Cady's Story (The Beginning)


Cady. . . . 15, an only child living with her father. After the death of her mother, Cady had become severly introverted especially after being raped. She knew that she alone was not suffering the loss and lonliness of not having a mother, her father was taking the lonliness harder than she was, Her rape had been kept a secret that was eating her inside, suffering the loss of her innocence she turned to the only person she could, Her Father. After a while she had begun to notice the way he stared at her with lustful intentions. This is her story.
Ever since mom died things had been pretty rough. I withdrew into myself, a temporary safe haven from the outside world, my own personal shell as I would like to call it.   At school I used to be this outgoing, cheerful person that everyone loved to be around now its as if I don't exsist. My so called friends abandoned me the moment I started wearing black on a daily basis, they couldn't stoop so low as to be seen with a goth freak and so I was alone. My father on the hand was taking it all  just as hard, if not harder than what I was. He stayed at home so much his employer called and told him not to bother comming in anymore, that made things harder on the both of us now that we had no source of income.

I decided to take on an afterschool job untill my father was able to get back on his feet.


I got a job at the local super market making minimum wage,  Joe was my manager and he  seemed like a nice guy.   He was in his late 20's,  married, and with a baby on the way;  not to mention he was fucking gorgeous. When I came home from work I would write in my journal the fantasies I would have about fucking Joe and the oh-so- naughty things that I would do to him. The ideas that I had were ludacris considering that I was a virgin. The things that I knew had come from television not from personal experience but none of that didn't matter, the things I did know I wanted to experement with Joe and being married made me want him that much more. Call it Forbidden Fruit Syndrome.    It was a week later when I stayed over at work to discuss my scheduling with Joe. I remember knocking on his office door and him telling me to come in with that deep, sexy tone in his voice.   Lately I had been noticing the way he had been looking at me with deep satisfaction in his blue eyes and there seemed to be a hint of longing as well.   Before I even had a chance to sit in a seat Joe was on his feet, shutting the door and locking it behind him. I began to get a little nervous, why would he feel the need to lock the door? I soon found out why. Joe ran at me, he placed one of his hands on my mouth and the other on my stomach. I was panicky now as I began to realize his intentions, sure I fantazied about fucking him but thats just it "A Fantasy" In actualality I never had any intentions on fucking Joe,  but he had every intention on fucking me.
Joe slammed by fragile body up against the wall I moaned in pain but he took it as a moan of pleasure. Keeping his one hand on my mouth he removed the hand that had been on my stomach and proceeded to rip my button up polo off of my body.

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    I watched his eyes feel with pleasure and longing as he stared at the fabric covering my perky tits, with one hard tug the material was removed and my tits  burst free. He took one of my nipples between his thumb and index finger and began to squeeze roughly in an attempt to make them hard, it was painful and I again moaned he cracked a wicked smile and pinched harder. My erect nipple was in pain he placed it into his mouth and begain to nibble with his teeth, I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy sort of like a jolt of electricity, the sensation traveled from my snatch and began to move throughout my body and I began to grow weak. Joe's hand was now at my wet pussy the skirt I had worn today had granted him easy access to my soaked white cotton panties, he pulled back the material to gaze down at my hairless cunt. I could feel my juices running out of me and I knew he was enjoying watching it do so, I could tell by the way he licked his lips. " I'll remove my hand if you don't scream" I remember him saying. I knodded my head yes and he slowly removed his hand from my mouth. In a flash he had his face down in my warm pussy, I felt the tip of his tongue lightley graze my swollen clit and I jumped with suprise causing me to close my legs in an instant but Joe was much stronger than me and he re-opened my legs with such force I tought he had dislocated my thigh bone but there he was again with his tongue lightley grazing my clit. I had come to term and decided to except the ineveitable, Joe was going to get what he wanted and there was nothing I could do but lay there and take it even if I didn't want it, in my mind I really didn't want it but my body suggested otherwise.
    He continued to lick, and suck on my clit sending spine tingling sensations throughout me. Suddenly I felt his tongue just outside the entrance of my tight wet fuck whole incircling it making it wetter than what it already was, then I felt it inside of me, going in and out of me, I started shaking as if I were having convulsions, he was tongue fucking me and it felt fucking great, just as I was about to cumm all in his mouth he stopped. I began to breathe steady once again happy that it was finally over but a little disappointed as well, I was so close to an orgasam and it just ended. I began to get up but was immediatley pushed back down onto the floor. Joe reached up my skirt and practically ripped my panties off. I watched as he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, he then let his hard, massive, cock free.

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       My heart skipped a beat, I knew what was next and I really didn't  want it. He hovered over me applying a little of his weight on me so that I couldn't move. I was trapped. I felt his hardness at the entrance of my steaming whole, he rubbed his head in circles around my lips as to get it wetter, guess he knew I was a virgin but that didn't stop him from anything. The next thing I knew I felt severe pain as his cock ripped my hymen in half he had just forcefully rammed his dick inside of me and began fucking the hell out of me , I began to cry loudly in pain with each agonizing thrust. He again placed his hand over my mouth and continued to pound away at my once virginal pussy, his thrusts grew with speed and I felt his cock twitch and pulsate inside of me and then I felt heat, warm liquidy heat as he spewed his jizz deep into me. I felt disgusted he pulled out of me and and immediatley put his still buldging cock away. I gather together what I could and dressed in haste. Tears ran freely as I opened the door and ran from his office, not once looking back. . . . . . .

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      needless to say I quit that Job. . . . . . . .
    <P>(End Part One)