Brotherly Lovers and Friends


It was a normal wintry Saturday morning when I learned about sex.   The rain was ice cold at daybreak as our mom left for her shift at the hospital.   Our dad had left us a year before and never come home, so at 18 I was trusted to be capable of taking care of the house along with my older brother Kent.   He was 18 almost 15, and he was built like our dad was, tall and thin at 6’ 170 pounds, short black hair and dark blue eyes and a smooth body.   We neither one had body hair a family trait.   When I say no body hair I mean nothing except for our heads and fuzz above our eyes.   Now I was smaller like mom, 5’5” 90 pounds, two dull gray eyes and black hair, worst of all I was tiny where it counts.  
We messed around doing laundry and picking up as mom had ordered us to and around ten that morning as I went to dump the trash, down came the snow.   The cold wet rain turn to fat flakes of ice and as the next two hours passed ten inches began to build.   It was falling so fast and pilling up so quickly that by the time we could call mom it was too late, even if she could have left early.  
She called around four to check on us, during her dinner break, the snow now over a foot was still falling.   So she suggested we put some extra wood in the house, put the candles and the blankets in the family room and prepare for the worse.   We did just that about an hour before the power went for the weekend.   We had wood for the fireplace to keep warm, and when we moved the refrigerator food out on the sub zero back deck we had food as well.   By the time darkness fell we were settled in with two candles a blanket and nice warm fire.
Kent looked at me as we huddled near the fire and asked me, “Do you know why dad left us?”
I shrugged my shoulders and said, “No I guess he got tired of us.

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    Mom never said why. ”
He looked at me and said, “Well it was because the two of them decided to end the charade. ”
“What does that mean?” I asked unknowing of the term charade.
“That’s what mom told me last spring when I asked her, so I looked it up,” he said coolly acting superior in his intelligence.
“And what did it say?” I asked in a berating way.
“It means they had been pretending for a long time basically,” he said and then added, “Did you ever wonder my Aunt Kelly and mom sleep together?  Or why dad would go bowling three times a week with Walter?”
“I thought it was okay for sisters to sleep together, we do sometimes and we’re brothers,” I replied in earnest and added to it with, “Mom said dad was good at bowling and she loved to see him smile. ”
“No dummy, he was gay and so is mom,” Kent said before explaining it, “Mom and her sister were lovers since childhood.   She needed a way to keep the neighbors and others from finding out so she proposed to dad who was gay and in love with their cousin Walter.   The four of them hatched up the ideal that if mom married dad and Kelly and Walter got married they could still be together.   Dad ran off to be with Walter and met some new guy; the two of them are living a few miles outside of town now. ”
“Good golly damn what does that make us?” I snapped back.
“Mom had sex with dad, two times, once when she got pregnant with me and once with you. ” he said coldly.
We sat there talking for a few more minutes before I had the nerve to ask the million dollar question, “Does this mean we will be gay too?”
He smiled and said, “Well I never had sex with a girl but I have let a couple of older boys butt fuck me.   I sucked one old man’s cock for him at camp last year.

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    I admit I like boys, but when Jimmy from down the street bent over and let me fuck him I loved that, I just wonder if I would enjoy being sucked?. ”
“I never had sex with anyone that I know of, except m hand,” I said sadly.
“Hey you want play strip poker?” Kent said so fast that I wondered if he had heard me.
“What for?” I asked sort sadly.
Kent smiled as he popped up and found the cards on the mantle.   Then he reseated himself under his blanket looking me and said, “Well Derek for fun and to see who gets to be the man. ”
“What do you mean Kent?  I don’t get it?” I asked.
“Let’s play strip poker who ever loses a hand loses a piece of clothing.   When you are naked you lose and you have to do whatever the other person says.   It’ll be fun Derek, you may even get your dick sucked for once,” Kent said as he pinched my right tit.
So we began dealing the cards as I said, “As long as you don’t cheat. ”
The hands were slow but by the fifth round I was in my superhero boxers only and he was wearing his purple briefs made out of silky material.   Then as he dealt the sixth hand I got two jacks right away.    I was sure I had a good hand when I drew two tens on the discard and the hold card I has was a King.    Then we played our hands and he had four queens with an ace, and my boxers were ripped off me.

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Then Kent said, “Stand up and turn around. ”  I did as he said and he patted my ass and then ordered me with, “Bend over and take hold of your toes and spread your legs a bit. ”  I did it and he slid his hand between my cheeks and tickled my asshole, which made look around.
Then he told me, “Now sit down here beside me. ”
So I did, and as I came to rest where he patted, his briefs were taken down and his six inch German helmet of love popped fully erect.    The pink top part was silky looking and stared at it for a second as he whispered, “Kiss it for me. ”
I leaned over and looked at it and back it him as I said, “You want pee on me will you?”
“Not until you beg for me to,” he said in a sexy tone and then using his right hand to guide me, he slowly moved my face to where my lips were able to barely caress the tip.  
I looked at it for a second and then I puckered up and kissed it.   The skin of my lips felt its smooth softness and I liked that feeling, so I did it again.   He cooed like a dove and as heard him aroused I realized what it meant, so I kissed it again.   This time I let my mouth open a second and my tongue graze it.   When I repeated this, I felt its softness fully and I wanted to taste like I did when I licked a hot dog before eating it, so I lapped its crown fully with my tongue and then enjoying it, I let my mouth fall down the right side and back up of the his shaft.
I sat up to look at Kent as I asked him, “Did that feel really good?”
“Oh yeah little brother.   That was really great, now do it again… and this time. .

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  . treat like you did your thumb…when you were little,” he said panting between phrases.
I remember how much I loved sucking my thumb so I bent over and acted just as requested.   I pretended it was thumb and I sucked it all into my mouth almost to the hilt, and used my lips and teeth to pull along the sides of it up and down several fast strokes then several slow ones.   Each wave of my mouth made him sound so erotic in his response to it; I could hear him sighing and saying not to stop, so I went faster and faster until I had a perfect rhythm.   My head bobbed up and down and as it did he began to seep in my mouth and I tasted the precursor and I wasn’t bothered by it so I went on doing it.
      Then suddenly I felt his big bulgy vein in the center throb and pulse and a hot salty taste slid in and down my throat.   I recognized it for I had been devouring my own for months and I accepted it to his surprise fully.
    He sat up looked at me as I drained the final parts out and said, “How did you do that?  That was amazing.   I couldn’t swallow a load the first time.   You sure you never sucked a cock before?”
    Licking the remnants off my lips I said, “I never said I hadn’t eaten cum, I said I never sucked a dick. ”
    Whose cum have you eaten before?” he said in an angry jealous tone.
    “My own!” I admirably replied.
    “Prove it,” Kent demanded and then added, “Jerk that little pickle off and eat your cum for me now. ”
    Now to his surprise I replied, “No problem, I have been eating my own cum for mouths.

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        I really love it after drinking fruit juice. ”  Then I sat back and began to rub my semi hard three inch cock until it made its way to four inches.   When I started to get my speed up he slid over beside me and started to fondle my nipples and I loved that.   He saw how much I did and kept doing it making me hotter by the second.  
    When I was ready to cum he held his cock to mine and said, “Cum on me and eat it off. ”
    I did just as he ordered and manage to squeeze almost all of it on his cock head and shaft.   Then I knelt and sucked it off and sucked him hard in less than three minutes.   When I looked at it now wet shinning and hard I asked, “What does one feel like in your ass?”
    Smiling like a devil at me he said, “Lay back and spread your legs and find out. ”
    I did just that as he knelt and used his arms to help widen and roll my legs back.   Then he began to work his now hard cock up my virgin asshole until I felt it slid in and though it was sort of painful I didn’t get afraid, instead I accepted it.   He slid it in and out slowly until he could see the grimace of my face ease.   Then he started to fuck me harder and harder and harder.   He leaned over and we kissed a few times and then his demeanor changed and he was seriously fucking me.   He started to slap his cock in me so fast that I felt it heat up and swell and when it exploded I have no ideal why but I began to almost cream myself.
    He drained in side me until he started to shrivel then he pushed me up further and knelt and rimmed my asshole and his cum out of me.

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        His tongue dug inside me more than I ever expected and when he finished I was his.
    Then he pulled my legs down and started sucking my cock for me.   It aroused me so much that I came moments later before I ever got fully hard.   He held it in his mouth and brought it to me and as I opened and accepted his tongue came in my mouth and swished them and the warm salty cream around together.
    Then he drew me up into his arms and we held each other until the fire grew dim.   We added a few logs and pulled up a couple of more blankets and fell asleep in each others arms until sunrise.  
    When the sun lit the room, I saw his cock hard and sparkling as he slept beside me nude.   I slid down his body to suck it which awoke him, and then started his day greatly better than the previous.   He was about to cum when I felt his piss slip from him with it.   Suddenly I drained it as well as the cum, and funnier still is only a small modest amount soiled the blankets.
    He was smiling as I told him, “I guess now we know we both are gay like dad.   If you want we can keep it a secret and you can fuck me anytime you want Kent.   I gladly give myself to you. ”
    He replied, “Derek, you are mine.   I will keep you as mine, but I may share you and myself with others, as long as you know whose you are.

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    That was twenty years ago, we now live in a small country home alone.   We have had many lovers but always we come back to each other at the end of the day.   I guess I am the woman of the relationship, but I gladly fill that role.