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It was around 1 in the morning that evening when I heard muffled moans. I wrote it off in my mind as my parents having sex again as always, but as I started to listen closely I realized that the moans were a little more high pitched then usual. I quietly reached over for my handy flashlight, you know you have to keep one close for late night bathroom breaks. I eased the flashlight to my side and rolled over as if I were still asleep. Without any warning I turn on the light and pointed it directly at Tandy, only to find her sleeping bag wide open and her hands stuffed into her pajamas. I knew this would be my chance to have my way with her. Startled, Tandy could only yelp and stare at me, her hands still within her pants. I let a sly grin slide over my lips before speaking to her. “What are you doing over there sis?” Still startled Tandy tried to come up with an excuse, saying the first thing that came to mind. “I… I…. I had an itch and had to scratch it. ” Chuckling I replied “Looks like more then an itch sis, and from the sounds of your moans I can tell you were enjoying yourself. ”Tandy could only blush at my comment, slowly she slid her hands out of her pajama bottoms, which consisted of a pair of short loose shorts. “Now hold on little sis, I think you should continue your little fun over there while I watch. ” Tandy’s eyes filled with confusion, she was starting to get an idea of what I had in mind. “But Seth! That would be incest, and mom and dad said that incest is bad, you don’t want to go to hell do you?”I grinned even wider at that.

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   “Well if I am going to go to hell, might as well have fun doing it. ” Shocked Tandy did not know what to say at this point, but she didn’t have to. I slid out of my sleeping bag and over beside her. My eyes locked onto her beautiful greens as my hand slid to her cheek to rub it. “Its ok sis, I promise nothing bad will happen. No one will ever know. ” “But Seth, mom and dad said…” I interrupted her by pressing my lips to hers in what started out as a soft kiss. Slowly I parted my lips and Tandy followed my actions. My eager tongue slid into her awaiting mouth and began to dance with her own. The kiss seemed to last forever, and I never wanted it to end. Yet I knew there was so much more to be done on this night. As I broke the kiss my eyes again locked onto to hers, smiling my best smile. “Now that’s more like it sis, now lets get these clothes off you so I have a better view. ” Hesitantly Tandy slowly lifted her shirt to reveal her perfectly round b cup size breasts. I swear her nipples had to be sticking out at least half an inch.

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   I didn’t even let her completely remove her shirt before I latched my lips onto her right nipple. She let out a long soft moan as suck greedily on her pert breasts, all the while my hand kneading into her left breast. Her back arched up towards my sucking lips, at this point I knew there was no turning back. It was obvious she was willing to do what ever I wanted her to. So I slid my free hand onto her stomach and started to lower it to her sweet flower. Gently I slipped my hand beneath her pajama bottoms, and to my surprise she was wearing nothing under them. I was amazed how soft and hairless her little cunt was. Her breathing at this point was very ragged and heavy, but it only got worse as my fingers slowly parted her puffy lips. My cock was aching by now, and leaking what seemed like gallons of precum into my boxers. Now I had never had experience at this before, but had seen enough porn mags over at a friend’s house to have a pretty good idea of what to do. Gently I slipped my index finger into her wet slit. God it felt so hot and tight! I just had to taste her. Releasing her nipple from my lips I slid my other hand down to help me slide off her shorts. “God your so beautiful sis, now I am going to kiss your hot little pussy, spread your legs so I can get in there. ” She did as I said without saying a word, not that she could have said anything anyways.

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   When she spread her legs I had to just sit there and stare for a moment. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! Her sweet little pussy lips closed so tightly together, combined with the beads of moisture seeping out. I slipped my hand down and used two fingers to open her hot little cunt. I was surprised to see that her pussy was such a bright pink on the inside. It was nothing like I had seen in the magazines!I positioned myself between her legs and lowered my head to her awaiting lips, slowly my tongue slithered out from within my mouth and began to lap at her lips like a thirsty dog. She began to squirm and lift her hips to my mouth. She began to moan louder and rock her hips back and forth against my tongue. I ran the tip of my tongue across her enlarged clit before slipping it into the folds of her hot pussy. “Oh god Seth! That’s feels soooo good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. ” I continued to dart my tongue in and out of her sweet little cunt. I moved my tongue and lashed out at her clit as I slipped to fingers into her and pumped them in and out. Her hips began to buck wildly against me as I felt her muscles tighten around my fingers. She let out a loud moan that could wake a hibernating bear as her climax rippled through her. I slid up her body and kissed her deeply on the lips, allowing her to taste herself.

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   I just had to feel those tight lips wrapped around my hard aching cock. I was going to explode if I did not get relief soon. I peaked my head out of the tent to make sure her moan did not wake up our parents and to my surprise it hadn’t. I could still hear my dad snoring away, and there were no notions of my mother moving around. I quickly slid off my boxers and positioned myself on top of her sister. Staring deep into her eyes I guided the head of my dick between her legs. She nodded to me as if I needed her permission to continue on. Which at this point I no longer cared what she thought, I was going to do it anyways. My hips pressed forward, the head of my cock slowly parting the lips of her pussy. I began to apply more pressure with my hips, my dick sliding in farther within her by the second. She began to let out another loud moan but I muffled her this time by kissing her deeply. Our tongues intertwined together as I began to rock my hips. Gradually my dick slipped deeper into her until I felt a bit of resistance. Not sure exactly what was in my way, and not caring, I gave a quick thrust forwards tearing through her hymen. She let out a muffled scream against my lips as the pain shot through her.

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   Worried I broke off the kiss. “Are you ok Tandy?” She nodded to me and wrapped her legs around me to urge me on. My hips began to rock back and forth again as I slid deeper yet into her virgin cunt. Well I guess it was no longer a virgin cunt since I was in her. Soon she was moving her hips in a perfect rhythm with mine as we made love. My eyes stayed locked onto hers as she let out little grunts and moans. I couldn’t believe it! I was finally losing my virginity and it was to my own sister. I felt her body begin to shake and her inner walls started to tighten even more. I knew she was near another orgasm and I could feel my balls tighten. I quickened my pace and leaned down to give her another passionate kiss. She let out another muffled moan into my mouth as we both reached orgasm at the same time. It seemed to be the perfect moment in life. I collapsed on top of her after my orgasm subsided, I had never felt anything so intense in my life. Sure I had came before by jacking off, but it was nothing like this. We laid there for a good 18 minutes, my cock still inside her as our juices began to seep out of her pussy and onto her sleeping bag.

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   I wanted to stay like that forever, but knew our parents would wake us up in the morning. So I reluctantly slipped off of her and slipped my boxers back on. She retrieved her towel from her bag and wiped up all the juices off her pussy and sleeping bag before slipping back into her pajamas. I gave her a quick goodnight kiss and crawled into my sleeping bag. “Good night Tandy, I love you. ” “Love you too bro, night” We both slipped into a deep sleep only to be woken up by our parents early in the morning. For some reason they decided we had better go home that day. Maybe they did hear us and wanted to rush us off back home to our separate rooms? Either way we did not care, for this was the beginning of a beautiful knew relationship between me and my sister Tandy. .



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