Blood is Thicker-Part 2


We had just finished our lunch and were talking about my sex life, or lack of. I was back in my usual silk and feeling very relaxed. My cock was becoming rigid from my mom’s provocative posture. We were silent for a moment, and then she said the words I had been waiting for. “Why don’t we continue you education? It’s obvious you’re ready, and my cunt’s on fire!” “Mom, I would like nothing better than to ravish your beautiful body!” I replied. “Good,” she said, standing up. “Now be a gentleman and carry your horny mother up to her room. Her dripping pussy needs a good ravishing. ” I quickly complied by scooping my mother up and then rushing upstairs and into her room. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and we quickly undressed. My mother sat back and then spread her legs wide. Her cunt was glistening and gaping vulgarly. She reached down and began rubbing her cunt lips, then slowly sank two fingers into her wet hole. “Women,” she began, “like a lover who can take care of all their sexual needs. ” She pulled out her fingers and then sucked her own juices off them. “Now kiss me, but don’t put your cock in me until I tell you.

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  ” I was disappointed, but I quickly complied. I positioned myself on top of her and kissed deeply, probing her mouth with my tongue. Her mouth had a different, but pleasing taste to it now. With a twinge of excitement I realized I was tasting her cunt cream. “Now,” she said, “play with my breasts, but don’t pay more attention to one than the other. ” I slowly moved down, kissing her soft skin the entire time. When I reached her breast, I took one in each hand, squeezing gently and massaging the feminine flesh. I then squeezed her nipples tightly between my thumb and forefinger. She let out a small moan, then said, “Good, now use your mouth. ” I obeyed by teasing each hard nipple with my tongue, before finally sucking it in and gently nibbling it. “Mnnnh!” she moaned. “You’re a natural at this! Now work your way down to my pussy and start eating me. Use your tongue and suck on my clit. ” I reluctantly left her breasts and worked my way down to her drooling cunt. An intoxicating odor arose from her and I began to lick her up and down.

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   The taste was like the nectar of the god’s to me. “Unnnnh…good, that feels great…Mmnnnnh…yes, suck my hot clit!” she said in answer to my ministrations. “Unnh! Ohhhh, yes! I’m coming!” she said breathlessly. As her pussy throbbed and convulsed, it was flooded with her cum juices, which I didn’t hesitate to slurp up. “Perfect,” she said after catching her breath, “that was perfect. Now trade places with me and I’ll show you what I can do!” As I lay back on the bed, my mom kissed me, and then went down on her knees in front of me. “Mnnnnh,” she said, smacking her lips, “I can taste myself on your lips! I just love everything about pussy!” This talk coming from my mother only excited me more, and my cock was as hard as it had ever been. Mom went to work slowly, kissing from the head of my dick down to my balls. Then she licked all the way back to the head, giving it a few quick licks. I was in Heaven, and I thought I would come any second. I squirmed a little and Mom giggled. Finally, she took my cock head into her mouth, sucking and massaging with her tongue. She slowly took half my dick into her mouth and then began working up and down, sucking away. “Oh God,” I groaned. “Yeah, Mom! Suck my cock! Mnnh! Suck me dry you whore!!” Far from being offended, my mom went to work with renewed fury, even deep-throating my nine inches occasionally.

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   This went on for a few minutes more until I couldn’t hold back. “Mnnnh! Mom, I’m about to come!” My mom pulled her mouth off my cock, but opened wide and aimed my head at her mouth. She used her hand to jack me off and with an explosion I came. I watched as hot, sticky gobs of cum shoot into her mouth. She waited until I stopped coming and then swallowed. She then took my cock head into her mouth and sucked hard as she jerked away. She milked every last drop of cum from my cock before stopping. “Yummy! I love the taste of hot cum, too!!” She smiled as she licked her lips. Then she moved up and kissed me deeply. I could taste my cum on her tongue. It was a different, but not completely unpleasant taste. “That,” she said, “is a true kiss of love. A little pussy juice, cum, and lots of tongue!” We both laughed at her little rhyme. “You know, since your father died, the only lovers I’ve had, besides you of course, have been women. I love a woman’s tongue in my cunt, but nothing can replace a big dick.

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  ” My softening dick was instantly hard again at this revelation. I wanted to impale her on my dick more than ever now, and I told her so. “Good,” she said. “I need it bad after drinking your cum. ” She got on the bed on all fours, her pert ass looking wonderful. “Do me from behind! I want it like an animal!” “I’m going to fuck your tight cunt until you moan like the slut you are, Mom!” I said, getting into position. “Do it! Give it to me! Fuck me like a dirty little slut!” she said, begging. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and then rammed it all the way in. She moaned loudly and met my furious thrust with equal strength. “Oh, God, yes! Fuck me Ruben! Fuck your mother! Fuck my pussy! Unnnh! Fuck it hard!” she yelled. “Mnnnnh! You like it you dirty bitch? You like your son’s cock buried in your hot cunt?!” I replied. “I love your cock! It feels so great in my horny pussy! Unnnh! Mnnnnhh! I’m gonna come on it! I can feel it like a title wave! Oh fuck!!” She yelled, “I’m coming so fucking hard!!! Unnnnh!!! Mnnnnhh!!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!” I felt her coming cunt tighten on my dick like a clenched fist, but I didn’t slow. I continued to rip into her burning pussy until I began to come with her. “Fuck, Mom!! I’m coming in you!!! I’m coming in your hot cunt!!!” My dick went off like a bomb inside her and she came again as I filled her up. Afterwards, she lay on her stomach and I lay on top of her, utterly exhausted.

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   It felt wonderful having my mom’s hot body pressed against mine. “I feel raped,” she said tiredly. “Oh, Mom,” I said, suddenly alarmed and hugging her to me as I rolled off her, “I didn’t mean to…. ” “No silly!” she said with a laugh. “I feel wonderful. I love it rough and hard. I haven’t felt ripped like this since I was a virgin, and I’ve never come so hard in my entire life. Thank you for that. ” “Your welcome, Mom,” I said. Then I snuggled her close and we fell into an exhausted sleep. 3 I awoke slowly, hours later. The first thing I was conscious of was an overwhelming pleasure centered between my legs. This pleasure originated from a burning heat that tightly massaged my cock. The next thing I became aware of was this time I became fully aware, and I opened my eyes. I saw the face of a goddess surrounded by red hair.

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   I looked into the green eyes of a forest nymph. I saw passionate, full lips parted in sighs of pleasure; lips as full as those of Angelina Jolie. I awoke to the image of my very own Isis, the one who gave me life, my beloved mother, riding me to our mutual pleasure. I saw no lust in those passionate eyes, just the deep love a mother can only feel for her child. In turn, I felt only the overwhelming love a child can feel for his mother. She came then, almost silently, and her body shuddered with deep pleasure. I felt an even more intense heat around my cock as her nether lips clenched and were soaked with the fluids of her passion. I succumbed to my own pleasure then, sending the seed of love deep inside her heavenly body. We lay together in each other’s arms afterward, utterly spent once again. As I drifted of to sleep, I realized that in the act of our sin against mankind, we had forged an unbreakable bond of love. One which we were destined to forge with three others. 4 I didn’t awake until a few hours after sunrise the next day. My mother, always the early riser, was not in the room. The question to my mother’s whereabouts was answered in a note I found on the nightstand:Ruben, Shower, but don’t get dressed. I am preparing to serve you breakfast in bed.

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   Your Lover, Mom P. S. I’ll take care of your hard-on when I come up! I did as I was told, resisting the urge to masturbate in the shower. When I came out of my mom’s bathroom, I found her lying on the newly made-up bed. A breakfast tray was sitting on the nightstand. On it were enough potatoes, eggs, and sausage for two. Beside it was a large glass of milk, along with two forks. “Hungry?” she asked in a cheerful manner. “Hungry and horny as Hell,” I said just as cheerfully. The truth was, I was so horny I could hardly see straight. I wanted to fuck her and fill her with come. “This morning I’m going to introduce you to something new, like I did last night,” she said. She spread her legs and moved her hand down to her cunt. It was very wet. The lips were swollen and gaping apart.

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   A thin fluid leaked out onto the bed. She spread her cunt lips wide with her fingers, displaying her pink inner flesh, which was utterly soaked. “You want this pussy, huh?” she said provocatively. “Yeah, you want Momma’s steaming hot cunt. Well, you can’t have it!” I thought I would die. Then I heard her laughter, and her next words saved me. “Nope, you can’t have it, because today you are going to take the only virginity I have left. You’re going to make love to Mommy’s tight virgin asshole!” she said triumphantly, giggling at her own cleverness. I was thrilled at the prospect, but determined to get back at her for her cruel joke. “As you wish,” I said, coming towards her. I bent her over the edge of the bed with her ass facing me. “Be gentle,” she said timidly, “it’s my first time. ” I had no intention of doing anything gently. I buried a finger in her cunt, just long enough to get it wet, and then inserted it into her asshole. I fingered her ass for a minute to loosen her up a bit, then I placed my cock head on her asshole.

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   With one quick thrust, I impaled her ass on my cock. She let out a yelp of pain. I began jack hammering her ass for all I was worth. “Fuck, it hurts!” she yelled. “Please…unnnh!. . . be gentle. ” I ignored her continuing pleas and didn’t let up. Her tight ass felt amazing on my cock. As I expected might happen, her pleas for mercy became demands for more and moans of pleasure. “Oh, fuck!! Do it!! Make it brutal!! Unnnh!! Mnnnh!! Yeah, rape me!! Rape Mommy’s tight ass!!” She began meeting my thrust with her own, one hand reaching down between her legs so she could stroke her clit. “Rape me!! Do it!! Come in shit hole…,” and on and on until, “Oh, fuck!! I’m coming!! Shit!! I’m coming hard!!!” As a long, hard come ripped through my mom’s body, her clenching asshole caused my dick to go off, pumping her brutalized ass full of cum. “Fuck, Mom!! I’m coming in your tight ass!!” I yelled as pleasure racked my body. After we finished coming, I slipped my softening dick from her ass and rolled her over.

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   Her face was streaked with tears, and I instantly regretted my brutality. I let go of that regret, however, when she smiled brightly and pulled me down on top of her. She kissed me roughly for a long while. “Thank you so much!” she said. “That was amazing! I loved it!” I was amazed at her gratitude, but grateful I had given her so much pleasure. “It was great for me too. Say, how about we eat now?” “Just what I had in mind,” she said. We fed each other the savory meal, occasionally flavoring it with a little pussy juice. After finishing our meal, we took a nice long nap. I slept sucking Mom’s nipples like I used to when I was a baby, and now was as content too. .



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