I told my hubby this story a long time ago, one of many I tell him now, he was so aroused by it, then he found this site and said I should tell some of my tales, I hope you enjoy as much as he did!

I was very young, I won’t say how young, but young, I had been to see my Dad who lived on the family farm with my half brother and cousin, they were a lot older than me, my cousin Jack at least by 8 years and my half brother Peter by 5 years.
I often walked up the road to visit, I lived with mum in the village, they had done the usual naughty boy things asking me to do hand stands so they could see my knickers then it went to just asking to see my knickers, then pulling my knickers down and fiddling with my pussy and arse, which I also enjoyed them doing.

There used to be an old caravan on the farm and we used to go into it to play, they would take turns keeping a look out as I was bent over with my skirt up and knickers by my ankles, taking turns fiddling with me.

I didn’t really like my cousin Jack he was a bit rough and I was never really sure what he was up to back there, he used to tell me to keep looking forward as he parted my bum cheeks, and rubbed and prodded my bum hole with his rough hands! I liked Peter though and he was gentler when he fiddled with me and I liked the feeling of his warm breath as he sniffed my pussy and bum, and he always asked if I liked what he was doing to me, I did!
Jack however was not like that, he used to stare at me in a scary way, and I would have been frightened if Peter had not been there! I did very much enjoy the fact that they would run around after me to get what they wanted though, they would get me lemonade and sweets when I asked, and if there were no sweets they would steel cake from the house for me, it was funny eating a peace of cake as they looked on, willing me to finish it so that they could begin to play J

This one day was different though, the boys were pleased to see me as usual, and I was soon asked if I would go to the caravan with them, sure I would, I loved the attention! When we got inside they closed the door, then Peter undid his pants and let them fall, that was ok, I had often touched his wily and Jacks, pulling back there fore skin to look at the little pee hole! Usually though one would keep a look out of the window, but today Peter said he wanted me to hold his wily as Jack fiddled with me, OK I said and obliged by bending over and letting jack lift my skirt then pull my knickers down, Peter’s cock was nice and it was getting hard, as it always did! As I pulled back his fore skin I could feel that Jack had also took his cock out, I asked what he was going to do but Peter said it’s OK just let him play, so I did! I could see Peter was really exited and I also new that Jack was, Peter was looking at Jack and telling him to hurry up, then I felt it, Jack had been touching my bum and pussy with his cock, he had not stuck it in, I really was to young, but then I felt the warm cum on my Bum and heard Jack groan, I didn’t know what it was and I fist thought he had weed on me!
Ok Peter said, it’s my turn, they swapped round and I took a hold of Jacks cock, it had creamy stuff on it and I asked what it was. Nothing he said that just happens some times! I could feel Peter pulling my bum cheeks apart, then he said what a mess Jack, I did not feel Peter’s cock on my bum but I did feel his hot cum spurt all over me, and heard him say, oh yes and groan and moan like Jack had done!

Now this is where my hubby likes to cum in me when he is fucking me from behind, if he makes it this long, Ha ha.
Jack told Peter to open the door and shout of Jip, yes Jip was one of the farm dogs, she was in a flash and before I could pull up my knickers, her tong was lapping at my bottom! I tried to stop her at first but
Jack grabbed hold of me tightly and held me bent over so she could lick all the sticky cum, I was scared at first but then Peter said, it would be OK and just to let her lick it up, he told me that they used to spurt on the barn floor and let her lick it all up, I think that Jip had not just licked the cum from the floor though! I loved the dogs hot wet tong on my bum and pussy, I was tingling all over not just like before but it felt really good, Peter was just standing looking but Jack had decided that because I was not trying to get away any more he would help Jip by parting my legs and bum to let her tong in, and how she lapped and licked, and how I loved it!!
My hubby loves that story, I have more and when I am really horny now I just have to say, shall we go to the caravan, ha and I get more that sweets to pull my knickers down now!!