Can I go with you?


I was 18 at the time of this story. I am using false names on everything. True story.
Ok, I was 18 with 34C breasts and honey brown hair. I was about 5'6" and had pale blue eyes. My dad is a very young handsome dad. I often masturbated to a picture of him. He has dark brown hair sexily cut. He is 6'2" and slim with hard muscles and dreamy hazel eyes. I saw him naked when I was 18 and started to masturbate daily. Anyway, he was a vegetable farmer and one night he said he was going to a northern town to sell some of his product. I asked to go with him and he agreed. I was a very strong young girl with curves in all the right places. I was also slim and sexy to men I met.
My dad, Dean, decided to take a truck he had just bought because it had comfortable seats. I started fantasizing about popping my cherry in it.

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   I dressed in a denim skirt and a halter top that showed my belly button. I didn't wear any underwear, or a bra. I wore 5 inch heels that matched the halter top. My suntan looked awesome in it. My dad wore his usual slim jeans, western shirt, cowboy hat and boots. Boy, he looked sexy.
Well, we woke up around 3 am and loaded into the new truck. My dad had loaded everything needed the night before. It was 3:30 am as we pulled out to the drive. The new truck had a sleeper on it with an awesome soft bed. It had a blue interior. Now, we had been listening to a country music station when all of the sudden POW a tube in the engine blew. Dean pulled into a rest stop and checked the engine. He needed a spare part that he didn't have in the truck. We were 5 hours out of our hometown so Dean called my oldest brother, John who is 19, to bring the part.

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   We then settled to sleep in the bed-together. I had stripped to the nude and my dad was really checking me out. I LOVED it! I encouraged him to get comfortable so he stripped down to his underwear. I could see his erection sticking way out. I smiled and licked my lips. I told him I was cold so he wrapped his arms around me.
I started grinding my hips against his erection and it got even harder. I inched my way down to his briefs and slipped them off and his erection  popped out. I inaudibly gasped, he was wide and hung like a horse! It was 2 inches across and 12 inches long!
I licked the tip and heard him gasp. Dean started to pull away and resist but I moved with him. Man, I was horny. I kissed the tip and started sucking on it, inch by inch going deeper. This was my first blow job but I had been practicing on cucumbers. I deep-throated him and almost gagged when I had 18 inches in my mouth. I then bobbed my head along it while sucking and licking.

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   Dean was moaning in pleasure and couldn't stop. He started pumping his hips and holding his hands on my head so that I couldn't stop. Suddenly he groaned and spurted his spunk in my mouth. It was tangy and salty and I swallowed every drop. I then fingered myself for a couple minutes. My dad took over and put his beautiful mouth over my wet and juicy pussy. He blew air into it and it felt wonderful. Dean licked all the way up my slit and sucked on my erect clit.
    He penetrated me with his tongue. He then started swirling it around inside me, making my moan in pleasure and thrust upward. He was rubbing his chin across my clit while tonguing me and I came harded then ever before. His face was covered in my cum and he was sucking it all out of my twat.
    When every drop was gone, he posittioned himself over me and held his erection at my opening. "Are you sure?" he asked. I said, "YES.

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      " He thrust deeply in, was temporarily stopped by my hymen before slicing through it. I gasped in pain and he was still in me, letting me get used to his size. He then started pumping steadily into me, faster and faster he went. I was moaning, my pleasure building in my bud. I told him I was about to cum adn he started pumping faster and faster. I came harder and faster then ever before and Dean came right after me! My orgasm continued as his spunk filled me. He then became limp and slipped out. We lay in each other's arms, breathing heavily. We then fell asleep. . . .
    To be me what you think. It's my first story.

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