Brotherly Love


My sister is a beautiful 19 year old with long brown hair, perky breasts and a firm stomach.  Since the age of 18 i've fantised about her all the time, we'd always been close and she'd used me to teach herself to kiss when we we're both 14, but nothing else had happened since then.
On one summer morning when we were both 18 my parents had gone on a two week holiday and there was just the two of us at home. I woke up at about 10am and went downstairs to find my sister watching T. V. She was wearing a button up top and a pair of matching silk pyjama pants that drove me crazy, she wore them often and i just wanted to rub my penis up hard against her when she wore them. I sat on the chair beside her in a T-shirt and boxers. We didn't say much but she had a cheeky grin on her face every time i glanced over, "what are you grinning at?" i asked, "Well" she replied,"i was going to save you the embarresment, but since you brought it up, i can see your. . your. . well, you know. " I looked down and noticed that there was a gap in my boxers revealing my penis, i quickly covered it up and went quite red. " She laughed and said cheekily, "Not a bad size.

" i wasn't used to my sister being like this, but i liked it.
After a few minutes she got up to make herself a cup of tea, i looked round and saw her perfect round ass in those silky pants which i noticed were slightly wet were her pussy had been pushing against them.

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   I was so turned on, was she wet because of me? i don't know what came over me but i decided to take a huge leap, i walked up as though i was going to the fridge, then i bent over, crept up behind her and swiftly i reached down her silk pants and started frigging her off intensely. At first she panicked but had no time to do anything because it had all happened so quickly, then i felt her give in and start to rub her pussy against my hand, she turned around and pulled those silk pants down and i got the first view of my sisters dripping wet pussy.  she pushed my face into her mound and i started lapping up her juices, she was moaning with pleasure, louder than i'd ever made a girl moan. i pushed my fingers deep inside her cunt and pushed hard.  "I'm cumming", she finnaly said through heavy breaths. As she came juices came flowing out of her onto the kitchen floor and i licked up what was left on her warm vagina.
Her legs we're shaking and weak, "I've never had that happen before. " she said and pointed at her juices on the kitchen floor.  I took her over to the kitchen table and she placed her hands down as she was having difficulty standing.  I pushed up behind her, and putting my arms around her i undid the buttons on her top, she wasn't wearing a bra and i saw her perfect breasts, they we're wonderful, i squeezed them and played with them for a few minutes, then i pushed my penis through her legs from behind and she took it and placed it to the entrance of her dripping pussy. I pushed my throbbing 8" member into her lips, and started fucking her, slowly at first but picking up speed. Her breasts bounced up and down as i pounded against her cunt, she was moaning, and i reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands.
After about five minutes of fucking i wanted a better view of her perky tits, i wanted to bite at her nipples. I pulled my dick out of her, spun her around and then pushed it hard back into her, we we're both beading with sweat now. i licked her nipples, then she lifted my chin and started kissing me passionatly as we fucked.

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   She pushed her tounge into my mouth and began wrestling with mine.  "Don't, ever, stop, Fucking me" she said as i contined ramming my cock in and out between her legs. I felt her pussy tighten around my penis as she began to reach orgasm. "I'm not wearing a condom" i said through deep breaths, "I don't care, come inside me, fill me up with you warmth brother, fuck me. " Finnaly my balls tightened and i blew my load deep into her womb. " I stood there inside her as we contined to make out passionatly until my dick went limp. We walked over to the sofa and sat beside each other. She rested her head on my chest and did'nt say a word.  For the past year now, we've fucked every oppertunity we get.