Broken Hearted Cousin


My cousin from Seattle came to live with my parents and I when I was 19. I haven't seen Kari in about four years and I thought she was 14, I wasn't very sure. My family and her's weren't very close. My dad and her mother were siblings and had a falling out years ago, I don't either of them actually remember what it was all about. Anyway Kari's parents died in a car wreck and we were the next of kin so she came to live with is in Los Angeles.
I was at work when my parents went to pick her up at the airport. I thought that I would pick her up a little present and when to the local bookstore and got her the book Twilight that I've heard so much about. I finally got home while my family and Kari where finishing up dinner. I was suprised by what I saw. I couldn't believe this was my cousin. I haven't seen her since she was little and she had blossomed into quite the young lady. Her tits were a pretty big C cup.  Her body filled out her clothes nicely, she had some baby fat on her but was not fat by any means. She wasn't too skinny either, she was just right. This 18 year old that was sitting at my table was a beautiful sight.  I went to the dinner table to say hi.

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"Here, I got you a little welcoming gift. " I said as I handed her the book. She looked at it and forced a little smile.
"Thank you, Tom. " She said quietly and she looked down at the book. Her thick, mediem brown curls cascaded down her shoulders. She sat the book down and hugged me. She hugged me tight and I could feel her tits against my stomach.
I cleaned up and changed out of my work clothes and came into the kitchen to heat up some dinner for myself. As it was in the microwave, I cleared off the table where my parents had left their dishes and I dished some ice cream up for Kari. I sat down to eat with her and try to get to know her again.
She was very quiet and didn't look at me more than twice. "Tell you what. Tomorrow, I'll take you to the mall and get you some clothes or something, my treat. Later this week we can go to Disneyland.

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   How does that sound?"
She lifted her head up to look at me, smiling a little. "Okay, I'd like that. "
Later that night I couldn't get the image of my beautiful cousin out of my head. I couldn't shake the feeling of her tits up against my body either. Through the wall, Kari was in the room next to me, I heard some whimpering and moaning, I figured she was having a bad dream. About 18 minutes later I heard her get out of her room and in the bathroom. I got up to check on her.
"Is everything okay?" I asked her.
"I'm having trouble sleeping, Bad dreams. I'm thinking I'll read some of the book you got me. Maybe that'll help me sleep some. "
We went back into our rooms. I popped a porn into my dvd player and masturbated before I went to sleep.
The next day I took kri to the mall. We went to Sears where I worked and bought her some clothes.

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   She picked up a couple of short skirts, loosed fitting pajamas, and some very small panties, she even snuck a couple of thongs in there. I didn't say anything. I wanted to feel at home and would do anything to make her happy.
That night I went out with my friends and got home pretty late. The door to Kari's room was closed and I thought she was asleep. The door to my room was closed too, even though I didn't remember closing it before I left. I opened the door to find Kari masturbating in my bed. She was wearing a white see through tank top and blue panties. Her left hand was cupping her right breast and her right hand was in her panties moving around furiously.
"What the fuck is going on here?" I said.
Kari looked at me with a look of horror on her face. She jumped up and ran out of my room. I just stood out of the way so she wouldn't knock me over. As she ran into her room I watched her ass cheeks jiggle slightly as the the back of her panties were wedged up her round, supple ass.
    Then I noticed my television was on and the same porno I watched the night before was playing.

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       I also realized my cousing was masturbating to a lesbian threesome.
    I knocked on Kari's door and slowly opened it. She was hiding under the covers. "Go away. " she said.
    "You can't hide in here forever. " I sat on the edge of her bed. "Look, there's nothing wrong with what you did. If you want to watch that, just ask me to borrow a movie. I don't mind. "
    "It was just so embarrassing, you catching me. " She moved the covers down a little bit, just below her tits. I was able to clearly make out her nipples throuh the fabric, they were about the size of half dollars. "A lot of guys like to watch women masturbate. I love to watch a woman masturbate.

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      " I gave her an evil little smile.
    She got a silly little grin on her face. She knew what I was implying and she completely emerged from under the covers. She sat back and spread her legs, the crotch of her panties were soaked, it looked like she peed in them or ran them under a faucet. She licked her middle finger and stuck it down her panties. I could see the cleft of her buttocks and part of one of her her lips and her leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She stuck her index finger down her panties to and slowly into her pussy. She kept her panties on but I kept getting glimpses of her bush and lips.
    "Mind if I join in?" I took out my cock and laid down next to her. We masturbated together. I pulled her face to me and we shared an open mouth kiss. We made out for several minutes while we played with ourselves. It was so hot. Kari started rubbing herself more furiously and she whole body was shaking. Her tits were jiggling like crazy and so was the fllesh of her thighs.

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       I started jerk of faster to and my balls were jumping in their sack. We kissed some more and eventually moaned in each other's mouth as we simultaniously reached our orgasms. Kari grabbed my hand and began licking the cum off of it. She gave me her sticky hand and I licked her fingers off.
    "Tom" Kari said as I got up to go back to my room. "Can I borrow a movie?"
    "Why you come to my room with me and we can watch one together. "