Brother and Sister discover each other


I was always sort of a loner. Not very popular at school, didn't go to much social activities outside of high school. My days mainly consist of computer work. I was a whiz at computer’s, knowing them inside and out. I turned 18 five or so months ago, and had been mature ‘down there’ for a while know. And boy did I know it. I rarely went two days without whacking off to some type of porn, may it be pictures, videos, or stories. My sister Samantha on the other hand, though not as good with computers, was on the more social end of life, frequently going to parties and very popular at school. Being 17, she’s been there and done that a few times. Nothing to hardcore, but she’s made love to a few of her past boyfriends, and occasionally will have a random fuck at a party if she is really horny. And boy would I have loved to be one of those guys. I think about her all the time when I masturbate. I always wished that she would one day just walk in right as I was starting to jack off, just to see what she would do. . .

But enough introductions, on with the story

It was a cold, rainy evening at my house.

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   The rain, though not as bad at my house, had picked up into very fierce winds over by my Grandma’s house, where my parents were at the time. They had already called, and decided just to stay with Grandma for the night, and left Sam and I alone for the night. Being 18 and 18 respectively, leaving us alone wasn’t too uncommon. But tonight was different. The heat had gone out. Though I tried everything I couldn't get it started again. We still had power and such, but with no heat, it was getting pretty cold. Sam suggested that we huddle together on the couch and watch T. V. , and I quickly obliged. So I laid on the couch, and Sam on top of me, and I held Sam to keep each other warm. I loved it. It wasn't often that this happened, and I was thoroughly enjoying our time together. But that enjoyment quickly subsided once I started feeling a hard-on coming. I was trying my best to try and avoid it, but my sister was lying right on top of me, and weather she realized it or not, was very softly rubbing my cock with her ass.

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I did my best to hide my now throbbing cock inside my pants, but I could tell that Sam felt something different. I thought about telling me I had to go to the bathroom, but I decided that considering this will probably be my only chance at doing something like this with Sam that I decided to stay. My cock, now just begging for some attention, was just barely touching my sister's Ass, and I casually moved into a place that pushed it more into her ass. I could tell that my sister knew something was happening down there, but chose to leave it. Then she did something that surprised him, she started slowly moving her butt around on my cock, driving me ecstatic over the sensation in my dick. I responded by holding her a little tighter, pressing my more in to my dick.

I then started slowly inching my hands up my belly, very slowly to see if she would object. To my surprise she didn’t. I worked very slowly, trying not to seem to edger. Oh, how slow I went felt like ages to him. I finally made it up to my boobs. I could feel my picking up my ass movement, and so I went for it and grabbed her right boob with my right hand. I was met with a very happy surprise that she wasn’t wearing a bra, had she planned for this to happen? She just laid there, moving her Ass even faster over my dick. I kept caressing her boobs with my hand, and then grabbed her left boob with my left hand, and slowly but firmly played with each one. I could tell she liked it.

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"I know what you do in your bed every day" Sam said
"You do?" I said
"You're always jacking off am I right? I usually watch you from the crack you leave open in your door. ” I stopped moving for a second, and my heart started beating faster.
"It's OK" she said, "I'm not going to tell, Ill, I do it too. ” she let out a small moan while I was rubbing my boobs, and then continued "But a few nights ago, you said something interesting. 'OH SAM! You feel amazing' you said. . . ” I then stopped moving for again, nervously awaiting a response.

"I loved hearing you say that. I've wanted to get off with you since I saw you starting to jack off a year ago". Sam then got off the couch, and started unbuttoning her shirt. She paused for a moment, and then opened up her shirt for all to see.

Oh man, I thought my cock grew 2 inches after seeing that. I quickly hopped off the couch and started sucking on her right breast, slowly flicking her nipple with my tongue. She started rubbing my cock though my pants, and then to my surprise, just pulled it right out of my pants and started jacking it off.

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   I responded by starting to rub her pussy though her pants with one of my hands. I was having the time of my life, and then I reached down into her pants and took them off, as she did with mine. I also took my shirt off, to be even with her. I took her panties off very quickly, and proceeded to start eating her out. He responded by starting to suck my cock, and we 69'd.
    Oh man, it was everything and more of what I thought it would be like with my sister. She sucked cock like a pro, and I was ready to blow my load any second. She started with the tip, and slowly moved her tongue up and down my cock a few times, before taking the entire thing into her mouth, and deep thoating me. Combine that with her amazing shaved pussy, and it was just heaven. I finally ended up giving in, and shot load after load of cum into the back of her mouth. I was still rock hard after I came, and so we kept going, and we both knew what would happen next.

    I positioned myself on top of her, and then proceeded to slowly flick my Penis up and down her pussy lips, driving her crazy. I kept this up for a good 2 minutes, and she finally just grabbed me, and forced my cock deep into her pussy. Oh, her pussy just hugged my dick, and she felt amazing. I slowly started to pump, and I could tell she liked my dick by the way she started to moan.

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       Oh, her pussy started pulsating around my dick, and it was more than I ever dreamed of. I was getting ready to cum again, and I could tell she was too.

    She then started to cum, and shot loads of fluid across the room, and all over my dick. This proved too much for me, and in one last pump, forced my dick as deep as it could go, and pumped shot after shot of cum into her pussy. After that, we both laid there, with our privates still entangled, just enjoying each other, and our body heat too(It was still very cold!).

    When there parents got home, they both acted like nothing happened. But we both knew that this wasn't that last time we would do it.

    The End.

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