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Hello! Guys this is the second story that I have wrote. This story contains incest so If you are not comfortable you could leave. Firstly I have given and instruction and the built up the scene. But If you only want to read the part describe sex you can jump to para 5. But I would recommend you to read from story as It will really arose you. Happy reading!!!!!


Hey guys! I am a 20 year old guy. My name is Mike. I live with my family. I live with my mother, father and a very hot young sister Alice. Actually for few past days I am going crazy. My sister is making me go mad. She is so sexy that I fantasize about her every day. I have masturbated a lot imaging her. As young we used to play together and we were like good friends. Now she has grown and her female body is becoming beautiful day by day. She has a good figure and looks very cute.

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   Her breasts are so perfect that could suck them forever. She usually wears skirts which make her sexier.



I definitely always wanted to fuck her. But we had a good relationship. We share our lot of secrets and give advices to each other and help each other in every problem. Hence, I never had courage to tell her what I feel about her as I don’t want to destroy our relationship. I don’t want her hating me for whole life. Last year she caught her boyfriend cheating her, I advised her to breakup with him. And she did so. Ever after she did not make any boyfriend as she now doesn’t have a belief in boys. So, she used to spend time with me more. This made my feeling for her more strong. Now, I could not think about any girl. I have even broken up with my girl friend.   She is all over my mind.

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Last week something unusual happened, something that I was wishing for. Our grandmother was seriously ill and mom dad had to go to see her. I was left alone with Alice. I was seating and watching television on the couch in our living room.

Suddenly Alice comes. She was wearing white color tank top and pink color shorts. She looked sexy as hell. I asked her, “What are you wearing?” She replied, “I was going for sleep. Mom would never allow me to wear this. Today I got the chance to wear it. ” I added, “You are definitely looking hot. You could kill lot of boys in this looks. ” She replied, “Come on, don’t try to flirt with me, I am your little sister. ” I said, “Calling a girl sexy is not bad, whether it is my sister or someone else”


She said, “Can you comb my hair. Since mom is not there can you do it? Please”.

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   I replied, “Ok! Bring it I will try”. She comes to me and sits in front of me on the same couch. Her hips were touching my dick. This was turning me on. I started combing her hair. My dick was going hard. I could feel her soft hips on my dick. My hands were freezing and I was completely turned on. I put my hands on her waist and closed my eyes. I could not control my feelings. She yelled at me, “Am I turning you on. You Perv! I am your sister. How could you do this?” I said, “I am sorry. Listen! In my whole life you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen, you are the girl that I ever wished for. But it is my bad luck that I got you as my sister.


   But I could not control my feelings for you, I am sorry!!!!!” Alice lefts the room. I was feeling guilty and went to my room. Few minutes later she comes to my room. She said, “I am sorry for over reacting. I was thinking about all this. I could feel that your feelings are genuine. At last you are boy and I am girl and since we have always been so close, feelings like this are not wrong. I never believe boys and you are the only one I believe. You are the kind of boy I would love to have relation with. I also had such feelings but always depressed it as I never wanted to destroy our relationship. ”


She added, “Whatever It is you love me and I love you. Let’s just be together tonight”. After listening all this I was going crazy with happiness.  I was sitting on bed she comes and sits over my lap. My hands automatically grasped her waist.

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       She brought her lips close to my lips. I could feel her deep breathes. I kissed her lips. Lips were all over her lips. Our eyes were closed. I was holding her in my hands and kissing her. I put my hands in her hair taking them backward and starting kissing on her neck. She pushed me on bed. And took out my shirt and then slowly took out my pants. My cock was hard. She hold my cock in her soft hands. I could feel the heat and warm she had. She brought her lips close to my dick and took out her tongue spreading all over my cock. She putted my cock in her mouth and started giving me strokes. I was feeling high.

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       Her soft hands sexy little tongue was all over my dick. Her eyes were closed and was trying to feel every stroke. I took her and laid him on the bed. I was over her. I putted my one hand in her top and started kissing all over her body. I took out her tank top. Her breasts looked so beautiful. I started sucking them. Then I took out her shorts. Her pussy was shaved and looked sexy like hell. She didn’t have much sex before. So I could feel that her pussy was tight. I started licking it. I could see the pleasure she was having on her face. I laid down her and inserted my penis in her.

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       She shouted with pleasure. I was giving her slow strokes. She was feeling each and every stroke. I putted my hands on her boobs and started giving faster strokes. She was shouting with pleasure. She was shouting, ‘fuck me fuck me more. Ah ah ha aah. Please do it more fuck me aa ah aah ha aa”. Then she sit down on my with my penis in her pussy. And started jumping on my. She closed her eyes and was having full pleasure. We tried different positions and enjoyed every moment. She asked me to cum over her face. And I did so. We had a great that we could not never forget.

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    Now, neither she have any boyfriend nor I have any girlfriend. We love each other very much. Our relationship is more strong. And of course we never miss out any chance to have sex. Or I should say that we always find place and time to fuck. Happy fucking!!! Bye!!!