Blaire on Brother and Mother


Nick and his buddy Brett had just graduated from high school.   The summer was here and they did alot of partying.   Afterwards they would crash at Brett's house with his single mother and twin sister.   Brett's twin sister Blaire had dropped out of school and still had a year to go before she graduated.   One night in late June Nick passed out at their house and awoke to see something he would never forget.
He woke up on the floor as his friend Brett brushed his leg and headed out of the room.   He noticed Brett's sister Blaire standing in the doorway with a see through nightie.   She had black hair like Brett and his mother but he could tell she had a clean shaven pussy.   Blaire was skinny as a bean pole weighing 105 with little pointy upturned tits that had almost swollen looking brown erect nipples.   Her skin was olive white and she really looked like she was anorexic though everyone knew that she was a drug addict, supposedly recovering.   Brett was a solid stocky build at 165 lbs. and 5 foot 10.
Nick got to his feet as his friend and his sister headed towards the living room.   Nick kneeled on his knees at Brett's doorway and watched just adjacent to the bedroom Brett laying back on the couch and Blaire crouching on the floor between his legs.   She pulled her brother's dick from his black boxer underwear and started licking the purple head.   "You sure know how to do it well Blaire," Nick told her.

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    "Run your tongue all up and down my shaft,yeah, just like that - faster!" he demanded.   She did and then took the bloated helmet into her mouth where she rolled it around a bit and then drove the entire dick down her throat.   Brett was probably only 6 or 7 inches like Nick but his twin sister swallowed him in one gulp.   Blaire then started bobbing her head up and down for a few minutes as Brett's obvious pleasure got louder and louder.   "Pull it out and let me shoot my cum on your face," Brett gasped.   "Oooh yeah, I want that hot load to squirt all over me," Blaire replied.   Ropes of white cum started flying across his skinny sister's face as she held her mouth wide open.   He let go with about 5 or 6 sprays and she took the rest in her mouth.
Brett then started to get up so Nick returned to his resting place to fake sleeping.   His friend got back into bed and was snoring within five minutes.   Nick slowly made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself of his stiffy but at the doorway saw Brett's mother Nancy in a housecoat talking to her daughter laying on the couch.   "You shouldn't be doing that with your brother Blaire.   He could get you pregnant.   Does he even wear protection?"  Nancy asked her daughter.   Blaire answered "We don't fuck Mom.

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    I only give him head. "  "Does he return the favor to you?" Mom asked.   "No. I've never asked him to.   I like to give more than receive anyways," and then ran her hand into her Mother's housecoat at knee level sliding it up her thigh.   Both Mother and Daughter were silent for a moment as Blaire finally spoke up "let's go to your room Mom," and without delay both females headed that way.
Nick now waited for them to exit away from him towards Nancy's bedroom and then tip-toed that way expectantly and relieved that they didn't close the door.   Blaire sat on the bed before her voluptuous heavy set Mother of 170 lbs.   Nancy's jet black hair cascaded down her back in curls.   Both women were the same height of 5 foot 7.   Nancy stepped towards her daughters outstretched arms that curled around her waist pulling her head in to lay upon her Mother's stomach.   Blaire's eyes looked down and she commented "I love the color of your toe nail polish Mom. "  Nancy's right hand was holding her daughters head to her stomach and with her left she opened up her housecoat as Blaire looking down at her toes noticed.    Blaire was almost shocked to see her Mother's heavy growth of pubic hair just below her face.   "Your brother and me are alike in that we both like to receive, in contrast to you liking to give," Nancy whispered to her daughter.

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    Blaire grabbed a mouthfull of black hairs at the top of her Mom's bush and sucked them for a few seconds.   "Lay back on the bed Mom so I can show you that my oral expertise is not only on guys. "  Mom quickly answered "My sister Diane told me all about you," and lay back with her big legs spread wide.
Blaire got between her Mother's legs and started in high on her belly button.   Her Mother Nancy opened her housecoat all the way to show her drooping white alabaster titties - capped with swollen looking brown nipples like Blaire's.   The young 18 year old took her 41 year old Mom's nipple into her mouth, making her squeal.   "Scoot your mouth down to my hairy snatch and show me some more tongue work," Nancy requested of her own daughter.   "Get up on your elbows so you can watch this," Blaire told her.   Nancy did and Blaire buried her face in the older woman's fur burger.   The Mother started thrusting her hips slowly into her daughter's sucking mouth.   "Oooweee sweetheart, my sister wasn't lying, you have an expert mouth. "  Of course Nick was stroking his dick as fast as his wrist could go at this point.   He held it and held it until exactly the moment Nancy let loose with a river of sauce into her daughter Blaire's mouth.    On wobbly knees he made his way back to the floor of Brett's room reminding himself to spend the night here more often.  


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