Caring Mother


My mom began to become concerned, when I spent more and more time in my room, the bathroom, or out in the forest near our home. She didn't realize what I was doing, but she felt as though I was pulling away, and as with most mothers she felt like she was losing her baby. After a few times of me coming in from school and rushing upstairs to my bedroom or the bathroom, without so much as a 'hi,' she decided to confront me. But I made up some excuses and acted as if everything was fine. Everything wasn't fine though. Although I really liked pulling on myself, I didn't know if it was ok, if I was going to hurt myself or what. One day, on a hot mid-summer afternoon, I grabbed my towel and swim suit and told mom I was going down to the lake. I was really going to the forest, to my favorite little summer jack-off spot. It's a nice secluded place, far off from the walking and cycling trails, and well hidden. I felt safe here, and quickly stripped off my clothes. I lay my towel out and lay down. Relaxing back, taking a few deep breathes of the clear, clean, fragrant air. "What a beautiful day. " I thought, as I gazed up through the trees at the brilliant blue cloudless sky above. A breeze blew over me, like the breath of life itself; with a light chill I felt my nipples tighten, I shivered slightly, then my cock began to lift. I began to daydream of the pretty girls that were probably down at the beach right now, their clear smooth skin, their tight young bodies.

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   Sigh, how I wish I could see them naked. A couple of my friends had pulled out a girlie magazine at the clubhouse a few weeks before, and since then I had been trying to make the connection between those fascinating 'tits' and 'pussies,' my friends had pointed out, and the girls I knew from school. All of this fantasizing had the desired effect, and I slid my hand down, taking a firm but gentle grasp of my erection and squeezed. "Ooooh," I moaned. At that moment I heard what sounded like a gasp just behind the trees to my right. I froze. Listened:"Was that my own moan, or someone else?" I wondered. I waited and listened carefully for any other sound, but there wasn't any. I had never been caught jerking off here before, in fact I hadn't even heard anyone before, except the occasional dog bark from the walking paths several hundred yards away. There didn't seem to be anything else, so I relaxed again and returned my attention to more important matters. Pretending my hand had a mind of its own, I smiled and thought:"Oh you naughty little thing! You really want to fuck me don't you?"It responded with another tight squeeze and then began to very softly massage my foreskin back and forth over the sensitive ridge of the head. I writhed; and sighed pleasantly. After just a few strokes I was fully immersed, and my hand tightened and gripped my cock with all fingers. When my breathing became heavy, my hand accelerated its movements. My breathing quickly reached panting level and with that my hand exploded into a fever-pitched beating, making my hand a blur.

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   I began gasping loudly, grunting obscenely and moaning and chanting:"Fuck it, Fuck it, Fuck it. "Suddenly my ass thrust into the air, I arched my back, and my body erupted into a hot, spewing ejaculation. "OOOOH SHIT!" I yelped. Cum arced high into the air and splattered back to my chest and stomach. My ass thrust up and down, as I imagined fucking into a gorgeous pussy. My eyes still closed, my hand still tightly holding onto my softening cock, my juices running all over my chest, stomach and hand. My head stopped spinning and I became aware of my own fluids soaking into my skin. So I released my prick and started rubbing them all in. I opened my eyes and my heart jumped into my throat. My mother was standing at my feet looking down at me with a strange look in her eye. When her gaze met mine, she smiled softly and sat down next to me. "MOM! I, ah, I. . . " I stammered.

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   It wasn't much use to cover myself, she had obviously been watching for awhile. But my fear stricken look received an startling reply from her:"Shush sweetie, mommy's not angry with you. I'm glad I know what you've been doing with all this time you've been spending away from me. " She said, then she gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. "You aren't angry. Wow, that's a relief! I'm sorry mom, I wanted to tell you about this but; I didn't know how. " I choked out, my eyes firmly fixed on the ground. "Don't worry honey, this is perfectly natural. You didn't have to sneak around. " She counseled. "I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry mommy. " I pouted, my eyes filling with tears. "There there sweetheart," she said, pulling me into her arms and giving me a hug, "it's ok! Now, do you usually masturbate just once?" She asked. "Huh? Oh, ummm, sometimes more than once.

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   I was going to try for three times today. " I replied, wondering why she was asking. "Would you let mommy to do it for you?" She asked. Extremely surprised I said: "Yeah, sure you can mom! I've never done anything with anyone before but I've imagined what it would be like. ""I could see that by the way you were thrusting your butt up and down. " She said, smiling knowingly. At this point I got another surprise. Mom untucked her t-shirt and lifted it off, then she kicked off her shoes and pulled her shorts down. As she stepped out of her shorts she unfastened her bra. She cupped her voluptuous breasts, lifting and rubbing them for my benefit. Then she slowly pulled the straps down, but stopped just before allowing her huge tits to fall out. She pulled her elbows in and bent over, taking hold of her panties she slowly slid them down, but squatted at the same time, so as to tease me, not letting me see anything. Once sitting on her legs, she slipped her panties off her feet and sat there, looking at me. All I could see was a hint of pubic hair between her tightly closed legs, and her incredibly beautiful breasts, just barely hidden from full view. The strip-tease did what it was designed to do, I again had an erection throbbing with heat.

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   I watched her eyes trace my entire body, coming to rest at my cock. Her eyes were glazed as she reached out and pushed my cock to the side with one finger. It sprang back at her with her release, and I decided I was going to touch her too. My hand stretched toward my mom, finding her thigh. I gently caressed her warm soft skin, it felt very inviting. I slid my fingers up and down her lovely thigh, moving higher and higher with each pass, finally my index finger slipped into the tiny patch of hair that my eyes were fixed on. I began rubbing her there, pushing down, trying to get farther between her luscious thighs. By this point her breathing had become heavier, and she had finished with lightly tracing and caressing my prick with her fingers. She gently took hold, pulling my foreskin back to expose the head. She then squeezed and the head inflated and turned a purplish red. She sighed; and began very slowly sliding her hand up and down the entire length of my cock. "Ugghh," I grunted. Becoming more insistent, I pushed my fingers harder between her legs, but they remained tightly closed. I decided to change tactics, and my hand moved gracefully up to her barely bra-covered mounds. I squeezed each through her bra, then my hand slipped beneath.

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   Finding her nipples I rubbed my finger and thumb over them, pinching lightly and twisting. I immediately felt the effect as my mother squeezed my cock tightly and gave it a couple of rapid pumps. I continued fondling her breasts for a few moments, but I wanted to see what I was touching. I began pulling her bra off the rest of the way, and found no resistance from her. She released my cock for a moment so I could slip the bra off that arm. No time at all, and her hand slammed back to my throbbing hard-on like a magnet to a rod of iron. I was breath-taken. Her very large breasts had no sag in them, and their naturally perfect placement provided for the deepest, most lovely cleavage I had seen or have seen since. I quickly replaced my hand to one breast and then the other, gently caressing and fondling them, they felt so wonderful. What I was doing must have felt wonderful to her too, because with each squeeze and pinch, her eyes fluttered and her hand responded with a squeeze and fast stroke on my cock. This went on for just a few minutes longer, before I could feel the tension build. My cock felt extremely hard and full of cum. I really wanted to change to a position more suited for touching my mom's breasts before I came, because my arm was getting tired. Either she realized I was going to cum, or she wanted more action on her breasts, because she suddenly stopped rubbing my prick and motioned me to sit up. Once I was up, she wrapped one leg around my back and the other across the middle of my thighs.

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   She motioned me to turn slightly toward her and lifted a breast to my mouth. I quickly got the idea and one hand cupped each breast while my mouth sucked one at a time. Her hand found its way back to my cock and again began to stroke. I loved this position! Her legs were hugging me in a way, one of her arms was draped across my neck, and the other was giving me an incredibly loving jerk. I responded with love on her sensitive nipples, breathing warm moist air over them and sucking softly. My tongue slipped around and flicked back and forth over each nipple and licked the sides and underneath each breast plus her cleavage. Her hand was pumping vigorously in my lap, and again I felt my climax nearing. I sucked harder and with more passion on each nipple as I felt them pulsate with the beat of her heart. Listening to her labored breathing, I knew I was doing it right and found indescribable joy in pleasuring my sweet mother. "Oooh, I love you my baby boy!" She cried out. "Mmmgh," was my muffled reply. My cock was throbbing hard and I could feel my orgasm rising. Suddenly I realized my mom was about to cum too, so I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and whipped my hand down between her legs, it found that 'pussy' thing, and I felt around. Discovering a hole and a small nub at the top I rubbed that, and my mother gasped, then I rubbed it again and thrust my middle finger up the hole as I softly bit down on her nipple and my cock jerked. I let out a moan, "UUUUUUUHHHH," that was muffled by her breast.

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   Cum exploded from the tip of my cock and my body shuddered. At the same time mom yelped, "CUUUUMMMINNNG! OH GOD I'M CUMMING!" and her pussy contracted around my finger. It was the most wonderful feeling I had experienced, another person coming at the same time as you is a remarkable thing. My cum shot all over our legs and my chest and she rubbed her hand through it like it was the greatest feeling stuff in the world. We hugged each other tightly, and my lips softly sucked her more neglected breast. She wiped some of my cum up and tasted it, "Mmmmm," she sighed. "I love you mommy, we should do this again. " I said, looking up to an agreeable smile. The End. Copyright 1998 Moist Dreamshttp://get. to/moistdreams - Story archive & Mailing list info. moist1@home. com - CommentsMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.