She was about 36, great figure, nice ass and tits, I turned the volume up the noise of the bath filled the attic, she lay in the bath, I could see the nipples standing up as she passed a washcloth over them, the cloth passed over her shaved pussy and she gasped opened her legs more and continued to play with her pussy, faster and faster went her hand, she stood up and got a vibrator and plunged it deep inside her gaping cunt, my hand was on my dick . Rubbing myself to the same speed as Karen's vibrator, Karen's knees started to buckle as she came. She sat on the edge of the bath and rubbed her swollen lips with her hand as the vibrator brought her to the peek. The sight of Karen thrashing around brought me to a climax and I shot my spunk onto my belly feeling the sticky goo slip into my belly button. Karen cleaned herself up and made her way to the bedroom. I changed channels on the monitor and saw her take a black bra and panties out of the drawer. as she was pulling them on the doorbell rang. slipping on a dress she went to the window and saw it was her niece Candy who was staying over for the weekend. "Come on up!" she said, "The door 's open. "Candy looked stunning in a halter top and skimpy jean shorts, she kissed Karen and laid on the bed while Karen did her hair. Candy was telling Karen about her latest boyfriend. "He's fifteen and a spunk, all the girls in my class talk about him and he's only interested in me" she said proudly. "Or your sexy body," Karen said with a laugh. "He does look at my titties a lot," she smirked. "Well they are cute. It won't be long before he's into your bra," Karen said laughing.

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  "I don't wear one!" Candy said, "I like to feel free. "Karen said, "Here try this on," flinging a bag over to Candy. Candy opened the bag and pulled a smaller version of Karen's underwear out. She pulled her halter top off without a thought and put the bra on, Her tits nestled in the platform bra giving them extra lift and made them look inviting, her nipples just covered by the lacy edging. "Try the panties on now. "Without any hesitation she pulled her shorts and panties and showed her bald little fanny, the lips were just parting, you could see a feint trace of blonde down forming on the top of her mons. The panties were like a thong, a skimpy piece of black material which just covered her lovely fanny and a thin strap which disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. Karen mused as she watched her niece studying herself in the full-length mirror some lucky boy will soon have his hands on this sexy body. Candy turned to her aunt and said, "There! Great!" and ran and planted a big kiss on Karen's lips flinging her arms around her at the same time. Karen closed her arms around her niece and felt herself responding to this show of affection, the sight of this young girl in next to nothing was turning her on, she could feel the heat build up between her thighs. Candy pulled away, startled by the length of the kiss. "AUNTY KAREN!" she said, breathing heavily, "that felt like my boyfriend was kissing me!"Was it nice?" Karen said, worried in case she had gone too far. "Well yes," she faltered, "I was just surprised. I've never kissed a woman before. ""Would you like another?" holding her breath, as she watched her niece looking at her from top to toe.

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  ". . . think I would. . . "Karen took Candy over to the bed and laid her down, bending over her she licked her tongue around Candy's top lip, as Candy's lips parted she stabbed her tongue into her mouth, Candy not sure what to do opened her lips and let Karen's tongue probe her mouth,Karen ran her hands down Candy's hair and traced a finger down her neck, getting bolder, she started to kiss where her hands had been, going down to the cleavage of her bra. Candy was breathing heavy, liking this new feeling that she was experiencing. She could feel a strange clawing between her legs and feeling herself getting moist. Karen had undone her bra and was kissing the roundness of her niece's breasts. Suddenly, Karen's mouth seized on her nipple pulling it into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. Candy felt herself stiffen as Karen licked and played with her tits. She arched her back and pushed her tits into Karen's mouth. "Oooh, aunty Karen, it feels great, do more please," she moaned. Spurred on by this, Karen lowered her mouth to Candy's belly button and swirled her tongue in and out sending Candy into another frenzy.

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  Karen took hold of Candy's panties and pulled them down slowly, kissing her belly as she did. Once off, Candy realized what was next but did nothing to stop it. Karen traced the outline of Candy's pussy and darted her tongue into the small cleft at the top of her pussy. Candy gasped and threw her legs wide open for Karen. Karen pulled her down to the bottom of the bed and pulled both legs around her neck. This put her mouth next to Candy's quivering pussy. Pulling the lips apart, her tongue licked the full length of the bald honeypot. Her eyes saw a glistening clit poke through the fold of her pussy and she sucked it into her mouth and swirled it around. Candy had never felt anything like this before and she could feel herself drifting in a sea of pleasure. All of a sudden she stiffened and felt waves drifting deep in her pussy and Karen's face was covered with a sea of come. Karen licked as fast as she could not wanting to miss any of this salty juice pouring from her nieces pussy she could feel herself coming and lowered her hand to finish the job. Candy finally stopped coming and lay like limp rag as her aunt rolled over with tears in her eyes"What have I done?!" she gasped. "Don't," said Candy, "Stop crying. I've never felt so wonderful in all my life, please stop crying. "They lay cuddled together and dozed off.

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  I had watched this in awe, my hand reached out and I felt the spunk that had sprayed on my belly, I had wanked myself silly and was still hard. Candy started to stir, still nude she cuddled into Karen, trying to understand what had taken place 20 minutes ago, had she really had a woman make love to her? Did she really have a woman lick her pussy and make her come? She could not believe it but it was true and she felt great. Karen had taken her dress off but had kept her bra and pants on whist making love to Candy. As Candy looked at Karen's breast rise and fall as she dozed, this gave her a chance to see another woman's body up close. She rose to a sitting position and looked down the full length of her aunt, noticing a damp patch on her panties. Karen awoke and saw her niece studying her body and smiled, opening her arms she took Candy and pulled her to the bed. "Well did you enjoy that?"Candy replied with a smile and lent over and kissed Karen full on the mouth, her tongue entered and swirled around, she noticed a taste and realized it was her own come on her aunts mouth. She let her hands drift to the bra and pulled it off, she saw two large nipples and she took one in her mouth and felt it grow as she sucked. it was about an inch long and very thick. Karen ran her hands through Candy hair as a warm feeling took over her body. Candy looked at her aunt and saw she was smiling. She ran her hands down the belly and rubbed the outside of her panties, feeling the damp patch between her legs. She sat up and pulled the panties off and to her surprise saw a bald pussy just like hers. She placed her hand over it and felt the heat it was giving off, gently prizing the lips open she ran a finger up and down in the slippery passage. Karen started to move her hips in time to Candy's finger.

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   She gasped as the finger entered her moist pussy going in deep and squirming about.
    "More!" she gasped. Candy obliged, putting first two, then three. She still called out for more so Candy folded four fingers together and placed it at the entrance. Pushing slowly, she entered the pouting hole, finding her hand stuck at her knuckles. "More!" Karen called out, so with a hard push she found her hand had been swallowed up to her wrist. Karen shouted out "YES!" and raised herself up on her head and heels arching her back to feel the hand deep inside of her, Candy twisted her hand feeling the fist hit her aunts cervix and pushed and pulled within the tight confines of her aunt's pussy. She could feel the warm cum dripping down her arm as her aunt came with a scream and thrashing her legs in the air. They lay like that totally satisfied. After a few minutes, Candy took her hand out of her aunt's pussy and started to lick the cum that was covering her hand. Looking down, she saw a small river of cum dribbling out of the pussy. She bent down and licked at it. Karen jumped, feeling her niece's tongue grazing her lips. She smiled. She felt Candy's tongue enter her slit to get the last drop.

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       "My god," she thought, "I'm coming again," trapping Candy's head in a vice like grip with her legs, tongue darting in and out made her gush another load which was being licked up as fast as she could produce it. They both lay totally sated and fell into a deep sleep. I watched the screen with amazement. Never had I seen such a sight before, a young virgin girl making love with a woman. My dick was still hard as I turned the monitor off and went downstairs to my bedroom. I got undressed and lay on my bed in the darkness playing with myself, thinking what it would be like to make love to a 18 year old virgin. My thoughts were interrupted by a light going on opposite my window, I looked out it was a young couple going to bed, they had just moved in and had not put the curtains up, they were about 22 years old and just married. They came to the window and looked out, the street was pitch black, all the streetlights were off and everyone was in bed. They moved to the center of the room and kissed as the man started to undress his new wife. Her breasts were small and pointed and he took one in his mouth and sucked, his wife pulled his T shirt off and started to undo his jeans, pulling out his manhood and gently started to rub it. She fell to her knees and started to lick it all around the head. I started wanking myself as she took the full length into he mouth and moved up and down the length of it. The husband took his wife's head in his hands and thrust deep into her mouth at a fast pace. Suddenly the wife pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed it hard and fast. He came all over her tits spurting onto her face as well.

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       When he had finished they stood in the middle of the room and kissed. He led her to the bed and the lights went off. I was still pumping away at my dick felling the familiar rising of my sap from my balls, suddenly, I was coming, pumping faster my mind raced through the sexy sights I had witnessed today. Thoroughly drained, I fell to my bed and wondered what tomorrow would bring and fell asleep, still holding my now limp prick. This is my first attempt. Any genuine comments or advice, please e-mail at rabbit108@hotmail. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.