Brotherly love.


Hi my name is keith and i'm 17 years old. I have a brother Paul who is 19. My story happenend 3 years ago.   I had just arrived home from soccer practice when I saw my brothers bike leaned against the house.   He was usually at his friends house around this time and i would come home to an empty house.   On entering the house I left my boots at the back door and got a drink. I started to walk up the stairs as i got to the top of the stairs my brothers door was slightly open but he had his red hot chillis album on dead loud. I was about to walk in and tell him to turn it down when i could see through the crack of the door he was jerkin off. I was totally shocked yet at the same time slightly aroused and so continued to watch.   Iwas at this point gettin a full hard on as i was noticing that while he was stroking his cick he was caressing his balls something that was totally turnin me on. I pushed the door open a little further but not so much as he could see me and pulled my shorts and boxers down.   I then started to stroke my own 7 inch cock to the same rhythm as him stroking his 8-9 inch cock. Justas i was really getting into it the music cut off and as he turned around to change the song he spotted me and i ran to my room.
 After around half a minute he opened the door to my room and asked me what the hell i was doing i told him i was sorry and that it would never happen again but it was so horny i just couldn't not jerk off. And with that he sat on my bed and grabbed my still erect dick through my shorts. Turning towards him he planted a full on kiss stood up and pulled his shirt and boxers off.

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    Knowing this was one of my best oppurtunities i ripped my clothes off while we continued to kiss. He lead me into our bathroom where both naked he grabbed some lotion and spread his hands with it. He then got on his knees and started to suck my cock while he spread my arsehole with lotion. After he sucked for around 5 minutes he could tell i was on the verge of cumming so he stopped and stood up. we continued to kiss and i could tell he was loving it just as much as me as he spanked my ass which got me even hornier. He then bent me over the bath and asked me if i was ready when i nodded he positioned his huge cock over my ass and started to slowly penetrate and after that he started to pump his cock in me harder which increased both pain and pleasure.   While he was pumping my ass he continued to kiss my back and neck while biting my neck which was totally arousing. He then started to wank me off as he cummed several times up my ass he then sucked me off as i cummed in his mouth and as i withdrew over his face.
We then showered together and promised to continue.   Our parents now know were both gay but not of our incestual relationship.