Campers Delight


Topic: Campers Campers By A. G. Thomas Are you sure that fancy MacIntosh of yours can do it Johnny Brad asked. "Well. . . . not by itself it can\'t, but to answer your question yes I can do it. Hell you saw the pictures of Seth\'s sister that I edited with just Aperture. Now I\'ve got Final Cut Pro too, so yeah damn tooting I can do it. All you have to do is get the shots that we talked about then leave the rest to me. " Late the next day a broadly grinning Brad handed his digital camera to Johnny so that he could upload what was stored on its video chip. Minutes later, but what seemed like an eternity to the boys, the screen filled with nearly four dozen photos of the beautiful camp counselor Regina Larkin. That Brad had photographed her from nearly every conceivable angle and in various situations with the younger boys that she supervised was not only a plus but would make Johnny\'s job easier. As Johnny glanced over them his eyes fastened on one in particular. A perfectly innocent one if viewed as taken but one that after he got through with it it would be the most damaging.

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   Again letting his eyes move over the photos he picked out several more he found rather appealing and which by the time he finished his magic would be downright sinful. The thought that any one of the altered photos would not only get her arrested but labeled a child molester if she didn\'t submit to his demands appealed to him. Using the ten or so photographs of her in her bikini teaching the young boys to swim, not only as a guide to accurately depict her measurements but miniscule muscle tone as well he highlighted the photo he\'d first chosen. With the click of a button his screen filled with her squatting in the midst of her preteen charges. Her graceful hands were on the hips of two of the boys to either side of her and she was smiling up at the young boy in front of her as a half dozen others stood arranged around her in a semi circle. As he stared at the picture he did not see what was before him. What he saw, what his mind envisioned was the finished product. Oh sweet fucking Christ this is going to be so mother fucking hot he muttered silently as with great care yet practiced grace he brushed out her halter top and shorts. With as much care as before he filled in and blended her coppery skin tone where her clothes had been. Satisfied with his efforts his attention shifted to the young boys. He thought about removing every boy\'s clothes, but that would be overkill and totally out of character in an outdoor setting. No, better to simply do those directly before and to either side of her. Over the next hour and a half or so three boy\'s pants were bunched about their ankles and their little two and three inch boners were standing out proudly as if straining for her attention. With great care and attention to shadows and detail he lightly indented the two boy\'s hips where her fingers were touching so as to make it look as if she were encouraging them to come closer. With a smile lighting his face he leaned back looking at the end result.

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   Would she, unlike the boys be naked he mused. Yes, all the better to excite and arouse her little charges as well as to leave no doubt in their young minds that she wanted them and that she was theirs to enjoy. Clothes, oh fucking Christ her clothes. If she\'d removed them where where they? For long immeasurable minutes he looked intently at the picture pondering where she would have discarded her clothes. Then with daft strokes he placed her crumbled halter top halfway between herself and the youngster whose hip her left hand was upon. Again looking at the picture he decided that the best place for her shorts was also to her left yet not directly upon but slightly touching her blouse and closer to her. Thus realistically making it appear as if both had been carelessly discarded after their hurried removal. Again looking at the results he pondered whether or not he should bother with inserting bra and panties. No, sluts didn\'t bother with such apparel, especial in a situation such as the photograph was depicting. After another careful inspection of the finished product he saved and moved to the next photo. Several hours later in the wee hours of the mourning, though still having four photos to alter, he was just to tired to go on. Figuring it was better to be safe then sorry he shut down his powerbook. In the few hours of sleep he did manage to get during that third night of camp a very naked Regina Larkin was prominent in his dreams. Breakfast then lunch and in-between each a pestering and eager Brad. Yet by 2:48 that afternoon the boy\'s were appraising his handy work.

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   Pulling each photo up in turn and enlarging it to fill his seventeen inch screen he studied each carefully with a critical and appraising eye. Finally satisfied that even an expert would hesitate in declaring with certainty that the photos were any thing but what they were purported to be he made a folder for them then shut down his powerbook. Hey what\'s going on? I thought you were going to print out copies so we could confront her Brad huffed. "And how pray tell do you think I can do that? Do you see a printer anywhere on my bed or in my locker. Or did you expect me to just pull one out of my ass shit head. " "Well what the fuck are we gonna do" screeched a nearly frantic and disappointed Brad. For several long minutes Johnny sat in silence thinking while his new found friend and coconspirator Brad paced up and down muttering wasted, all wasted, now we\'ll never get in her pants. "Don\'t be to sure" Johnny chuckled as he again opened his MacBook Pro. "What I\'m about to do will be a hell of a lot more convincing then a hundred doctored photographs. " An hour later Brad was staring dumbstruck at a web site that with a simple push of a button would be on the worldwide web. Since Johnny knew his moms credit card number paying for the space and even setting up an account for people to pay their membership fees to had been no problem. All that remained now was to confront the girl of their dreams, show her what they had and explain to her what would happen if she didn\'t spread her legs. Disconnecting the power cord Johnny put his MacBook to sleep then closed the lid. With the battery fully charged there would be no problem in showing her what they had. Hell he could let her stare at each photo as long as she wanted and with him tapped into the camps computer system uploading her future web site even somewhere other then their cabin was as simple as a click of a button if need be.

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   Together with picking up his computer and telling Brad to bring his video camera he strutted out the door in search of Regina. If not for her pausing and looking about before opening the door to the kitchen and slipping inside they would have missed her. As it was they almost missed her anyway for that was the last place either of them had expected her to be.      Counselors didn\'t usually enter the kitchen, at least not when the grouchy old negro cook was preparing a meal. Their curiosity aroused the two fifteen year olds, while trying to look as inconspicuous as possible, hurried toward the kitchen. Less then a minute after Regina had entered they were peering through the screen door into what should have been a busy kitchen but was curiously empty. Pots where simmering on the stove, vegetables and other paraphernalia were scattered over the counter but no one was visible. Though neither spoke each looked at the other as if asking where the hell was she. Even more puzzling to them though was where the hell was the Fat old negro cook and his three helpers. For a minute, maybe two, each looked at the other before Brad hissed try the door. To their utter amazement instead of it being locked as they had expected would be the case it swung open easily. As they stepped inside the unspoken thought of each that hanky panky was going on vanished, yet where the hell was everyone. Looking at each other as if to confirm the others thoughts that if there had been hanky panky going on the door would have been locked they turned toward the doors leading into the dining room. But before they had taken a step a garbled moan from the opposite direction stopped them. Freezing like deer caught in a poachers spot light each slowly cocked his head listening intently for the sound to repeat itself.

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   Johnny was the first to move as the gurgling moan was repeated. Like a kid sneaking downstairs on Christmas morning, long before his parents had awaken, he tiptoed toward the large walk in pantry. Brad was a half a step behind and raising his camera as they stepped to the partially open pantry door just as for the third time the gurgling sputtering moan was repeated. This time though over riding it was a mirth filled raspy voice that each teenager knew all to well. "That\'s it slut, that\'s it, suck that nigga\'s dick. Drain him of his sweet tasting black baby making jazz that you love so well bitch. " A second later as if affirming the words and what the boys where hesitant yet eager to witness a guttural sputtering groin of God damn but this honky slut sucks a mean dick. As if one the boy\'s eyes flew to the five inch crack to peer disbelievingly into the pantry just in time to see the negro thrust and hold his loins tight to Rachel\'s flushed face. He was so close that her nose was pressed into his belly leaving little doubt that even if he only had a five inch cock it was lodged in her throat. Even as Brad brought up his camera and snapped a shot of the depraved scene the negro pulled back till only the knob of his glistening black cock was between Regina\'s lips. "Swallow slut, swallow it all. Don\'t loose a fucking drop you nasty black cock loving slut" the negro whose cock she was sucking groaned. The working of Rachel\'s throat, the claw like grasping of his dark thighs, all indications that she was endeavoring to comply were for naught though as cum mixed with saliva oozed from between her tightly clasping lips. When three shoots later the negro pulled from her mouth and even as her fingers pushed the stringy glob that had dribbled down her chin to her lips the fat negro cook growled "God damn it bitch he told you not to loose a fucking drop. What are you stupid? Can\'t your trashy white ass follow simply instructions from your nigga masters.

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   I\'ve a good mind to kick your skanky white ass out instead of letting the brother\'s slam dick to your white trash ass. Is that what you be wanting bitch? Does you want me to kick your skanky ass out of my kitchen without you getting breed? Well is it you fucking slut?" To the boys surprise the kneeling Rachel began to cry. In-between sobs she pleaded with him not to kick her out, for him to please let them fuck her. For a second it looked as if her whimpering pleas had little effect on the slovenly fat cook but then he grinned evilly. "Well I\'ll let it slid this time bitch seeing as how this is only your third breeding. But disobey me or one of my boys again and so help me I don\'t give a shit if you announce over the PA system how much you love black pleasuring, won\'t none of us give you what you be wanting while you here. Got it?" "Yes master. Thank you master, thank you for forgiving your worthless white trash cum slut. " That she eagerly said the words while looking up into the ugly pock marked face of the obese negro cook stunned the boy\'s. They had been willing to bet anything that the negro\'s, just as they themselves had been about to do, were somehow forcing her to do their bidding. "All right bitch, chuck them fucking clothes and lets get another look at that fine looking white body of yours" the grotesque negro cook chuckled. As she eagerly stood Brad quickly calculated his cameras ability if switched to movie mode. 4GB equals about 90 minutes minus the half dozen stills he\'d already shot comes to a safe 1 hour of video. Pressing the movie button on his Canon PowerShot S5 1S digital camera he pointed it at the scene before them. That every word, every moan, every grunt, wheeze and slap of naked flesh against naked flesh would also be captured while in movie mode was deeply appreciated at that moment.

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   Over the next hour and forty three minutes, only an hour and seventeen of which was captured on film, the boys watched as one after the other then two and finally three at a time the four negro\'s used their dream girl as one would a two bit whore. In that hour and seventeen minutes her soul filled pleas for them to fuck her, for them to breed her, to give her a negro baby were captured in stereo. So too were the negro\'s taunts, their abusive demeaning demands as they repeatedly and continuously used her various orifices. Also captured was the unmistakable sound of naked flesh against naked flesh as well as the squishy sounds of cock drilling her sloppy cum filled holes. Only when together with the slovenly fat cook pulling his spent cock from Regina\'s well used asshole and everyone, Regina included, begin to get dressed did the boy\'s move. But even as they were stepping back from the door the grotesque fat negro\'s contemptuous snickering command came to their ears. "Since the day after tomorrow is your day off and no one will think it strange if you leave camp I\'ll be taking your white ass into Charlotte tomorrow evening for a proper breeding. Don\'t you be worrying none about what to wear slut cause I\'ll have a skimpy little flirt skirt and bikini top for you. Wouldn\'t do to have my little cum slut looking like other then what she is when I presents her to dah better then two dozen nigga\'s what\'s already paid me to breed her white trash ass now would it?. Now get your skanky. . . . " But his last words weren\'t heard as the once scheming teenagers turned and rushed from the kitchen.          .

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