Brotherly Inspection


I'm 18 now, but I know all you guys are begging to know about when I was a sweet little virgin. This wasn't actually my first sexual experience; my first was when I was about 7 or 8; but obviously I'm not allowed to post that on here, and I didn't lose my virginity during that experience or this one. . Anyway; this story is back when I was 13.
Back when my parents were together, they often went out during Friday and Saturday evenings, and me and my younger sister would be looked after by my older brother, Max.
Anyway, this night, my parents were out somewhere, I'm not sure where; and I'm not sure where my sister was either, because I don't remember her being there. I'd like to pad this story out with some aspects of my daily life; but my memory of the night is limited to the events I am about to describe. So let's get to the point.
At some point during the night, my brother summoned me from whatever it was I was doing at the time, most likely watching cartoons, and took me to his bedroom. Obviously this seems suspicious to you guys; but I was 18 at the time, and I trust my brother a lot, even now.
He sat me down on his bed an put a tape in the video-player, set it all up and one of his pornos came on. He told me simply to watch the video, and left the room.

I had seen pornos before this time; both my brother's and my mother's; my favourite of which I remember to be 'Confessions of a naked virgin'. And I actually look back laughing at how I sat contemplating how this porno was pretty crap compared to the others.
Anyway; my brother came back after about ten minutes, and asked me if I liked it; and I shook my head, both earnestly because it was a pretty shit film, and falsely, because I didn't want to admit to liking a porno. He was a bit surprised at my answer, but continued to ask me if I had started masturbating.

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   I lied again, shaking my head. This surprised him een more, and he asked me if I knew how to masturbate. This time I nodded, and for the first time he wasn't surprised.
Then he asked me to show him how to masturbate, and I shook my head; back then nudity was wrong to me. He persisted to ask me to show him, but soon he was forced to undress me. He stood me up and removed my pants. I'm not sure why I let him; it seemed like one of those moments where you don't know what to do, so you just let things carry on.
Once my pants were around my ankles, he asked me again to show him how to masturbate.
    I was too embarrassed to look at him, but slowly moved my hand down to my vagina and rubbed it lightly, before moving my hand back to my side. I hadn't shaved my pussy, but still being young, the hair was very fine and short; I actually liked it more that way, shame I couldn't keep it like that.
    My brother complained that I wasn't doing it properly, and asked if he masturbated, would I masturbate too. He promptly removed his pants, exposing his already quite aroused, 18 year old cock, and began to masturbate. After a few minutes he told me to masturbate properly, and feeling a little more comfortable, I did.
    Soon, he lay me down on the bed, and lay next to me, rubbing my pussy, and I wanked his cock. The strange thing is, he never actually fucked me, and neither of us came.

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       He simply let me get dressed and go back to what I was doing.
    Sorry about that guys; I know you were expecting him to wrench my pussy open and cum all over me, but that's not what happened. However, I plan on writing my next story soon; and that will include some pussy-fucking for you guys to wank over. If you have any queries or suggestions for my stories, feel free to add me on MSN or email me at prettyful001@hotmail. co. uk
    Hope you enjoyed the story, I'll have some more interesting stuff for you to read soon,Love Jemmax x x x x



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