more of this thought of yours" - I foraged in my purse, - "Well use this! You could put it in there and I could. . . well you know do the rest" - "Oh right,how many of those you got then?" - "Just this one here" - "MMM! Not enough,you'd only get about half in it and I couldn't hold half in for you to refill it - he chuckled - I 'spose I could go again after a bit,but a lot would be wasted,just the little beggar that maybe fertilise you"

I had become almost clinical by now. - "What if you. . . if it was, if you ejaculated into a, oh something,a cup maybe and I used a spoon" - Dad looked deeply serious now, - "Look Fay,be realistic, - he offered what I knew was a partly hard penis, - look girl,why not used this as intended,get it where it needs to be,no cooling,no air on the sperm,just bang it up the top of your vagina as nature intended" - "You mean,you put it in me in my pussy? right up my pussy?" - "Of course,worked with you mum,she had all of you,one after another,mind forgive me for saying - I worked her up good and proper before I'd cum,you know orgasm's and all that"

Christ,dad's offering to fuck me and get me off before he fucks me! - "Hey Fay,it'll be our little secret and who knows providing you get John to give you it good,it may even be his sperm that gets you, you know his few sperm seeing my sperm up you saying 'Hey bud,this is my pussy,fuck off and get your own to impregnate" - "Hey dad,you're so wicked,sperms can't talk to each other" - "As far as medical science has established!" - By now,dad had made me feel a lot better,his stupid banter about sperms talking to each other was just so daft.

    "Look babe. - Dad brandished his now hard penis. My badboy is willing as you can see,sorry for being crude,but if you can live the lie of where your baby may have come from, this badboy of mine is quite prepared to ease your stress,John has no need to even suspect. You just sit back and think on it and if its a goer,just close your eyes and leave dad to do the rest!" - I like to kid myself that sleepiness overtook my mind as I closed my eyes moments later. It wasn't of course, I kept getting wetter and wetter between my legs as I watched my dad in effect masterbating his cock. I could see how big it was,I could even see his precum starting to soak thro' his PJ's.

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    Dad didn't act immediately,he said, - "Fay! You are awake yes?" - My reply, - "MMM!" was followed by his seat creaking slightly,while I quietly pulled my stomach in in anticipation of what was about to happen to me. - How would dad start it?

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