Camping with the slutty scout part 2


Amy sat in her tent rubbing her pussy. She slipped two fingers in and out whilst she squeezed one of her pert orange sized breasts, she fondled a nipple and moaned gently as she sunk her fingers in to the knuckles. She was still horny from her fuck earlier on and needed a release. She was nearly there when the tent opened and her sister, Jennifer crawled in
"oh shit, sorry. do you want me to come back?" Jenn said
"Nah, its fine"
"Where did you go tonight anyway" she said crawling into her sleeping bag slightly embarrassed
Amy lent over to her sister and told her what she had done earlier. She could see her story was affecting Jenn and decided to see what would happen.
Amy had always found Jenn attractive even though she never told anyone. She first realized how she felt about her sister when she noticed how wet her pussy was when Jenn walked into her room one night back home wearing only a t-shirt and pink panties wanting to borrow some moisturizer.

couldn’t believe how horny she was becoming imagining her sister getting fucked and sucking cock
“This isn’t right, I cant get turned on by my sister, its not right” she thought “But…know one needs to know that I’m horny, how could anyone find out. . ”
Her pussy was tingling and needed to be touched, Jenn moved her hand slowly down under her sleeping bag until she reached her wet panties. She slipped one finger under the waist band and ran it up the entire length of her pussy. She slipped another finger under and probed her clit with it
“uhh” she moaned out loud by accident
Amy looked over at her sister and noticed her hands moving beneath the sleeping bag
“Looks like someone else needs a release huh?” she said and with that she kissed her sister softly on the lips for a good 30 seconds. Amy unzipped her sister’s sleeping bag and placed her hand on Jenns dripping panties. She squeezed her pussy gently and started rubbing slowly through the fabric. Amy sat up and lifted Jenns t-shirt off over her head exposing her sister’s breasts and lowered her head taking one nipple with a fair sized amount of soft skin into her mouth.

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   She licked round the nipple whilst rubbing her own pussy.
Jenn groaned and lay back as Amy lowered her panties. Amy stopped for a few seconds just to look at her sister’s bald pussy.
“Fuck your beautiful” she said then licked the whole length of her pussy.
    She stuck two fingers in Jens pussy and stroked her own pussy with the other.
    “Oh god” moaned Jenn “That feels so good”
    Amy sped up her licking and fingering, she focused the licking at Jenns clit
    “Oh god Amy, yeah that’s it. I’m nearly there”
    Amy sat up and climbed onto her sister in the 69 position
    “Start licking Jenn” she said  “I want to soak your face”
    They both started licking each other and fingering each other. They were moaning loudly but they didn’t care. If their own parents walked in they wouldn’t care let alone one of their friends.
    Jenn was incredibly turned on because she realised how dirty she was being as she felt her sisters tits on her stomach.
    OH FUUCKKK” screamed jenn cumming hard all over Amys face       . Amy orgasmed as soon as she felt jenns juices engulf her mouth.
    They collapsed on top of each other exhausted and fell asleep with their sweat and juce covered bodies glowing and pressed together, 6 hours later they were woken by another scout…….
    Part three will appear in group stories. Thanks to the reviews given on part one in ‘teens’.

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       Iv kept all the reviews in mind as I wrote this one. Iv had an idea which is that I’m going to put a part of this story in every section of this site so let me now if you think this is a good idea and your thoughts of the story so far. Second story is over





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