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The night Ann died, when I took the girls home, I told them to go to their room, change for bed and we would talk more in the morning. I took a shower, then got into bed myself, wearing just my brief, as I have always done. Within 18 minutes, there was a knock on my door and Britney stuck her head in, asking if they could come in for a good night kiss. “Sure girls, come in”. They ran into my room, each wearing one of those one-piece nightgowns that kids wear. They both gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked if it would be all right to stay with me, because they didn’t want to be alone. I did say that they were a little old to be sleeping with daddy, but I realized also, how the death of Ann had affected them, so I told them it was okay. They jumped onto my king size bed and Britney was on the left, Julie on the right. I was lying on my back, and placed an arm around their necks and told them to try to sleep. They rolled into me, each putting a hand on my chest, snuggling into me and closed their eyes. They were little angels. I lay there, just listening to my girls as they fell asleep in my arms. It has been a long time since anyone had shared my bed. I gave my life to my girls, when their mother left, and rarely even thought of what I was missing. For some odd reason, I started to get an erection. I told myself that this wasn’t right, they were my daughters, but my cock refused to listen to me.

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  I must have fallen asleep, because when I next opened my eyes, it was about five in the morning. The girls must have tossed around some during the night. Their gowns were up to their waist and I realized that both my hands were cupping a butt cheek of each one of them. Realizing this, I quickly pulled my hand away and tried to lower their gowns. I fell back asleep, and the girls woke me up around eight, by kissing me on my cheeks and telling me that they were going to get ready to go to the funeral home later on. Britney and Julie went to their room, and when they closed the door, Britney told Julie that she was naughty last night. “What do you mean”, Julie asked?“You have to promise not to tell a soul or I’ll never talk to you again, promise me”?“Ok, ok goober head, I promise already”“I woke up last night while you and Daddy were still sleeping. My leg was thrown over Daddy and I could feel something hard on my leg. I moved the blanket and I saw that his thing was hard and the head of it was sticking out of his briefs, so I brought my hand to it, and felt the tip of his thing, lightly with one finger. He had some white stuff and it felt like lotion and smelled good. But I also took my finger and put it in my mouth and tasted it, it was good”, Britney said excitedly. Julie’s mouth was hanging open throughout each word that came out of Brine’s mouth. She was trying to take in what she was being told, then she said, “Your lucky he didn’t wake up and catch you”. Britney just smiled and said he didn’t, so it didn’t matter. With that they both removed their gowns and panties, then went into the shower together, as they have always done.

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   They washed each other since they were kids and continued to this day to do so, but today was the first time that Britney was excited being naked with her sister in the shower. “Have you ever got real wet and hot between your legs”, Britney asked? “I did last night when I did that to Daddy. My thing was getting my panties all wet and it felt like it was real hot, so I put my hand on it and I began to rub it, and the feeling I got within minutes was fantastic”. “What do you mean, Julie asked”?Britney then took her hands and she showed Julie what she had done and quickly was shuddering with an orgasm. “You try it and see”, she said. Julie did as Britney did and she said that she must not be doing it right, so Britney moved Julie’s hand aside and said, “Here let me show you”. “You have to hit this little thing here, as she did, Julie felt her clit respond to the touch of her sister and like Britney, Julie was quick to orgasm. From that day on, unknown to me, my two girls explored their own bodies and each other’s. The night before their fourteenth birthday, they talked about wanting to know what a man felt like and to actually see one naked, so they plotted out what would happen that night. I was sitting in my oversized chair in the living room when the girls decided to make their appearance to watch television with me. They were dressed in a robe and kissed me and then as they usually did, laid on the floor to watch the TV. Both girls were giggling and this is when it all started. Britney was first to spread her legs, and told Julie to do the same. At first I didn’t notice them until I leaned forward a little and could see that their robes had climbed onto their butts, giving me a view of their Asses. They were wearing thong panties, which I didn’t even know they owned, and the material was pulled up tight.

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   I knew I shouldn’t be looking at them, but I could not take my eyes off of them. “Daddy, it’s hot in here, is it okay if we take our robes off, while we watch TV”, Julie asked?Thinking they had something on under the robs, I told them it was okay. They both stood, removed the robes, and I nearly fainted. My girls were just in their bra and panties, very little panties. I inhaled quickly and said, “Girls, put those robes back on, right now”. Both looked a little scared, but came over to me and standing on each side of me, they pleaded their case of being to hot to wear the robes. My god, I thought to myself, I’d never be able to control myself if they didn’t cover up. My girls had breast, beautiful, little breast. My cock was now hard as a rock, as I looked at both of them and said that it would be all right. It was then that I knew they had me. They came around and sat on my lap, one on each leg. This placed their tits right in my face. “Daddy, do you like the way we look, we dressed this way just for you, we love you”, Britney said. “Yes honey, Daddy likes it and I must say that your two have very beautiful bodies for being fourteen”, I said. My hands were around their waists, all this nubile flesh was really getting to me, as I boldly brought my hands up and cupped the lower portion of a bra encased breast.

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   Both gave their verbal approval by sighing. I then reached behind them and unsnapped their bras ans replaced my hands on their breast. Feeling that smooth flesh against my hands was ecstasy. I fondled each breast and reached the nipples and rubbing my fingers over these stiff protuberances, they again suck in breath. Stand up girls; let Daddy see how beautiful his girls are. They stood, and shucked their bras, and my babies were letting me enjoy the sight of their magnificent bodies. Britney brought her hands to her breast, and said, “Do you like them Daddy? We want you to suck on them and play with them, but first would you do us a favor? Stand up so we can undress you”. I obeyed, and they removed my t-shirt, unbuckled my pants and dropped them to the floor. I still had briefs on, but my cock was so stiff it pushed them out in front of me. The girls dropped to their knees and one by one removed my slippers and socks, and then my pants went the rest of the way. Julie looked up into my face and said, “Daddy, we’ve never seen a mans thing before, so we want to see yours”. I nodded my head and both of them reached for the top of my briefs, and brought it out over my stiff cock and I watched as my girls took in the sight of my naked cock. Not letting their eyes leave my dick, they shoved my briefs to the floor and removed them. Still on their knees, I felt they’re breast against my thighs. “Can we touch it Daddy, we want to touch it”, Britney said.

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  Again I nodded and first Britney brought her hand around my shaft, then Julie placed her hand on the head and her palm felt the contour of my cock. Britney and Julie were lovingly playing, not really knowing what to do, so I instructed them in how to give a hand job, and that some women enjoyed using their mouth instead of their hand, to do the same thing. I was quickly feeling the results of both their hands on my stiff cock and explained that a man ejaculates his sperm from the tip and by continuing to rub me as they were I was quickly approaching that point. Telling them not to stop, until I climaxed, they continued. I could feel my sperm building in my balls and riding up my shaft and flying out the tip of my cock. Both girls watched in excitement as my seed flew through the air and landed on the floor. Britney, then brought her mouth to the head of my cock and licked some of the cum into her mouth to taste it. “Julie, taste it, it’s good,” Britney said. Julie then brought her mouth to my cock and her tongue slid out and brought the taste of me into her mouth. She must have enjoyed it, because her mouth returned and encased the head of my cock while her tongue licked up the remaining jism on my cock. “Julie, that feels so good, try to take more into your mouth”, I said. She did, my cock slowly filled her mouth and her teeth scraped my shaft, and I explained how they had to be careful, not to scrape to hard, because they could really hurt me. My cock was getting harder and both Britney and Julie took turns giving their loving oral attention to my cock, wanting to know if they were doing it right. I assured them they were, but told them that I could make them feel just as good as they made me feel, if they wanted me to. They both said they were real wet and wanted me to do it to them, but how do you choose which one to do first, without hurting the feelings of the other? Julie first spoke out and told me to do Britney first, while she watched, and then I could do her.

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  I told them to lie on the floor, and I took my time removing their panties. I took Brine’s off first. As I allowed her pussy to come into view, I saw that she had a small growth of hair, which she shaved back. Her pussy looked so beautiful. I removed her panties all the way and then kissed her pussy, and then I removed Julies Panties and found that she shaved all of the hair from her pussy. Her pussy lips were protruding and looked like a work of art. I kissed her pussy too, and told her I’d be back to make her feel real good. Brine’s hand had been working her pussy while I removed Julie’s panties. I spread her legs and brought myself up between them and placing my hands under her ass, I placed my face in my daughter’s quim. The nectar was fantastically sweet. I lapped up between her lips and the tip of my tongue hit her clit. I know it affected her, because she shoved her pussy into my face. My tongue entered her love tunnel and she tried to get more into her. Her juices were freely flowing and I took in every drop she offered. My tongue then went back to her clit.

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   I wanted her to have a beautiful orgasm, so I paid strict attention to her clit and quickly she was grabbing the back of my head, pushing it even closer. “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, This is sooo goooood, Oh, Oh, as she climaxed into my face. I sucked out all of her feminine spunk and enjoyed each and every drop. She slowed her body down and then released my head. Britney was laying on the floor, her breaths coming in spurts. When she could talk, she told Julie to get ready for the ride of her life. I looked at Julie and saw that she was masturbating so hard. “Daddy, eat my pussy, please eat me”. I slid between her legs and replaced her hand with my tongue. “Oh yes Daddy, suck me, suck your daughters pussy”Her verbal ness made me want to do the best I could. Her pussy tasted different than Brine’s. Having it’s own tartness. I savored her taste and as I shoved my tongue into her, she too shoved my head to her. She didn’t take long; as she had masturbated all the time I was eating Britney. “Daddy, Daddy, I’m cummmmmming, suck me, oh god this is beautiful, as she released all she had into my mouth.

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   By now my face was covered in pussy juice, and I was loving it. My baby girls were giving themselves to me. I knew they loved me, but I had not thought that they would love me like this. We all lie on the floor and caught our breath when Britney said “Daddy, would you put your thing in us”? I want you to, and I really think Julie wants it too”. Sweetheart’s that is such a big step from what we are doing right now. See right now you two are still my little girls; your maidenheads are still intact. Once you have your first lover, you’ll be women, and I don’t know if I’m ready to loose my little girls. I was doing my best to make myself believe what I was saying, but my insides were telling me to slam into their pussies and cum to my hearts content. My cock was rock hard from tonight’s action and I watched my girls looking at it, while I was talking. Britney grabbed my cock and brought her head to it, and stuffed it inot her mouth,“Yes, yes, do that, suck your Daddy’s hard cock”Julie was not going to be left out of this, so she joined Britney and both of them assaulted my cock with their mouths. Up and down, bobbed their heads. When one was sucking my cock, the other would suck on my nuts. This was really driving me crazy. Their saliva was all over me and I could tell that in time these two were going to make extremely great cocksuckers. “I’m going to blow my wad, put your faces over it and use your hands to pump it out”They did, and I did.

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   Ishot after shot hit my babies’ faces. It felt like I was cuming for ten minutes, Britney and Julie looked at one another and brought their faces together and licked my cum juice off of one another. My girls crawled up to me and began to kiss me and shove their tongues into my mouth. I tongued them back and held my darlings close to me, loving them more than I had thought possible. We remained on the floor, naked in each other’s arms and none of us wanted to move. Britney then said, “ Daddy, you know we want you to fu, ah fu, fuck us, but if not tonight, being as how our birthday is tomorrow, will you open our presents tomorrow night”?“Yes honey, tomorrow night you’ll be my little women. Although this is just a fictitious story, people should realize that these acts should never be consummated in real life. A child is entrusted to us parents, to raise, and protect. If the need arises to do something like this, put it down on paper and keep your children as lovely and pure as they should be. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.


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