Brotherly, Sisterly Love II


For those not familiar with the wild gyrations between Roger and Ginger, brother and sister, he being divorced and 32, she a 35-year old, four-year widow, a brief resume is in order. To wit:
Roger, the moralist of the two, had been firmly convinced that incest, i. e. , any fucking, muff diving, or cock sucking between close relatives like brother-sister, father-daughter, mother-son, etc. , was not only immoral, but also constituted felonies in the criminal justice system for which they could both go to jail. Ginger took a much more practical position and figured that, with her two teen-age children off to summer camp for the next two weeks there was certainly nothing wrong with their sharing some adult physical, i. e. , sexual satisfaction, even if it had to be with her younger brother. Both of them were walking the walls for sex, Roger not having had it -- other than hand jobs -- for more than two years and Ginger celibate -- certainly not by choice -- for the four years since her husband, Jerry, died. It was only in her frequent dreams that she could mesmerize re-joining him in one of their frequent bouts of 69ing, which always preceded their good night fuck.
Having lost his house and children in his bitter and expensive divorce, Roger had moved into Ginger's three-bedroom house. The morning after her kids had been shuffled off to camp for a two-week stay, Ginger was not willing to beat around the bush with Roger any longer. He was either going to put up, shut up, and fuck her, or get his useless ass out of her house. She could no longer accept his old crappola about no-sex between relatives. She needed some regular fucking in the worst way and if he wouldn't give it to her, she was determined to leave the house in broad daylight, naked with only her bedroom slippers on, and beg the first stranger she met to fuck her. Ginger was so tired of having to finger her cunt for relief that she would have become a street whore if necessary to get her twat probed with any willing stiff prick.

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After his morning shower, Roger in his jockey shorts was sitting on his bed grasping his morning boner, absent mindedly watching the morning news on TV, when Ginger, her hair still wet from her shower, fresh from her douche, came between him and his line of sight to the picture tube and stood bare-assed naked with her arms folded. "Roger, you no good bastard, just tell me which is better to see, the fucking news on TV or my tits and my pussy? I want you to stop acting like a limp-wrist faggot and fuck me right now. Any more of your nonsense about it being morally wrong, and you know what I'll do for the first man I meet in front of the house. I don't care what the neighbors say about me being nude and fornicating on the lawn. "
Well so much for this short reprise, you readers of Volume I can't help but remember that, as usual, fucking triumphed over morality, giving reinforcement to the old saying that a stiff prick has no conscience, especially when confronted with pussy practically presented on a platter. I'm now going to quote a somewhat redacted version of the final climactic paragraphs from the previous volume as a lead in to this tome:
"Yes, little brother, yes, keep it coming. I want every last drop. " Spurt after spurt lubricated her hole. Over and over, "Give it to me, Roger. Shoot it in my cunt," until he was finished squirting.
They lay in each other's arms for a little while, kissing, resting, and cuddling. Not a word was spoken. Then they got up, showered together, and chose to stay naked for a belated breakfast. Ginger made coffee and toast. He poured the orange juice as she fondled his ass.

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   Roger said, "Ginger, my beloved and most talented sister, if you are as good at sucking my cock and giving blow jobs to your brother as I was in eating your pussy and licking your twitching sweet bung, we can just take the rest of the day off and enjoy our new found talents. "
His response was a deep-throated kiss on the mouth, as Ginger's bare ass wriggled on his lap. What do you think her answer was?
As the only thing either of them wanted to eat in bed was each other they finished their toast and orange juice before walking hand-in-hand, this time to Roger's bedroom. His bed lacked the satin sheets which Ginger luxuriated in, but hers had become somewhat love soiled and sticky from their recent engagement. There were no further morality discussions from Roger as Ginger lovingly nudged him back onto the cotton sheeted mattress. After the heavenly tongue licking, pussy lapping, and twat sucking that Roger had enthusiastically treated her to -- not to mention the universe-shaking fuck -- Ginger was determined to be as kittenish and sexy as possible. Two weeks without the children could go by quickly, and there was no fucking time to be wasted.
She lay atop of Roger and stuck her tongue in his mouth while cupping his ball sack, rubbing her tits against his hairy chest. Squeezing and slurping his erect nipples, her hand slipped to the base of his cock, her fingers combing through his bushy crotch hair, which was quite a comparison to Ginger's smoothly shaven mound. She then meticulously described what she had in store for him.
"Roger, my little brother, you fucked me in the grandest style, bathing my entire body with your saliva, sticking your tongue in my mouth, my cunt, and even penetrated deep into my asshole, and now I'm going to get even with you by tormenting you until you beg me to get your rod to shoot its cream. But when I sense that you are about to cum, I'm goint to get up and strut my bare ass around the room bouncing my boobs beyond your grasp, if necessary, to keep you from cumming just yet and to extend our session. You made me cum at least a dozen times, and if I can, I'm going to get you off at least two or three times, but I intend it to take me a tantalizingly long time. We just had breakfast, and you now may end up being my lunch. Any objections?"
Hearing none, Ginger turned him over, face down, and proceeded to lick and between his shoulders, working her way down tantalizingly kissing and licking to the top of the slit between his ass cheeks.

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   "Roger, darling, if I had had any idea of your incredible tonguing talents, believe me, we surely would have done this before, kids around or no kids. Some things in life are more important than being morally straight. "
Having made this profound observation, Ginger spread his ass cheeks and spit into his crack. As her sputum ran down hill, she traced its progress toward his bung which was fresh from their shower, followed with her tongue. She couldn't help but remember vividly how she had done this so many times with her deceased husband, Jerry, and how excited he got when she stuck the tip of her tongue into his butt hole. Roger's quivering response caused her tongue to keep slipping in and out of his ass hole, and she plyed his bung with more of her spit before sticking her tongue back in to its full depth. As Roger squirmed convulsively, Ginger's tongue was alternated with first one, then two, and then three of her fingers to the hilt. Ginger's finger nails, fortunately, were kept short, and the in and out sensation was painless but excruciatingly delightful as she massaged his prostate gland.
Roger was in seventh heaven but couldn't help wondering when, if ever, he was going to be fed some of Ginger's sweet pussy. She had mentioned something about having a strawberry douche, but her sweet, natural taste had been enough to make him a regular at her special "Y" dining place. With her smooth, hairless pussy, he didn't have to worry about picking pubic hairs from his teeth, a tricky and an embarrassing thing to have to do in public, first having to explain how the cunt hairs got there in the first place. As the leader in this bout, Ginger turned him over, now face up toward the ceiling.
Quicker than a wink, she threw her right leg over his shoulder and mounted him knee high. Before he knew it, he was staring straight up at her glistening snatch. Moving slightly forward, Ginger positioned her cunt directly above his mouth and dropped it on his welcoming tongue.

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   Her back and forth lunges kept his tongue in her pussy and brought the tip of his nose in and out of her bung. While Ginger's stated intent was that he was not yet to cum, she could not contain her own explosion, which flooded Roger's mouth and entire face with her juices. Asked about the lack of the promised strawberry flavor, she said, "Don't complain, little brother. If you like, next time I'll stuff some cherries in my slit, which you can then suck out with your tongue, one at a time. But that will give you something to look forward to. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and the many times you turned me down when I wanted you to fuck me. "
Perfectly poised above Roger in the 69 position, Ginger had yet to mouth Roger's now pointedly erect cock. While perhaps longer than normal with an average girth, Rogers rod, with its pre-cum, was as taut as a banjo string. She licked his piss hole and slowly went down on him all the way to the balls. Detecting a gurgling sound in his nut sack, and not wanting him to shoot just yet, Ginger told him to sit up with his legs spread wide over the side of the bed and his feet on the floor. She then crawled toward him on the floor, head back and slipped her tongue under his nut sac and hand massaged his joint. Licking pre-cum from the tip of his plum-like cock head, she pushed him back on the mattress and mouthed his erectile rod so deep that the tip of his cock head was well past her gag point and aimed right at her stomach before she reluctantly withdrew.
"Roger, don't you dare come in my mouth right now. I do want to taste your juice and suck you off, but my special treat for you right now is my ass. I want you to tongue my bud and lick me loose so that you can give me my first asshole fuck in more than four years.

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   Jerry always thought this was a special treat. When you are up and in me proper all the way to your balls, if you're a good boy, I may just let you shoot your cream. "
Roger had fingered her bud in their earlier bout and knew that he was in for a tight squeeze, but a damn good ass fuck could be had only after his cock was properly inserted to the hilt and his balls tucked between the cheeks of her ass. Lacking lubricant, the best he could do was to take as much time as necessary, parting her ass cheeks and licking and tonguing her tiny bung, moistening his palm with saliva and making his cock as slippery as possible. When the time for buggering arrived, Ginger got out of bed and knelt on the floor for an old fashioned doggy bitch-type fuck. Never had he seen such a heavenly ass. But Roger said that he wanted to be able to see her gorgeous body, from her cunt up to her tits, while jabbing her love hole with his pecker. So he turned her over and put her legs, one over each of his shoulders, before making first contact with her eagerly twitching bung. His plum-like cock head aimed at her anal target and as Ginger made a bowel like push with her bung, the head slipped in surprisingly easy. Although he had never been there before, her asshole seemed to be welcoming him home. He now knew why Ginger had twice flushed her bowels with enemas before they had showered. She had had this in her mind at all times.
Before pushing his cock in all the way Roger wanted Ginger's asshole to relax further for the great fuck which was about to follow. With his balls resting at her asshole there was no further penetration possible, and after stroking in and out, in and out, Ginger said, "Roger, I've changed my mind and I now want to give you the best blow job you've ever had. I want to suck you off and swallow every last bit of your juice, so don't you dare come in my ass.

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   Just slip your prick out of my ass and let me suck you off. Don't you pout about not cumming up in my gut, for I'll make it up to you, possibly this afternoon. "
"Roger, do you realize that we've only been up since seven this morning. It's not yet 10:30. We've been to the moon and back, dozens of times, and now I want to put you in orbit. Don't forget we have all the rest of the day as well as the next two weeks to explore each other's fantasies without the children being about. So be a good little brother and slowly pull your cock out of my asshole like I asked before it dribbles any more and shoots, and let me give you a world championship blow job. That toast and orange juice did not satisfy my appetite, which is now voracious for the cream which I am about to get from your over due balls straight from your sweet dispensing tool.
Right from her asshole to her eager mouth, after Ginger had swallowed his pent-up load, she proceeded to lick his cock and balls clean as a whistle, missing not a drop of his cum. Demurely, kittenishly, she then sidled up to Roger with his head on his pillow, gave him a taste of his cum with a mouth to mouth French kiss and asked, "Do you have any thoughts as to what we might do the rest of the day?" With this first taste of his own cum, Roger responded, "Jokers are wild, my loving sister, but I hope it doesn't involve putting on any clothes or your getting fucked on the lawn by some stranger.
Speculation as to how they spent the rest of the day and the rest of their two weeks without the kids is rife, however, the actuality was beyond even your fertile imaginations. So don't get carried away.
P. S.
While heaven can wait, Ginger and Roger's two week sexual Olympics came to an exhausting end -- what a way to go.

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   They both have now happily remarried and live about a 30-minutes drive apart. They can manage only necessarily infrequent trysts on neutral ground. They often meet in shopping mall parking lots where Ginger sucks him off and at motels that don't require luggage and rent by the hour. I've already told you what they do whenever the opportunity presents; and they still do it whenever they can. Neither of their new spouses has any reason to doubt their marital fidelity, and neither you nor I have reason to be suspicious of Roger and Ginger, who are, after all, brother and sister. Siblings don't do those things to each other, it says here . . . And if you believe that, I have some nice oceanside property in Montana that you might be interested in.



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