Brother and Sister


    I always grew up close with my sister, my parents ere busy people and worked long hours form ealry in teh morning unitl late at night, so we often had to look after one another ourselves. I walked with my sister from school and helped her with homework, she made dinner for us, I was especially fond of her sandwiches. We were best friends and great siblings to one another, and grew ep close and sharing many of the same interests. We playd video games together, we played card games together. The only things we didn't do together was cooking and laundry, which were my sisters jobs. Nontheless, there was a sepcial bond between us. I remember when were both thirteen, playing in the backyard, when we had our first physical experience together. It all started as a simple game of turth or dare, starting with things like pick up an ant or some other childish thing like that. The overall mood turned when my sister dared me to pull down my pants. "But, but, you'll see me naked. . . " I said, nervously. "That's ok," said my sister "it's probably good to see it now with someone I trust. " She flashed a small grin. "Plus, you don't want to be a chciekn do you?"      At that point, I had to do it.

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   I nervously put my nads at my pants and gave a quick pull, they dropped to the ground. "How. . . how long do I have to do this?" I asked. "Oh, that's good" said my sister. She winekd at me, I pulled up my pants, and we went on playing truth or dare like nothing happened. I remember sitting with her outside several years later, we were both 18, in our last year of high school before we went to college. We were still as close as ever, but we were going to different colleges, so we vowed to enjoy these last warm Spring weeks together to our fullest. We were just sitting there on a bench int he backyard when silently when my sister asked a question. "Remember tha tone time we played truth or dare?""What one time?" I asked, "we played many times. ""Oh, you know," she said, "that one time I dared you to, uh. . . .

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   lose some clothing. " She winked. "Oh, that," I said, blushing, "yeah, I remember. ""Hmm. . . I bet you enjoyed it" she said, looknig at me and grinning. "What, I. . . I. . . it was weird!""Aw, come on, you know you liked it just a little. ""Well, I.

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  . . I guess. A little. ""See, that wasn't so hard to get the truth out of you," she said, leaning in closer to me. "Fair enough. But now I get to dare you," I said, grinning. "Ok," she replied, "hit me with your best shot. " "I dare you, to take off your shirt and bra. " She stoood up, and put a hand under her chin as if thinking about it. "Like this?" she asked, as she quickly pulled up her t-shirt, reached around to her back and unclipped her bra, letting her gorgeous, full breasts out. "Uh. . . hehe, I was kidding," I said.

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   But I wasn't complaining. "Well, since I did it, it only seems fair that I get a dare to," she said, leaning into to me, her warm breath grazng my cheeks.  "O. . . k," I stuttered.  "I dare you to take off everything. "I gulped. what if someone sees us?" "We'll go inside then," she said, and she grabbed me by the arm and led me in. I couldn't help bu stare at her. Her breasts midly bouncing as she walked, her falboard chest, tan skin, and smooth, slender body. She smiled all the itme as if she didn't care at all. We walked inside, and she led me into my bedroom and locked the door. "There," she said, "now we're perfectely private. ""I.

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  . . I dunno," I said, still aprehensive. "Chicken!" she said, smiling at me. I couldn't be a chicken to my sister, I was always there for her. So I began to undress, she watched me the whole time, grinning. At first I was nervous and uncomfortable, but after a while, I got used to it. This was my sister afterall, not some random girl, and we both respected and trusted each other. But wow, was she beautiful. I didn't even try to hide the boner that I got from looking at her as I undressed. "Hmmm. . . " she said, "I can see someone is more excited then they are letting on," she said coyly. I didn't even try to cover it up.

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   I finally took my shirt off. "There," I said. "I guess I'm not chicken. ""I guesss so," my sister said, smiling. "Now," I said, walking closer to her, " I dare you to do the same thing. "She grinned. "Fair enough," and began to remove her skirt from herself, revealing her lacy purple panties. I watched her, getting harder the entire time, blusihng furiously. SHe removed her panties, revealing her tight, shaven VAGINA. We both stood there for a second, amazed that a childhood game could get so far. She smiled, flashing her pearly white teeth.
    "What now?" she asked, walking closer to me. "What now," I whispered, watching her walk smoothly toward me, her beautiful skin catching the sunlight through the window. She put a hand on my shoulder. "Truth or dare?" she asked, rnning her hand down my arm slowly.

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       ""Truth," I replied. "Ok, what do you want to know?""Would you-""Yes," she said, cutting me off, shoving me onto my bed. She fell on top of me, her breats pressing up against my chest, running her hands through my hair as she kissed me passionately. I couldn't beleive it, but my 18 year old twin sister was coming onto me. "Wait," I said, pushing her slowly off me. "We shouldn't be doing this?""Why not? It's probably a good idea to to this with someone you trust first. " And with that, she pushed herself back onto me, kissing me, moving her hands down my chest and stomach towards my rect cock. My heart began racing as I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her tight against me. She moved her hands onto my cock and began stroking it gently. I felt it throb under her grasp. She lifted herslef up from me a bit, and I placed my hands on her gorgeously sized breasts and began to rub them. They felt warm and soft in my hands, and I heard her groan in delight. She moved downwards, licking my chest and then my stomach. She then put her small, warm lips over my cock and gently began to suck on it. I graoned in pleasure.

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       "ohh. . . . "She went deeper, putting my cock into her mouth entirely and began sucking on it, moving up and down, at first slwoly, then with increasing speed. "Oohh. . . " I said, as I put my hands in her hair and arched my back in pleasure. I began pumping, moving myself with my sister, faster and harder, until we were both one. Suddenlys, she stopped and removed her mouth and crawled back up me. . "Dare," she said. "Ok," I replied, "what is it?" "Let me show you," and with that, she slipped her tight, virgin pussy over my erect cock, I felt her pussy juices flow over me, and she began to move up and down slowly, groaning in ectasy. I couldn't believe it, I was fucking my virgin, 18 year old twin sister, my gorgeous sister.

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       We picked up the pace, and I thrusted myself into her harder and harder, when she spoke again. "Truth," she said. "Ok," I replied. "ENJOY YOUR AIDS. " And with that, she got up, walked out of the room, and I never saw her again. .