Brian & Megan- The Pool


Brian & Megan – The Pool
A year and a half had passed since Brian and Megan first fucked.   He was now 18, she was 17.   They were fucking on a regular basis now, usually 4-5 times a week and they both still loved it.   Daniel and Jessica had moved away to college, so the siblings had lost their fuck buddies which they used to visit frequently.   It was now spring break and neither of them had anything to do during the day.   Brian woke up first in the morning and decided to go lay by the pool.   He was outside on the pool deck in his swimsuit reading a book in the lounge chair when Megan came out.   She came out wearing a sexy yellow sundress with her black bikini underneath.   Brian watched her as she walked up to the table and put her stuff down.   He watched her pull her sundress off.   He watched her breasts get stuck and bounce as they were let free.   He watched her apply suntan lotion to her body.   He watched her rub it up and down her smooth legs.   He watched her rub it on her breasts.   Brian got turned on watching the show in front of him.   She jumped into the pool and glided a little ways before coming up for “Hey there bro, looks like someone is a little happy this morning” she said staring at his crotch.

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   “You do this to me on purpose!  I think you enjoy doing it!” he “Yea, I suppose” she said and swam away underwater.   Brian decided enough was enough and decided to go after her.   He jumped in right behind her and swam to catch up.   She didn’t hear him jump in and was even more surprised when he grabbed her boobs from behind and rubbed his hard dick all over her behind.   He started massaging her tits in a way he knew that she liked. “So sis, you plan on teasing me for the rest of the morning, or do you plan on doing something about it?”  Enjoying his hands on her boobs, she reached behind her and started kneading him through his “You know bro, we’ve never done it in the pool, we started here plenty of times, but never finished.   Care to give it a try?”  He spun her around and they started making out.   She started pushing him towards the side of the pool and fumbling to get his trunks off.   By the time they his the wall, he was naked.   He climbed up and sat on the wall and she started to blow him.   Over the past 18 months, she had become quite the master of giving her brother a blow job.   He sat back and enjoyed her magic.   He reached downa dn started fondling her tits through her top.   He pulled the fabric covering her tits to the side, successfully exposing her boobs but leaving her top on.   He pushed her back and hopped back into the shallow end of the pool.

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    She wasn’t done yet and went underwater and started sucking on him again.   She did this for a couple of minutes, coming up every 30 seconds or so for air.   When she came up the last time, Brian went under and pulled her bottoms down and off.   He started fingering the folds of her pussy while still underwater.   He slowly backed her over to the stairs and she sat on the top step.   He immediately went down on her.   Just as she had become an expert at blowing him, he was an expert at pleasuring her.   She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into her pussy as he lapped at her.   Finally she screamed out “For god sakes Brian, Fuck Brian picked her up off the top step and stood her up in the shallow end.    He bent her over and stuck himself in her from behind.   “Oh yea” she cried out.   He started fucking her and could hear her tits slapping the top of the water in rhythm to his thrusts.   As he neared his climax, he pulled out and pulled her over to the midpoint of the pool.   He held her up against the wall and entered her underwater.   She moaned and held him tight with her arms and wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her hard against the wall.

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    This time was Megan who neared orgasm.   Wanting to prolong it, she pushed him away and told him it was her turn.   She took him back to the shallow end of the pool and sat him on the stair so just the tip of his dick stuck out of the water.   She mounted him and started to fuck him silly.   The water would splash out of the way every time she came down.   Brian was enjoying this and grabbed onto her tips to guide her.   This got her more into it and kept them from bouncing as she fucked the shit out of her brother.   Brian was enjoying looking up and watching his sister ride him.   It still to this day turned him on watching his dick slide in and out of her pussy.   She reached her orgasm first, but Brian kept fucking her through the whole thing.   A short time later he got close to his.   He told her he was about to cum and she jumped up off of him and vigorously started to blow him again.   Megan had developed a taste for cum and either liked him to cum all over her tits or in her mouth.   He thought he was going to get to cum in her mouth again, but as she felt his orgasm start, she pulled it out and pointed it at her tits.   He once again covered them in his They both sat there on top of the top step of the pool catching their breath.

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   “Look bro, you made me all dirty again” Megan said as she stuck her finger in his cum and took a taste of it.   “Looks like I have to shower again, care to join “Hell yea!”  Brian replied.   Showering together was one of their favorite things and they did it whenever they “Cool, meet me upstairs” she said.   Megan headed inside, Brian hung back and admired her as she walked in completely naked.   A moment later she appeared around the corner and threw her top at him.   “Come on bro” she said with a smile.   Brian hung back another second thinking back to when He and Megan first started fucking.   She had developed a lot since then.   Her body really filled out and she was started to turn into quite the woman.   She got asked out a lot and went on a lot of dates.   Nothing ever too serious.   Brian didn’t mind either because she usually snuck into his room after coming back from a date and fucked his brains out.   Brian snapped back into reality and climbed out of the pool and headed into the house to join his sister in the shower.  
When he walked into the bathroom, Megan had just started the shower and was in it washing her hair.   Brian snuck in quietly and moved around behind her.

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    He lathered up his hands with soap and reached around and grabbed her breasts with his hands.   He loved the way they felt, and especially loved how they felt running through his hands covered with soap.   Brian stood there for a moment and played with her breasts.   She stopped washing her hair for a second and stood there with her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of her brothers hands on her tits.
      As she slowed and stopped she finished washing her hair and rinsed it.
    Brian was standing there with the soap ready to wash her.   As soon as she was done rinsing her hair, Brian reached his arms around her and started lathering her up.   He covered every inch of her body, feeling up her smooth sexy legs, washing off her pussy, all over her firm stomach, and once again her breasts.   When he finished, she smiled at him and they kissed a couple of times.
    She grabbed the soap from him now and started washing him.   She started by rubbing the lather all over his chest.   She moved down past his stomach and soaped up his dick and balls.   She played with them a little as she sudsed them up.   They began to grow again.   She stopped for a second and watched it grow a little in her hand.

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        She continued playing with him and stroaking him.   Within about a minute, he was back up to his full length and hardness.   “Now that’s what I’m talking about” she said with a smile as she began to kneel down in the shower.   Brian quickly turned to rinse the soap off of his body, by the time he was done, she was on her knees waiting for him.  
    She took it inot her hand and stroked it a couple times then took it into her mouth.   She slowly started to blow it.   She held onto his shaft with her hand and licked up and down his entire length.   She engulfed it again and started to blow it more vigorously.   After a little bit she came up for air and asked her brother if he was ready to fuck his sister again.   He said yes and she stood up.   He pushed her back against the wall and picked her up.   She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.   He pressed her up against the wall and slid his dick into her waiting pussy.   She cried out from the pleasure of it entering her.  
    Brian started to slowly fuck her up against the wall.

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        This was probably her all time favorite position.   She loved being completely and totally at his mercy.   She loved her brother holding her up and fucking her brains out at the same time.  Moans and screams of pleasure were erupting from Megan as Brian did what he wanted with her.   Not too long later, Megan experienced another orgasm.   That was Brians cue to switch positions.   He turned her around and bent her over.   She put her arms out against the shower wall to hold herself up.   Brian again entered her from behind and continued his pace from earlier.   He loved to crock his head and watch Megan’s boobs sway uncontrollably while he fucked her.   Occasionally he would reach around and grab one or both.   They fucked like that for a little while, then Brian pulled out and laid down on the floor of the large shower.   Megan climbed over him and positioned his dick right at her entrance and sank down.   She started to slowly bounce up and down on him, riding him like there was no tomorrow.
    Brian laid there watching Megan ride him, watching her breasts bounce and jiggle.

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        He started to feel his orgasm coming and warned her.   She bounced a couple more times then got off and started sucking again.   He didn’t last too long before he grunted and started cumming in her mouth.
    She swolloed every drop he gave her then kissed him.   They laid there for a minute before getting up, turning off the shower and toweling off.   They smiled at each other as they left the bathroom and went to their own rooms to put on clothes and continue the rest of the day.



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