Brother's Love


Mywife went camping with her brother, his son and our daughter's son. They left on Monday and I never heard a word from them until Fridaynight. She called me to tell me that she was at her brother's house andwas going to stay the night before driving home the next day. As soonas she walked in the house I sense that something was different. Shesaid that she had a good time but would give me very little detail ofthe trip. All she would tell me is that everyone had fun and that theyfished most every day and that the kids caught quite a few fish. I kepttrying to get her to tell me more details of the trip but she wouldchange the subject every time. I finally confronted her and told her that I wanted to know what wenton during the camping trip and what was she hiding. She again tried tochange the subject but I told her to stop it and tell me what was goingon. She looked down and started to cry. I told her that I wanted toknow everything and that I was not going to stop until I heardeverything that went on. She finally said that she would tell me the whole story. She said thateveryone was having a great time and they did spend most of their timefishing or down by the water. They were with the kids most of the time. She said nothing much happened during the trip but they did have someheated conversations at night after the kids went to bed. I asked herwhat she meant by that and she said that the conversation turned tothem telling each other about their sex lives.

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   She said that she toldhim that it had been some time since we had made love and that shemissed it. She said that Steve, her brother, told her that since hisdivorce several years earlier he also had very little sex. He lived ina small town and the prospects were not very good. Cheryl, my wife,said that they shared some of their past sexual experiences and howgood it used to be. Cheryl told me that when Steve was married that his then wife and hehad tried wife swapping several times and that he liked it very much. He told her about the first time as they had some friends over onenight when the husband told Steve that he and his wife swapped andasked Steve if he was interested. Steve said that he told him that hewas but he did not think his wife would be. Steve said that the guythen said that he would seduce the wife and that if Steve wanted tomake love to his wife then it was ok. Steve said they played cards andit wasn't long before things turned sexual and for the first time hegot to see his wife make love to someone else. He told Cheryl what aturn on it was to watch another man fuck his wife in front of him. Cheryl told me that the story got her hot but she told Steve that shecould never do something like that and did not think that I would beinterested either. She told me she told Steve how I liked to sunbathnaked in our backyard pool and got caught by our neighbors a few timesand some friends that dropped by one day unexpected. She told me thatshe told him that I was more open than she was. She said that Stevetold her that she needed to loosen up some and go with the flow. Heasked her why she never went swimming nude and she said that she wastoo scared that someone would catch her.

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   He then asked her what was theworst that could happen if someone did catch her, after all she wouldbe in her back yard. She said that it would be embarrassing is all. She told me that every night they would talk more about it and he hadher convinced that she should open up. She said that Friday night whenthey were at his house they stayed up late and talked into the earlymorning hours and again sex was the main topic. She said as theydecided to go to bed that Steve asked her if she was going to open up abit and be more daring. She said that she told him yes and see if thatwould help with us having sex more often. She said that he then saidthat she should try and see if she could right there. That it was agood time to see if she could be more free. She said that she told himthat it would not be right to get naked in front of him. He told herthat she was inside a house and no one other than him would be able tosee her and if she could not get naked in front of him then she couldnever do it if she thought a stranger might see her. Cheryl told me that Steve said that he would make it easier for her andstarted undressing in front of her. When he got down to his boxershorts her told her that it was her turn. She said that she is not surewhy but she took off her shirt and dropped her pants. She said that shewas down to her bra and panties and just stood in front of him while hejust stood there taking it all in. She said that he then asked her ifshe was going to go any further and when she hesitated he dropped hisboxer shorts and stood in front of her in all his glory.

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   He said thatshe should not be embarrassed and take everything off. She said that hewas not hard and seemed to be only interested in helping her so shetook the bra and panties off. She said that they then decided to gooutside and run around the house. She said that since it was almost 3in the morning she figured that it was pretty safe. She said that shefelt really free running around outside naked for about 18 minutes. Cheryl then told me that when they went back inside it was then thatshe noticed that Steve was hard as a rock. She said that it looked nicewith an upward turn to it. She said that she could not get away fromlooking at it and Steve seemed pleased that she was looking. She saidthat Steve finally asked her if she liked it. She said that she thoughtit was nice but that they should get dressed now. She said that Stevejust walked up to her and pulled her to him and let their bodies touchand his cock rubbed between them. She said that she wanted to back awaybut for some reason she did not and just let him rub his body againsthers and his cock just kept rubbing against the front of her cunt. Shesaid that she was a little excited from running around naked outsideand being naked with a naked man. She said for a few minutes she forgotthat it was her brother that was holding her and she got lost in thefeeling of the cock rubbing up against her. She said that they started to kiss and she was kissing back and itwasn't until he started to lick and suck her breast that she realizedthat it was her brother doing this.

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   She said that she tried to breakaway but he held her tight and continued to suck her breast. She saidthat it had been so long since her and I had made love that the feelingof someone sucking her breast was too much for her and she grabbed theback of his head and pushed it into her breast. She said that she doesnot know why but she gave in to the feeling and continued to let himlick and suck each breast. She said that he must have kissed her breast for a good five minutesbefore he brought her over to the couch and sat her down and continuedto suck on her breast. He then laid her down and proceeded to work hisway down her body until he worked his tongue into her hole. She saidthat she came immediately and he licked her to two more orgasms beforehe crawled up until his cock was right at her entrance. She said thatshe knew what she was doing was wrong but the feeling was sooverpowering that she could not stop. She said that she rose up herlegs and asked him to fuck her. She said that when he first penetratedher that she never felt so alive in her life. She said that every fiberin her came alive and all she could feel was how good a cock felt inher. She said that they fucked for about ten minutes before he came inher. They laid next to each other after and told each other how greatthat it felt and how long it had been for both of them. Cheryl said that they both got up and went into his bedroom and climbedunder the covers. She said that as soon as they had gotten in bed thatthey started kissing and holding each other and exploring each othersbody. She said that it was not like a brother and sister but like twolovers.

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   She said that she felt like it was her first time and she waslike she was when she was 19. She said that she went down on him andstarted to suck his cock until he was hard again. She said that once hewas hard she rolled over on top of him and took his cock into her againand rode him hard until she climaxed once more. She said that he thenrolled her over and fucked her for another 18 to 20 minutes before theyboth came together. She said that they made love twice more that morning until they knewthat the kids would be getting up. She said that they did not want thekids to find them in bed together as they were old enough to know whatit meant. She said that she started feeling real guilty when she wasdriving home and realized what she had done. She told me that she hadnever cheated on me before and was not sure what got into her thistime. She said that it all felt so natural and sexy and the feelingsjust were too much for her. I asked her what was going to happen to us now. She said that she lovedme and did not want to lose me. I asked her what about her brother. Wasthis a one time thing or could it happen again? She said that she couldnot guarantee me anything because the feeling was so overpowering thatshe did not know how she felt right then. She said that it was the mostintense thing she has ever done and was not sure what she would do ifthe situation presented itself again. I then asked her what was goingto happen the next time that they were together.

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   She said that it wouldbe a bad idea to leave them alone again but if I was with her thennothing would happen. I told her that I could not be with her all thetime and that when he came for a visit that the two of them stayed upmuch later than I did. What was she going to do if he tried somethingafter I went to bed. Cheryl started crying again and said that shethought that it would happen again if that happened. She said that shedid not think that she could stop herself if she was alone with him. .