Brother Visits Sister Ch. 1


Brother Visits Sister at College Part 1
  It's been quite a while since I've posted on this site, but I have been keeping up with the stories.   Feel free to read my first post "Girls Night".   According to the reviews, it was great.   There may be more to this story, depending on how these reviews turn out.
  I had   been having a fun time at college.   I was a freshman (18 years old), origionally from the north, but going to school in southern Arizona .   I loved the school, I made lots of cool friends (who were always there for me. . . ), and was getting along quite nicely being away from home.
  Let me tell you a little about myself.   My name is Courtney, I'm about 5'9" tall, I have dirty blonde hair, a 36c chest, and I'm not fat or skinny, right about in the middle with a nice muscular toned body from all the running and exorcising that I do.   I'm fairly tanned (I don't know how you can't be living in Arizona !) and am really confident about my body and love to show it off.   (Guy's love to look at it too!)   I like to wear clothes that fit me fairly well and show off all my curves, and love wearing skirts to show off my thighs and legs.
  During one of my weekly phone conversations with my parents, they asked if it would be alright if they sent my brother down to stay a weekend with me.   They claimed he missed me and they thought with him being 18 and having to start to look at colleges, this would be a good way for him to see the school without the parents there.

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     They also hinted they wanted him out of the house for some other reason, but I didn't bother asking, I'm not sure I wanted to know anyway.
  I agreed to allow him to come down, saying he would have to sleep on the floor.   My roomate usually leaves on the weekends to go home and to see her boyfriend and whatever else locals do on the weekends, so I wasn't worried about having to deal with her.   Don't get me wrong, she was a great girl and everything, and we got along great, we even shared some of the same hobbies and interests, but not having her there just made it easier.
  I didn't really have to do anything to prepare for him coming, just dig my sleeping bag out of the suitcase I had it stored in.   My parents timed the flight so it got in after my classes were done for the day on Friday.   So when it was time, I borrowed my friends car and drove to the airport to get him.   I met him at the baggage claim, we exchanged hellos, and we grabbed his bag and got back into the car and started driving back towards campus.   It was quiet for a little while, then we started just normal chit chat.
            "So was it your idea, or mom and dad's for you to come down here and visit?" I asked.
            "Well, kind've both, they offered to send me down here if I wanted, I said sure, so they talked to you about it, and here I am.   I donno, they've been acting wierd lately, figuring out ways to get me out of the house every once and a while on the weekends.   I don't know what's going on with them, their sex life must be better or something. . .

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            "Ewww. . . !"   I said thinking of my parents doing it.
            "What?!" He exclaimed, "It's true. . . "
            "Yea, but still, I don't want to picture mom and dad doing it!"
            "Oh. . . yea. . . " He said chuckling.
  We talked back and forth a little bit more until we got back to campus.

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     Once we got there, I showed him into the dorm and to my room.   Walking down the hallway, he was looking in every open door.   Understandable, what teenage guy wouldn't look in the open doors as they walk down a girls hallway?
            "Sorry kid, we don't walk around naked until after dark. . . " I said seeing him look into the doors.
            "ok cool, I'll be here all weekend. " he said without breaking his looking pattern.
            "You wish kiddo. . . " I smirked back to him.
  We finally reached my room.   I opened the door, gave him the quick tour of my 12x12 cell and pointed out the mattress on the floor where he was to sleep.   We set his stuff down and sat for a little while.

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     I knew he liked to swim, so I asked if he was interested in going to the pool.   He said yes, so I offered to go to the bathroom to change and he could change right here in my room.
  We changed clothes, me into a sexy bikini with a small white shirt over the top and shorts to cover up my bottoms until we got there, and he was in surfer shorts.   We grabbed our towles, and walked over to the campus pool.   When we got to the pool, I made it a point to watch him and see what his reaction was.   Just as I expected, his eyes about popped out of his head.   It was a usual day at the rec center pool, a couple people swimming laps in the pool, and on every avaliable bench and surface were girls in bikinis sun bathing, or topless girls laying face down so they don't get lines on their backs (tan lines are bad!).
  I hit him across the stomach, "put your tounge back in, lets go. " and I started walking towards an open couple benches.   We put our stuff down and I started taking off my clothes revealing my revealing bikini.   I caught him staring at me, and whipped him across his stomach with my shirt.   He quickly snapped out of it and started taking off his shirt.   Not that I was looking or anything, but what he had could give some of the college guys here a run for their money.   I laid down to tan, and Brian (my brother) proceeded directly to the pool to start swimming around.
  I laid around for about 18 minutes looking at my magazine, and then my friend Michelle came over to say hi.

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     Michelle was about the same height as me, and a very pretty brunette with brown eyes.   She was a little skinnier and just a bit taller than I was.   She was a very pretty girl, with breasts that were a little smaller than mine, but fit the rest of her dark skinned body really well.   Hers were really wide and covered the majority of her chest.   I even looked at them!   She was a hot one.   Of course that's probably why we often enjoyed each other's 'company'.   I wasn't a lesbian or anything, but a girls company is something special.   Only they know how to please someone in ways that a guy can't.
  "Hey Courtney! How are ya?!" Michelle greeted me.
  "Hey Michelle, I'm good, just gettin some sun. " I replied
  "Not that you need it or anything. " She said winking at me.
  "Shhh. . .

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  . my brother is over there. "
  "You're brother!   Where?!" she said looking around.
  "Yea, he's visiting for the weekend, he's over there, the brown headed kid in the pool. " I said pointing towards him.
  "Ohhh. . . not bad. " Michelle said chuckling.
  "No. . . he's too young.   Keep your hands off.

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  "oh, I get it, you want him all to yourself. " She said smiling.
  "Ok, that's sick. " I said looking away.   That sparked a thought I had never had before though.   What would be be like in bed?. . . Eww. . . no. . . that's gross, he's my brother.

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     Before I thought about this too much, I decided to change the subject.
  "Here," I said handing her the sun tan lotion bottle, "rub down my back. "
  She smiled and took the bottle.   I laid down on my back and undid the string around my back and my neck for my top.   Michelle stood to the side of me and squirted some sun tan lotion on my back and started rubbing it around.   She was spend much more time and putting much more care into it than she needed, but not to the point where other people would take alarm.
  "mmmm. . . ", I moaned and whispered in her ear, "you're way too good at this.   Careful though, we don't wanna give people a show. "
  "Well I don't think anyone is watching. "
  "Is Brian watching?" I asked.   I was surprised I asked that, it just kind've came out of my mouth.
  There was a pause then Michelle replied, "yea, he's stealinlg a glance once and a while.

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  I got this evil feeling inside from my thoughts earlier. . .   "Well, give him something to see. "
  Michelle's hand continued wondering around, then they got lower and lower.   She slipped her hands down inside my bottoms and rubbed and gave my ass cheeks a squeeze a couple of times.   She also moved her hands up my back and along my sides and rubbed some of the lotion in on the sides of my breasts.   She was smooth though, she made it seem like nothing special or out of the ordinary.
  "Did he see?" I asked.
  Michelle looked over and saw him quickly look away. "oh yea" she replied.
  Michelle finished her thing and went and laid down on the chair next to me.   All these things with Michelle rubbing me and doing it infront of my brother started to get me a little horney and had me starting to feel some funnies inside my stomach.   I leaned over to Michelle and whispered in her ear, "Wanna go back to my room?"   Michelle turned towards me and gave me a smile.   "OK, I'll head back, come join me in a couple minutes.

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  "   Michelle just gave me a wink and a smile.
  I got up, put on my shorts and shirt, being sure to let it get stuck on my breasts, hoping that Brian was watching, making my hair look nice, then pulling it the rest of the way down.   I   walked over to the pool and told Brian I was headed back to the room to take a shower, and to come back in like an hour when I'll be done.   He just shrugged his shoulders and said ok.   I really didn't think he minded staying here with all the girls in bikinis.
  I walked back to my room and opened the door and went in.   I went to close it, but Michelle stopped it with her hand, came in, and closed it behind her.   She started walking towards me all sexy.   "Having me rub you and touch you in front of your brother.   How kinky.   You dirty little girl. "
  "Oh shut up, you know you make me hot.   Now get over here. "   I grabbed her and pulled her towards me.   Our lips met and we started passionatly kissing.


     Our tounges were swirling in each others mouths.   We started moaning and really getting into it.   Our hands started moving up and down each others bodies, rubbing each others tit's and squeezing asses.   I can see why guys like us so much.   There's something about feeling up a hot girl.  
  We started taking off each other's shorts and shirts, and before we knew it, we were naked in my bed with our bikinis and clothes scattered on the floor.   Michelle started kissing down my body, pausing slightly at my breasts to give them some attention.   She then started moving farther down my body, giving me short kisses all the way down my body, then stopping at my pussy.   I was already worked up from our session at the pool and then from our foreplay earlier.   She ran her finger up and down my slit a couple times, then stuck her mouth over my pussy.   She ran her tongue around my pussy a couple times the started licking me.   I was moaning, and gyrating my hips on her mouth.   She found my G-Spot and started flicking her tounge over it and give it lots of attention.   I could feel my orgasm building inside, but still she kept up.
  I was grinding my hips into her face, but it never let up.

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     She continued with all the sucking and flicking and licking.   I grabbed my breasts and started squeezing them and pinching my nipples.   I was close, and for some reason, this orgasm was more intense than before.   Not too long later, I lost it and exploded in Marlena's face.
  Not wanting her to be left out, I returned the favor and brought her to an orgasm.    We still then had plenty of energy and started making out again.   We were rolling all around on the bed, feeling each others bodies,   playing with each other's pussy's.   I ended up on the bottom, and we started grinding our pussy's together.   Marlena brought her mouth to my breast and started sucking and playing with my nipple.   I started moaning and grinding harder into her pussy.
  I kept my eyes closed most time time to enjoy my time with Melissa.   I opened them again, and between the moans and feelings of pleasure I was getting I screamed.   Melissa stopped and looked to where I was looking with a blank motified stare.   Standing in the doorway was Brian with his swim trunks at his knees wanking his dick.   When he saw that we stopped, he stopped too and stared at us with a blank scared stare.

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     He then reached up and grabbed his swim trunks and grabbed them and pulled them up to cover himself.
  It took a few minutes before anyone moved.   The Melissa whispered in my ear, "Looks like you can have some fun now. "   Then she climbed off of me and made no effort to hide her body from Brian.   He looked her up and down and you could see his eyes widen and a small smile come across his face.   Melissa grabbed her clothes and walked out of the room, pausing by Brain and whispering something in his ear.   She quickly and smoothly reached down and brushed her hand against his still hard cock, and as she walked by, rubbed her breast and tit against his arm.   And just like that, she walked out of the room, still naked, and closed the door behind her.
  I was making every effort I could to conceal myself from my brother.   I knew it was pointless at that point because he had already seen my body as I was going at it with Melissa, but laying there naked didn't seem like a very good option either.
  So there we were, me laying in bed covering myself up with my blankets, and my brother standing there with a visible hard on through his storts.   We just stood there staring at each other because no one knew what to say.
Part 2 coming soon!