Brother and Sister - The Making


    The Carters were an atomic family. Mom, dad, brother and sister. John and Amy were good friends while growing up. John being two years older than Amy, he always watched out for his little sister, which she greatly appreciated from her older brother. The family lived their lives like that of a classic American family. Bill (Dad) is a civil engineer in San Antonio, Texas and Louise (Mom) is a nurse at the local hospital.     When John was ten and Amy eight, their father was promoted and was asked to move to Miami for things need to be done there. At that age, it was pretty easy for the kids to leave their friend, maybe calling back every once in awhile to see what was going on and such. With all the work needed for his job, Bill was rarely ever home, either sleeping at the office or staying late and leaving early in the morning. Louise, since moving, went to work at a major hospital and being Miami, they always had a steady flow of patients, so she was working late most every night.     Being at a young age, their parents hired a babysitter to watch them, often playing board games, such as Monopoly, and also watching movies as if it were a marathon. But, when John was fifteen, he explained to his parents that he no longer needed a babysitter to watch over him and his sister. Without any sexual thoughts of any kind, John started to notice his sister developing at age thirteen. As well, Amy wanted to look sexy now that she had something to show off. She would get ideas from friends at school or just from the media, so she had acquired a taste for lingerie at her tender age already.      On a normal day of school, John would come home from school, being a junior, he had responsibilities, such as cleaning up his room, doing the dishes, taking out the trash.

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   So he would do his chores when got home and then he would go on to finish his homework. As he started the transition, most days he sister would come home around that time and go straight to her room. She would try on some of her sexy lingerie and dance in front of her tall mirror to music, relishing at the exquisite piece of ass in front of her.     On this particular day, she was playing her music quite loudly and did not lock her door. John, annoyed by the music and was going to go ask her what she would like to eat for dinner, waltzed in and near dropped his jaw to the non-existent basement. What he saw in front of him was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Standing there like a Greek Goddess, Amy shook her little bum to the rhythm of the music, while her supple breasts moved rigidly in her bra. Since her music was loud, she didn’t hear him knock nor did she hear him clear his throat as to get her attention. When she finally realized he was standing there, she jumped, being startled, then turned off her music and covered herself with a blanket, all in one swift motion. She shyly asked him how long he was standing there.     “Um, only a couple of seconds. ” he merely replied.     “Well, did you enjoy the show at least?” she asked with a sly grin.     Not wanting to answer the question, he asked her “What do you want for dinner?”    “Hmm, I guess you could just order some pizza. ” she said.

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      As John turned around, she winked a devilish wink at him. Now John was thoroughly confused. Why hadn’t his sister yelled at him? Did she like him looking at her? He quickly put these ideas out of mind and ordered the pizza. The was the last of that scenario.     As school finished for the summer, they each started to think of things they wanted to do over the vacation. Since they lived in Miami, they could always go to the beach for the day and hang out. And, with John being sixteen he could now drive wherever he felt like, so Amy constantly “needed” a ride somewhere. This day they were bored and decided to go to the beach. John brought everything down to the beach, being the gentleman that he is, while Amy ran ahead and got straight into the water. After John got their spot set up, he headed down to the water to join his sister. They laughed and splashed each other with water and just had some fun. Afterwards, John headed to their spot to rest and soak up some rays. Amy came back awhile later, John noticed her and was amazed once again. She looked like some kind of fictional character from an anime, lines so smooth and unscathed, and he instantly got the hots for her. As she neared the spot, she asked him if he liked her new suit.

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      Almost babbling, he said “Uh, yea, it looks good, I like it. . . ” his voice trailing off.     Then, without realizing what he was saying, “Ha, too bad I was your brother. ”    She gave him a little smile and ran to the water.     “Shit!” he thought “Now I’ve gone and done it, she probably thinks I’m some pervert!”    But, Amy actually ran to the water because she became instantly horny knowing her brother might possibly even think of her like that. As she got into the water, she made sure that nobody was close by and she started to finger herself in the water, stimulating her clit and putting two fingers inside herself. She got off quite quickly, amazing herself, but she didn’t care, as long as she felt good. After gathering herself, she headed back up to the spot where John was. When she got to him, he immediately started to apologize.     “Amy, I’m sorry, I was joking and what I meant was that you looked good, that’s all” giving her a nervous laugh and smile.     After a second, she responded “You really think so?”    And, feeling quite relieved she didn’t hate him, he said “Of course, you’re absolutely beautiful. ”    “Thanks John” replied Amy.     They gathered their things and headed to the car in the lot.

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   Amy wanted to get changed before getting into the car, so she opened the door and had John hold a towel up in front of her so no one could see her changing. She had sophies and a t-shirt to change into and she had sand all in her suit. As she started to take off her top, John turned his head to avoid looking at his sister. Amy noticed this and said,    “What, you’re scared to look at my boobs?”    Looking her straight in the eyes then slowly followed her features down to her chest, he gasped, getting his first view of his sister’s breasts.     “Perfect. . ” he slipped, not wanting to say it out loud.     “What was that?” asked Amy.     “Nothing, I had something in my throat. . . ” he replied nervously.     “It sounded like you said “perfect”? Am I wrong?” she questioned.     “Uh, just get dressed so we can go. ” he said.

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      She just proceeded with what she was doing before, she put on her t-shirt, then quickly slipped her bottoms off, brushing the sand from where the bikini was. She then asked John,    “Do you see anymore sand do here?”    He reluctantly looked down and was yet again amazed at his sister’s body. She was so smooth down there, it looked she had just finished shaving, or getting waxed, whichever, he was entranced by her nether region.     “So, do you see any?” asked Amy.     “Uh. . . . . pfff, um, I . . . . . uh.

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  . . ” is all her could muster.     “Here, let me help you. ” said Amy.     She then, without warning, reached from behind the towel, grabbed John’s arm, and pulled it to her crotch. He nearly dropped the towel, but managed to hold on from the . . . abrupt interaction. He could how warm she was through the towel and it made him incredibly excited just thinking about how close he was to touching her private area. He also made note that they were still in the parking lot, so he quickly, and disappointedly, brushed off the sand that was between her legs and told her to put her sophies on, noting she didn’t bring any underwear. She obliged, but not after getting to stare at his eyes for a moment as they told each other, without words, that they loved each other. They both got into the car and drove home and on the way, Amy asked if they could go to the mall, he said that that would ok with him and they continued their drive home. When they got home, Amy went to go rinse off and John called his Mother to see how things were going at the hospital and to tell her they were going to be at the mall for awhile.

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   After speaking to his Mom, John went and got changed into something a little more appropriate for the mall, hoping his sister would do the same. She came back out in a mini skirt and a tank top. John was dressed in some khaki shorts and a polo. When they were both ready to leave, he gathered his things and walked outside with his sister. Then, out of nearly nowhere, she turns to him and says,    “Thanks, John, I’m really glad we spend so much time together” and with that, gave him a little kiss on the cheek.     Something she occasionally did, so he wasn’t taken aback. And as he was going to give her her return kiss, she turned her head and their lips met. John’s eyes shot open like he had just been hit with a bolt of lightning, which is almost how it felt.     “Mmmm. ” is all he could get out before she moved her head back.     “How was that?” she asked.     “Um, a little different, but we’re grown up, we can do that without it meaning much, so. . ” he near stuttered.     She looked almost heart-broken and just got into the car.

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   John asked her what she wanted to do at the mall and she just continued staring out the window. He then took her by surprise and against his own conscience and while at a stop light, he took her by the back of the head and forcefully pulled her in for a passionate kiss, which lasted all of 18 seconds because the light was green and he was getting honked at. He said as they were driving, Amy just looking at him with wide eyes,    “That was for it to be more, that was to say I love you. ”    “Oh John, that was wonderful, I love you too!” exclaimed Amy.     When they finally reached the mall, he again asked her what she wanted to do. She just said she wanted to walk around with her big brother. To Be Continued. . . . . .