Topic: BROTHERLY LUST Brotherly lust.
 My mum's brother showed me the way,so I followed.
  To hear my mother talk you'd think I was a virgin birth. But I knew she had a darker side. I'll explain this in my tale of was only seventeen,but even more surprising my mum was still only thirty one. We had always lived in a remote rural area. Equally,my mother had always been vague about my origin,saying she'd given birth at home but with no other details. Over a period of time,we became the only occupants of our home as the old'uns died. My mother was in very good condition when it came to her body which I took every opportunity to study since before puberty. We got fairly regular calls saying mum's brother was on his way round and she brightened up when awaiting such visits.
 Natural enough one would feel. I took little interest other than listening to my uncle portray any smutty titbits of gossip doing the rounds. Then I'd drift off to do my own thing,including having a wank on the strength of some of the more juicy titbits envolving women and blokes I knew of. In fact I concluded that our locals done very little but fuck each others wife's and daughters. Even in some cases man/boy and woman/girl permutations.
 But on growing up more,I wondered whether my uncle made some of it up to titivate my mothers possible secret urges.

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   One thing I did know. Whenever he left,he had a wide grin on as he said goodbye and my mum always looked radiant and re-envigerated on his departure. Then everything suddenly made sense. It wasn't all that long after uncle had married,which for some reason didn't seem to go down well with mum. Uncle appeared and was greeted strangely with, "How was she? I thought I wouldn't see you much now you're married" My uncle responded with something I failed to hear completely as his face turned away from my obscure position. But I did catch, "??? -With you"
 I saw my mum walk ahead of uncle showing much happiness on her face,followed by me going into shock as from behind he grabbed hold of mum and nibbled at her neck. For an instant I nearly dashed to her aid as I thought he was attacking her. Till I heard, "NO! wait,I'm not sure where he is" An obvious reference to me. "Come on,he'll find out sooner or later" uncle responded. "I'd die if he caught us,at it now, no . . . " My mothers sentence trailed off as uncle while dropping his trousers revealing a sizable hardon pressed it at mum's clothed belly while unbuttoning her top to reveal her naked non-bra'd' breasts in all their glory with her nipples already hard. I reckon my eyes were the size of saucers as I knew I was about to watch mum being fucked and I couldn't wank myself stupid while watching.
 I knew they'd hear me and I'd probably put them both off if they knew I was watching them anyway.

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   My uncle was really going for it now,kissing her ears,neck,lips and nipples. Mum's eyes were closed as I watched them pulling her dress buttons open to reveal she had no knickers on. Without further ado he had his fingers on her clitoris and was pressing to open and insert these fingers up mum's pussy. Squirming to his touch,his hardon was now against her thigh as though it was waiting to pounce on her now puffed up pussy. Nearer and nearer its head came to mum's cunt as my own cock erupted in my trousers. I bit my arm to stop from making any sound. Still his working of my mum's clit went on until mum started to sag at the knees as her face distorted in her orgasmic state. Now uncle's experience took command. As my mum drooped down on her now opening thighs, - her instinct was obviously seeking deeper finger penetration, He grabbed his cock and with a thrust sunk it up mum in the same moment grabbing at her ass cheeks to pull her harder onto his throbbing cock.
 A grunt and gasp came from them both as uncle bottomed out,then they started to runt in unison,my mum babbling as her new orgasm built to a crescendo in her insides. Then they stuck to each other as uncle and my mother wriggled and pressured at each other to get the very last part of my uncle up her cunt. They stayed stuck to each other for their moments of ecstacy as their mutual orgasmic juices mingled together.
 Uncle's ass eased the pressure as my mum smiled up at him, With his cock still up her,she made no attempt to unhook herself and presumably she was still feeling the excited hardon pulsing in her vagina. "Made it,he didn't catch us" My uncle's reply visibly shook her a bit, "Pol' you'll have to face it one day,when he does find us at it and he will as sure as god made little apples,I think what's really bothering you is you know he'll want to as well" My uncles cock slipped out of mum as she moved a bit uncomfortably at this statement. Uncle again, "Remember when we first did it,that first time you said almost the same thing" - "Fuck Jimmy,what if dad had caught us" and when he did,well we both know what happened after"
 "Admit it,you've enjoyed all that's gone on from there,admit it" Not a word from mum just a very knowing smile.

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   With his now half hard cock smearing my mum's inside thigh,she wiped his cock with the inside bottom of her open dress. Then as he put his cock away she started buttoning up her front. "Come on,a cup of tea is needed" They moved to the kitchen and I snuk out and in a little while came back in as though I'd only just turned up to find my uncle sat in our living room opposite my mum. I sat next to my uncle and was pleasantly surprised to be treated to an up thigh chance of a further peep,I hoped,of mum's quim.
 No such luck,in no time she'd clocked me and unassumingly closed he legs. But a tiny smile flitted across her face at her brother. "Better be off" Uncle got up to leave,then stangely,at the door,instead of his usual cheek peck on his sister,he gave her a full on lip kiss. Breaking this, "Remember what I said mind,its bound to happen and I know you'll have no problem dealing with it" Of course un-beknown to them I knew exactly what he was on about. 'By unc' we'll see you when we see you,she'll be okay in my hands' I'm pretty sure he twigged I'd clocked them.
 "Remember son,women are like china,handle them with care and they'll give you years of useful service. Take care of your mum now" All cryptic,but it wasn't lost on mum,she blushed like a sunset. Back inside mum resumed her seat as did I. I was still hoping for another look at her cunt,after all I knew she had it still naked,or had she in the little time I went outside managed to put some knickers on to catch uncles spunk in,instead of it dribbling down her legs for me to see it? I mulled over whether my mind imagined the cryptic way of interpretating uncle's comment. "Take care of your mum now" Did he comma the 'mum,now' or not?
 One way to find out,I'll try it on with her,I'll let her know I saw her fucking. But! How? I had it,get her at the scene of the crime and re-enact it with me in the male lead.

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   The vision of mum's cunt still dripping sperm was enough for my cock to harden,also at this stage I felt very confident with myself because I'd from quite young felt I had more than my share of cock for my age,but now having seen my uncles. I knew I had as much if not more to offer up to my mum's quim.
 The moment came,mum had been slouched with her eyes closed,not asleep but I suspected savouring the recent past as she moved her ass about several times then quickly flashed her eyes open and shut as though to check if I'd noticed anything. I had but she didn't know I had. Even this heightened my desire as in her moments her legs had all but shown her pussy. I had to have that and now was when it had to be,according to her brother.
 Then abruptly she stood,picked up the cups and made for the kitchen. By the time she'd swilled them out I was by her side. "All done,come on,lets go back in" Following behind her from the opposite end to uncle's entry. Just as she reached the similar point that uncle grasped her,I closed enough to re-enact his closeness with my mouth at her neck. She stopped, "No don't I knew this would happen" As I turned her and put her back to the same wall. I fondled at her breasts and started to fumble with the top buttons on her dress. Surprisingly she didn't go ape,as I whispered, 'I seen it mum,I seen it all,I want to do it as well' Pressing my hardon against her inner thigh while still enwrapped in my trousers. "How? Where were you? We mustn't,you know that" 'Is this what happened when you got me?' "sssh! not that" I fumbled to get my cock out,in my eagerness it popped through between two of her dress buttons and came into contact with her naked thigh,right in the groin groove alongside her pubes.
 A hand,her hand grabbed at it, "I can't,I want to,but I can't" 'Why can't you? Why' "I don't know,it don't feel right,you going back to where you came from" 'Uncle told you I would' For the first time ever I heard mum swear.

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   "FUCK! You heard? you heard him say you'd want me?" 'Yeah I did and I do' As the whispering had been going on,mum made no effort to remove herself from my pressure and in fact I had by now undone most of her buttons down the front. I had her tits out and I was playing with them. "You are determined to fuck me, - the swearing again, - aren't you? I've always been a pushover to a hardon" I thrust at her pussy and my cock slipped along her slippery groove. I slipped it along and back,along and back. The sensitivity of my knob with my foreskin rolled back was getting so close to making me cum I had visions of the back of her dress being sprayed with my spunk.
 Mum now gripped my hips and responded to my cocks tormenting. "That cock of yours is tickling my clit' for fucks sake do it,get in me. PL-E-A-S-E quickly now,push it up,I know I can't stop you now,I don't even want to-o-o, Finger my clit as your cock cums inside before I cum off,I'm loosing it. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! HARDER! GO ON HARDER! AAH! UUH! SPUNK ME! NOW! I'M C-U-M-M-I-N-G AAH! Let it C-U-M I-N Me! NOW! NOW!" My balls exploded as the most formidable orgasm I'd ever experienced erupted up my shaft and pulsed deep inside my mother's quim lips. Thrust after thrust I pumped up her, either my,my uncle's or my mum's juices were tickling the hairs on my ball bag as they dribbled past my cock and out mum's cunt.
 Mum, "Fuck I came so hard,your uncle only left me an hour ago and I'm back again cumming on my own son's cock. Fuck,what a cock,I can feel its still as hard as an iron bar" Clinging on to my body now. "Go on,can you? go again" I started to thrust at her body, in seconds she's thrusting back at me again. We both giggled as the squelching turned into a cunt fart. "Which of you has pumped air up my cunt,it must be all the sperms shouting, - 'let me out I'm drowning'" A further giggling as I really start to ram for a mutual orgasm.

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   'When they get this next lot,they drown or swim' "You're trying to impregnate me you horny bugger" 'Aren't they all mum' "ALL! What all? is that then" I did mean,- All - I was attempting to find out if my uncle was the only current one fucking her. But fearful of fucking up anymore chances of fucking her,I back tracked, - 'All those little sperm me and uncle have given your inside's this afternoon'
 "OH! I'm not a whore or anything but I do have needs and now I have the answer to those needs right her at hand,mind we mustn't shut your uncle out,that would be cruel. Oh! and yes,yours is longer than his if you're wondering but you both squirted it up inside my wombs neck if anything comes to pass. I pulled it out of her and we both stood looking down at it. 'Is it running down your legs mum? Are you going to wipe mine like you did uncle's?' She grasped my cock and repeated her previous action. "There,but you're still not soft" 'Have you had enough mum? I'll do it some more if you want' Smiling sweetly, "For now I have,although I could do it some more. Do you want to have a proper feel of me,this afternoon has been more fuck but not feel and I love it being played with"
 "I'm hoping you'll like feeling it,your uncle is more into fucking than feeling,but he will if I tell him I want a longer work up" We adjourned to the living room now and with true abandon mum got completely naked and sat with her thighs wide open. "Go on then stud,do to me what you know,then I'll learn you the rest of a woman's needs" Squatting between her legs on the floor. - I'll finish at this point,but she's still got me in that learning curve.
 Bye for now.   




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