Camping Cousin Part.2


So here I am now. Just got one of the best blow jobs of my life from a 18 year old. Not just any 18 year old but my 18 year old second cousin. To compound this her mother is there approving of this whole thing. Damn times have changed. Tina has learned well from her hott mom cause she kind of slithers up my body, rubbing her tight little frame against me all the way and plants her hott little mouth on mine and starts to seemingly fuck my mouth with her cumm flavored tongue.
I have absolutely no recourse but to return the favor and she has a smoking hott little mouth that is incredible, and we proceed to play tongue hocky and make out like two teenagers, which she is. My cock has not gone down a bit and I feel Linda's hand grasp me and start to stroke my hardness as Tina and I  continue to kiss. I reach down and grasp the bottom of Tina's tight little tee shirt and proceed to pull it up over her head, breaking our mouth lock just long enough to remove it. I hug her tightly to me and feel her stiff little tits pressing into my chest.
Tina stands just about 5 foot nothing and has the type of body that you would imagine at a lolita site. Perfectly formed, 34B's, 105 pounds and a tight, round little ass that is to die for. Long, dark brown hair and a pair of brown eyes that just seem to look into your soul. She is absolutely gorgeous to top it all off. I always thought that she could be a catalog model but she was never interested.
After a few minutes of this I stretch my arms down and slide her tight little shorts off of her and take hold of her tight little ass and squeeze her gently as we continue.

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   I finally pull away from her and grabbing hold of her under the arms, slide her hott little body up until her sweet little cunt is sitting on my mouth. This is a pervs wett dream cumm true and I aim to get it all just in case I am going to wake up soon. Her sweet, sparsley haired cunt is dripping wett and seeing how I am a pipefitter, I know that I can lick any drip and proceed to tongue fuck her. This is some sweet stuff folks, and I lick and suck her for all I am worth.
Her little cunt is just as hott and wett as her moms and I am loving it. I feel her hott little body start to shake and I know that she is about to cumm. I take her stiff little clit between my lips and squeeze down on it and rub my mouth back and forth, lightly licking with my tongue and she starts to go off. Thank god mom is there to kiss her as she is a screamer and I can hear her through her mom's liplock. I wonder what the park ranger would think of this little scene. She cumms for a minute or so and suddenly just drops down on top of me like a wett dishrag. Her tight little body continues to shake for a few minutes as she comes down from her orgasm.
"Holy Shit, Cous. That was fucking incredible", and I almost started to chastise her for her language  until I stop and think about this whole scene. You just sucked her off and she just came all over your face and you are going to correct her for swearing?? I guess I can let it go this time. "Glad that you enjoyed it, baby", I say to her.

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   Her mom is still stroking my cock at this point and it feels so fucking good.
She slides off of me and lays next to me, her arm draped over my chest. "I want to do everything", she says and I tell her that I need a drink first. She slips out of the tent, still naked and goes to the cooler and brings back three bottles of beer. I almost said something about that but shut up before I made an ass of myself. We have gone where the old rules no longer apply. Tina hands her mom and I each a beer and we sit up and drink.
Tina slips her hand down and starts to rub her little pussy. "My cunt is really hot, huh Cous?", she asks and I have to agree with her as another nasty thought slips into my brain. "I know how to cool it off for you", I tell her and she says, "Fucking cool. Let's do it". I tell her to get one of the big beach towels and hand it to me. I take one of the pillows and cover it with the towel and tell her to lay down on it with her ass on the towel. Linda just sits there with a questioning look  on her face but says nothing.
Once she is in position, I take my long necked bottle of beer and put it up to her little pussy and move down so that my mouth is right there and proceed to put the mouth of the bottle in her tight little hole.

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   Then I dump it up and she starts to squirm around. "That's fucking cold", she exclaims and I say just for a minute. I lift her legs up in the air, and I pull the bottle away and then get my mouth right there in her cunt and start to suck the beer out of her.
    Her mom sees what I am doing and moves down so that she can get her mouth next to mine, so I move to make room for her and we both drink the beer out of her.
    Tina starts to shake again and I suck her clit as Linda licks her little girl's pussy. I have the presence of mind to wipe my pre-cumm off on my hand and stick two fingers in Tina's mouth to silence her cumm screams. She is cumming and sucking my fingers so hard that I have the momentary thought that if she bites down on my fingers it is going to hurt like a mother-fucker but she just continues to suck on them. She continues to cumm and I manage to move down below her mothers mouth and as Linda continues to lick that sweet little pussy, I start to lick Tina's  tight little asshole, poking my stiff tongue inside a little and she continues to shake. Nothing quite as tasty as a 18 year old ass except a 18 year old pussy.
    She is finally done and pushing both of our faces away from her over stimulated holes. "Goddamn", she exclaims. "That was way fucking beyond incredible", and I just sit back and smile at her. Linda is rubbing her pussy and says, " I need you in me right now, that was so fucking hott", and she pushes me down on my back and mounts me, sliding down on my hard cock and starts to ride me hard and fast. My brain is about overloading at this point and I know that I am not going to last too long. I am being fucked by this lust crazed woman and her cunt is tight as a vise and squeezing me like a strong hand.

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       I have never been fucked like this before and I feel my cumm starting to build up in me.
    Linda continues to fuck me with abandon and her body starts to shake. Damn I want to time this just right and as she starts to orgasm so do I and it is fucking incredible. What a beautiful thing when you can both get off simultaneously. I just seem to spurt and shoot for a long time and I have not cumm like this in years if ever!! My spurts slow down and she drops down on me, riding out her orgasm, grinding her pelvis into me. All that I can do is lay there. I am totally drained. I roll my head and look at Tina who is furiously rubbing her little cunt. "Mommy, come and feed me", she says and Linda gets up off of me, cupping her sloppy wett pussy with her hand to catch all of our cumm and proceeds over to her daughter and just squats over Tina's beautiful little face and allows the cumm to run out of her hot cunt into Tina's wide open mouth.
    That is the sight that I went to sleep to. Guess I"ll have sweet dreams.