Brother visits Sister at College Part 5


Brother Visits Sister at College Part 5
Part 5 of the series of Brian and his sister.
            I woke up the next morning all wrapped up in my brother.   Our legs were intertwined, and my head was resting on his shoulder, my hand resting on his chest.    I was laying on my side and his arm was underneath us and wrapped around my back and we were of course, naked.
            It was really light out when I finally woke up.   I looked around groggily trying to remember where I was and who this was I was in bed with.   Then I remembered the last 24 hours where my brother came to visit and then we had fucked and made love, all in the last 12 hours.   I looked at the clock and saw what time it was.   I was surprised to see that it was noon!   I guess I really was tired!   Well, understandable, considering I had sex 4 or 5 times in the last day.
            Brian was still fast asleep, and I didn’t want to wake him, so I slowly slipped out of his embrace and slipped out of bed.   I gathered my stuff and headed towards the shower to try to get some of the smell of sex off of me.   I knew damn well that by the end of the day I would smell like it again, but I didn’t care, I could at least clean some of it off.
            As I stood in the shower, letting the warm water cascade over my body my mind started to drift back to the events that had happened in the last day, and all the pleasures I had.   I felt my nipples start to harden as I thought about how wonderful the sex with my brother had turned out to be, and how I, even now, had a craving for even more from him.     One hand started moving up towards my breasts and started tweaking my nipples as my other hand went south and started playing with my slightly soar pussy.   I stood there in the shower for a couple minutes with my eyes closed pleasuring myself before I snapped back into reality and started to clean myself.


            I finished my shower and wrapped the towel around my body and headed back to my room.   ‘At least I don’t have to be concerned with changing around my brother anymore’ I thought as I chuckled to myself.   I opened the door to my room expecting Brian to still be in there asleep, but instead he was gone!   I was confused for a moment, then looked around the room and noticed that the video camera was gone.   I instantly knew where he was.   I set my shower stuff down and still in my towel, headed down the hallway.
            When I got to Michelle’s door, I found it slightly ajar, so I opened it up a little more and headed in, instantly finding who I was looking for.   There was Brian laying on his back on Michelle’s bed.   Michelle was strattling his waist riding his dick.   Brian’s eyes were glued to Michelle as he watched that hot girl, his sisters best friend ride him.
            I do have to admit that Michelle did look pretty hot as she bounced up and down on my brother’s dick.   You could tell by looking at it that she was squeezing him pretty tight.   Her toned muscles were showing as she bounced up and down, and here long brown hair was in front of her shoulders slightly hiding one of her breasts.
            I stood there for a little while watching my best friend fuck my brother.   I could feel myself getting hot and my pussy start to get wet as I watched them work on the bed.   I got a crazy idea then.

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     I dropped my towel right there on the floor and started to walk the few steps towards the bed.   I got all the way up onto the bed when they first realized that I was there.   They both looked at me at the same time with a confused look on their faces like they were busted but asking permission to continue (even though they never once stopped fucking)   I smiled at them and gave them a quick wink letting them know it was ok, that I was here to join the fun.   They seemed to relax a little bit when I did this.
            I faced Michelle and strattled Brian’s face and slowly lowered myself onto him.    He got the idea and met my wet pussy with his warm tongue and started to lick and eat me out.   I leaned in towards Michelle and out breasts pressed together as our lips met and we started to kiss.   When Michelle and I kiss, it’s never a little peck, (unless that is we are trying to tease a guy), it is always a full devour each others faces, swirl our tongues kiss, and this time was no different.
            So as Michelle sat there with my brother inside of her, and my brother eating out my pussy, Michelle and I made out again.   This started to become too much for me, so I broke off the kiss and started to climb off Brian’s face.   I kissed all the way down Michelle’s body, and brought my face to her pussy and started to lick around where my brothers cock disappeared and reappeared in and out of her.   I sat there licking it as they fucked away.
            Not too much longer I felt them tense up, and Michelle pulled herself off of Brain and a few seconds later, he started to shoot his load all over her body.   When he finished, she fell backwards on the bed so she was laying on her back and just laid there breathing heavily.   I traced all the way up the inside of both legs with my hands and gave her pussy a couple good licks and sucks then moved up.

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         I took my time and enjoyed Michelle’s body, just like every time we got together
                I slowly licked up her stomach, and was sure to spend extra time when I got to her breasts.   Not only did I love her breasts, but the fact that they were covered in cum gave me an extra reason to give them plenty of attention.   I moved up a little farther and returned the favor that she did to me the day before.   I hung over her face and slowly let the blob of Brian’s cum leak out of my mouth into hers.   We spun around quickly and she spat it back at me.   We did this a couple times until I eventually just swallowed it.
                I laid down on top of her and we started kissing again.   I could feel her tongue going to work to clean out the inside of my mouth from any cum that didn’t make it down my throat.   I felt Brian’s hand on my ass, then felt him starting to enter me from behind.   I continued to kiss Michelle as Brian slowly guided his cock into my pussy.
                Once he was in, he started to fuck me.   He pushed in and pulled himself out, fucking me doggy style.   We continued like this for a little while before I felt my own orgasm start to come over me, then eventually rip though my body.   I tensed up as I spasmed.   After my orgasm, I fell down on top of Michelle on the bed.

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                We both laid there for a little while catching our breath.   As we started to catch our breath, Michelle looked at me and whispered something into my ear.   I thought about it for a sec then smiled back at her.
                We told Brian to kneel on the bed, which he happily did.   We both moved towards him on our knees then put one hand on the back of his leg and each of us took our free hand and grabbed his dick.   We were going to double team him while we gave him a blow job.
                We seemed to work out a pretty good system.   While I would be sucking him off, Michelle would be stroking his shaft, and then I would have a hand on his balls playing with them.   We both took plenty of turns and shared him lots.   We would even both lick him at the same time.   Eventually all this became too much for him and he started to shoot his load.   We took turns trying to catch it in our mouths and shooting it onto our breasts.
                We swallowed what we had in our mouths, then reached out and started rubbing his cum into each others breasts.   Brian fell back onto the bed to try to recover from two orgasms in a short period of time.   After we finished what we were doing, we both laid down on our sides next to him, a hand on his chest.

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                Once again my mind started to drift and think about all the great times and amazing sex I was having lately, and remembered how it all was revolving around my brother.
                I laid there thinking of more things Brian and I could do on his visit here, the it came to me…
    Part 6 coming, but it may be a little delayed.