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Topic: blackmailed into a slaveWe lived in a nice remote area; out in the country side we had a nice farm. Not too noisy, that’s the way dad likes it, and he likes the quiet of the country side.  Dad works abroad a lot, and was due to leave soon, so he was heading out for a poker game with his buddies, from work, and the rest of us were goanna stay at home, to watch a movie with my friends gary, and ben as i had 6 weeks break, – all including my sister. my are sisters Kelly, Who has the sexiest body your will ever lay eyes on, she is 5’7 tall, slim waist, 32cc breasts, oh yes, and a ass like kylie minogue. she is a right prick tease, an she loves it, she all ways wears skin tight spandex pants, or a mini skirt, so you can see her thong, or at least the imprint of her pussy, and small crop tops, so you can see her slim belly, and she never wears a bra, so you see her nipples pointing at you, she like to wind the boys up, rubbing them up,and never letting them get past 1st base. all my mate tell me, they have seen her playing with herself, at collage, under the tables, she knows boys are watching her, and we all have a plan to teach her a lesson, she will never forget!,  This summer.
After dinner, Ben, Gary, and I, sat in the living room, as Kelly washed up the dishes. We went over the plans again, and agreed that Ben, being 26, the oldest, would take her second, I'd go first, as I’m 23, and it’s my sister, and as Gary is 19, who's only a year older, than Kelly, would go last. We heard the tap water cease, and knew what would happen in a matter of minutes. Kelly walked out of the kitchen, and Ben brought out a gift for her.  We told her it was a present; Too introduce her to becoming a young adult soon. She took it out, and saw we'd chosen her a black lacy lingerie piece, and a thong, that was both 1 size too small. You should've seen The expression on her face.  She was absolutely shocked and offended. We laughed and popped in the movie” we told her we rented it.   There on the screen was herself, giving her own farther a blowjob, in his sleep, and she looked like she was having A whale of a time, enjoying it.

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   Where the fuck did you guys get that”, she screamed. She tried to explain, err, hee, he, forced me to do it, she shouted.  (Which she know was a lie, some think that she done but regretted doing it. it was last year, but she did not know her dad had cctv in his room. . . )
” You’re a fucking liar, he’s was a sleep, does he know you blow him, I bet he don’t , oh who cares, Looks like you enjoyed it, “I told her. Might as well, spend some time with us too,” I said. We could see that she was starting to cry, from embarrassment, and fear, she was afraid of what was to come.   “Put on the present we just gave you,” Ben threatened. or we'll sell this tape online to all porn sites, and send a copy to your college friends, oh yes, and your dads work mates!. ” We promise all we wanted, was to see you wearing the present, we will not do anything to you. “No please Don’t, Make me wear that’ it’s too exposed’” she pleaded “Oh My God are you taking the piss, you play with yourself at collage, like a slut you are, “I said.   “Don’t call me a slut, I only tease you boys, I’m not wearing it, and it’s too small any way! So Fuck off!” she shouted, back at me.  “Ok, Gary, send it to YouTube, and email it to the collage forums, and my dad’s work mates too, unless she get dressed, and tells us that, she is a dirty little slut, and must be punished.

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   Last chance sis,”I said. In a normal and calm voice. Gary, sat at the pc, just about hit sent, when, “WAIT I’LL DO IT, I’m a dirty little slut, that must be punished; “she shouted, back, and started to cry. “Good go get dress you slut, NOW HURRY UP,” I told, her in a firm voice.  She went into the Bathroom, and came back out, in the tight-fitting lacy outfit, and the thong. We could see her nipples, and the outline, of her bushy cunt.  That’s one hairy pussy you have Kelly, Now take a seat, on the couch, and spread your legs, and we are going to film you, for our own pleasure, do every think we say, or we will sell the lot. We won't touch you,” Ben, told her. Gary, took out the camcorder, and started filming. Kelly sat down, and done as she was told, and spread her legs, in embarrassment. Now start playing with yourself. ” Ben, told her.  At that point, she started shedding tears, but she knew what she had to do. Gently, she licked her fingers, and started to play with her clit, rubbing it, with her wets fingers, up down her clit, slowly inserting them in and out tight pussy lips. I was as hard as hell, and I thought I was going to exploded, this was first time I had ever seen my sister, masturbating herself, in fact, I have never seen my sister naked, and after about ten minutes, of Kelly play with herself she could see, she was starting to get really moist, and was close to orgasm Kelly started to moan as she was so close to Cuming! With the orgasm “ohhhh ahhhhh”.

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   When out of no were Ben shouted “Nice! Now it’s time for the kill!” He started to unbutton his jeans, and removing them. Kelly freaked out. “What the hell are you doing? You promised you would not touch me?” Tough luck, you need to learn, a lesson”.  Ben chuckled. I went over to hold her down. She continued screaming, but Ben Rammed his 6 inch! Cock in her mouth, to shut her up. He held her head firmly, and Kelly jerked back and forth, as her tears where rolling down her face, as she was gagging on it.   He continued to fuck her face, and I got impatient, from the throbbing of my erection. I quickly took off my jeans, and boxer shorts, and whipped out my own 5 and a half inch dick.  My dick isn't as long as Ben’s, but it's at least 2 inches thicker, than his. I push up to her very tight pussy lips;  she jolted, and tried to pull away from Ben's dick, to breathe as she was choking on it, And then she saw me, in-between her thighs, her eye widened, I pushed forward, she was so tight, I could not push my penis in, I had to lube myself up, so I spat on my hand, and rub it all over my now throbbing dick, and I push it in about 2 inches , Kelly now trying to escape but to now vale as there was two of us holding her down. ”Hay she’s still a virgin her hymen is still in tacked I Said.  Ben, laughed, and pulled his dick out of Kelly’s mouth to let her speak!  “Please No! Stop I won’t tell anyone you did this to me, oh my god You have Not got a Condom on!! Please I’m not on the pill! Please, Please Don’t Take my virginity, defiantly not you! You’re my brother for fuck sake!! .  “She pleaded. Tears now streaming down her face.

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   “Sorry, Kelly, I used the last one with your friend, Annie, last week, and anyway, when we are finished with you, your have enough sperm, swimming inside you to make an elephant pregnant.   Right say goodbye to you virginity bitch” I said, I then pushed my cock right up to her hymen, so I was bouncing on it, as fast as I could, without braking it,”after about 5 minutes I could feel I was about to cum.  “ohhhh Here I cum sis I’m going to blow my load right up your sexy pussy” then I pulled my cock right out, and slammed my full 5 an half inches, in as deep as I could. Kelly, could feel her brother penis, growing deep inside her, as he about to unload, then she feeling his hot sticky sperm filling her pussy deep in her womb, she starts to orgasm the thought his sperm inside her make her feel sick.   “ohhhhhhhhh  oh sis that was Great I HAHAHA, there you go bitch, your brother owns your virginity, She screamed her NOOOO! STOP. Ben quickly rammed his dick back down her throat, to shut her up. Kelly’s eye where streaming with tears they soar, from crying so much. Ben Slapped her round the face, “suck it bitch” Ben yelled at her.  She now felt so humiliated and dirty, by knowing she had her brothers’ seaman swimming around inside her. But she carried on sucking Ben penis.  
  All the while, Gary was filming everything. We wanted to be sure we'd be able to continue fucking her and needed something better than just the blow job to blackmail her with.   Gary, was starting to get restless, and placed the camcorder on a tripod, and joined in the action. Man, this kid has grown, since the last time we fucked Annie together.  He whipped out 7 inches! Just as thick as mine! Huge cocks run in the family, I guess.

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   Ben and I switched places, and Gary watched and jacked off.   After pumping her for a few minutes, Ben came all over her belly. She cried, knowing that I probably made her pregnant, since it was her most fertile time of month.  Gary quickly cum all over her tits, and commented, “Sloppy 3rds Lads, she’s nice and smooth. ”   Ok Now Hold her down, I said. I then went up stairs, and went into her cupboard in her bedroom, and got out her laser hair remover machine, I took it downstairs with me. Ben and Gary, was holding her down on the floor, “right hold her still! I shouted, Ben, give us a hand I want to remove all her pubic hair with this, I said. Gary looked at me and then Ben, are you sure! He said, and then Started laughing, I grab hold of her hair, and pulled her up, so she could see her own pussy” look, this is going to be the last time; you will have pubic hair down here, bitch ever! ”I told her  “please stop! I don’t want you to do that! Laser removal is permanent, and I don’t want to be bold always, NO Please you can not to this! I WILL SHAVE IT OFF FOR YOU please “She begged.   “Tuff I don’t care, what you won’t, your body now belong to Me, and if I want it gone FOR EVER. I will have it gone FOR EVER, I told her. She let out a cry “. You can now beg us to do it SLUT or else, I will use it on all your body and your head too. “I said, as I started to twist her nipple, hard and pinching them at the same time with my nails, “Stop please ok please “, she screeched in pain,” No, not till you beg me to bitch! “ I shouted, “AHHHHHHH Please ok, please will you remove all my pubic hair, I don’t want hair down there any more ever,” And she started crying again, we all started removing her pubic hair with the laser. (This was a high powered, industrial laser hair remover, £3000 dad paid for it, only because the cheap one’s are crap, so Kelly could get rid of some face hair she had, that was over a year ago now, and it has never grow back, so Kelly has no chance, of ever growing her pubic hair back. ) 1 Hour pasted, she was still crying and moaning, she could not believe what we just had done to her, and her pubic area, now looked raw red, and extremely sore, as we have no experience in using the laser, we done it longer than you’re meant too.

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    “At last she’s smooth as a baby’s bum, we will go over it again tomorrow, just to be sure ok, now Turn her over,” I said.  Gary, flipped her onto her stomach, and we made her get onto her hands and knees, I pushed her upper body down to the floor, and made her put her ass in the air.  I'm goanna take her up the ass,” Gary said. He Took his fingers and rubbed her pussy clit, then pushed three fingers in, to get some of her pussy juices, and rubbed it around her virgin asshole. I went under her, to positioning myself with the newly bold red raw pussy ready for DP with Gary, like we'd done with Annie last year.  No, please, Not there. Don't Gary. ” She begged. Shut her up, will you or ill sow her mouth shut,” Ben quickly resumed himself and he was hard again.  She decided to stay quiet in fear of what Gary just said; BEN shoved his cock, back into her mouth again, where it had been only an hour ago.  I started fucking her newly bold red sore pussy and felt Gary start pressing in. OOOHHHHHHH! It Hurts Err Stop” she shouted, Gary moaned. “No I won’t stop, this is your last warning, Now shut up, She's is so tight…must be a virgin back here lads”. Ben Slapped her round face again, “If you don’t keep, this cock, in your gob, I’ll piss in your mouth “he told her ,
He Rammed his penis deep into the back her throat, making her chock on it, We all continued fucking her, in many more different positions. I was the only one, who cum inside her sweet pussy, again and again, all night until the early hours in morning.

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I left the room to Get some stuff from my bedroom, I then come back to the front room, it only took me about 18 minutes, ok bitch, let’s get your ass to your bedroom,  I grabbed a hand full of Kelly’s hair, and dragged her by her hair all the way up stairs, to her bed room, she crying all way Gary and Ben followed us up to her room, “ok Lads get her onto the bed, and hold her down, I want to tie the slut up ,” I said. We got her onto the bed, and forced her hands to each corner off the bed posts, I started  to tie her hands up, she started screaming, I got a gag out of the bag I got from my bedroom and rammed in her mouth as hard as I could, she almost choked on it, I could see she was crying and terrified, I whispered  in her ear” oh yes by the way, I forgot to tell you, dad phoned, he’s gone away for next 2 months on a trip for work, so we are going to have a whale of a time for next 2 months Kelly!.
 Her eyes Opened extremely wide, as in disbelief, and horror, and she started kicking, with and all her might, all we heard was a muffled scream, Gary, for fuck sake hold her down, “I, “shouted, I quickly began to tie both of her legs, to each corner post, of the bed to keep her legs spread apart, and then I tied rope around her knee’s, and pulled them back towards her hands that were tied to the corners of the bed, I tied them to the same place as her each of her hands, so her legs were spread-eagle, pussy wide open, as I could get it! And you could see her wet red raw pussy exposed. “Great the bitch can’t move now” I said, “what the fuck is that!”  blaster out, Gary,  “that’s got to be the biggest dildo, I have ever seen”, said Gary, Ben looked and started to laughing too” no fucking way is that going fit in her little pussy” Said Ben, “No that for later get the chastity belt, Ben the one I modified , “I said. Ben Looked in Bag of Stuff.   the stuff that I got from my room, and he pulled out the chastity belt, this was huge, it was 6 and a half inches long, and was rubber spiked it was at least, 3 inches thick, and rewired, so it can run on the mains, “Hay’ get me the butt plug too” Said Gary, I was on the bed, looking deep into Kelly’s eyes, I’ve have never seen her this scared before, “OK listen up, you are now my Slave, you will do as you are told, from now on Here is the Rule’s ,1, you do what we say, no question asked ,2, you will only speak when we tell you to, 3, you well do nothing unless given permission too, i. e. eat, sleep, shit, drink ,go to loo, or even move, if we do not give you permission, to do something, you don’t do it.  If you break any of the rules, you will be punished badly, you will wear what we say, and when we say, you are now my slave, for the rest you life, “I Told her. She left a muffled scream, I grab her nipple a pinch it, with my nails as hard I could, this sent an almighty pain to her breast, “now shut the fuck up! Or your get worse”,  I Told her to lay still as she could, Gary Past me the chastity belt an butt plug, I grab it off Gary, Gray and Ben grabbed each cheek of her sexy ass, and pulled it open, so her ass opened up as much she could, the butt plug ,this was black and 4 half inches long and 5 inches wide, at its widest point “ready slut ”I said, she look down and saw what I had, in my hands, She tried to  move but could not, do anything , I push it in as hard Is could “you have one sweet tight ass sis “I said as I watched as her ass was over stretching, and going a blue color, as I forced it in, she jolted, and screamed, but all we could hear is muffled,” ahhhhhhh” as the pain was shooting up her back,  Ben got hold off the chastity belt, and grabbed the vibrator, it’s my turn he said, and quickly rammed it straight up her pussy all 6 an half inches, she jolted, and moaned, in pain “Ahhhhh”,  I quickly strapped it onto her, then I plugged the chastity belt into the wall,, ok Lads it’s time we went to bed it’s 4 am you lot got work tomorrow, I walked over to her, and looked at her, and started to laugh, “look at you, your nothing but a cheap dirty little slut, you gave my dad a blowjob, then you are going around saying he forced you, to do it, I’m going teach a lesson, that you will never forget, you will be a slave, you will do what your told or else I slapped her over the face leaving a big red hand print she started to cry.  I took the gag out “if you scream or say a word ill put it back on you,” I told her, she did not say a word,  “good slave, your learning, you understand the rules?”  “Yes” she cried, “ok my dick needs cleaning, you can clean it for me, oh yes and from now on you will call me master”  “ yes master she licked my dick clean, good slave we will continue your training tomorrow ok? I said, Yes master she said then start to cry, knowing she had no choice, in the mater, and her will was starting to break, I grabbed the controller for the chastity belt, and set it to max, I watch her as she started to pant and flinch, as she was get close to orgasm, “see Kelly you’re a cheap slut, as you like it that much, I will leave it on, for you all night , Good Night sweet dreams slave, “ I said as I turned the lights out ,and shut the door. Leaving her To her orgasms all night long in the dark.
I woke up at 18 am, Gary and Ben had gone to work, and I got up and went into bathroom, and had a wash. I got changed, and went down stairs to the kitchen, made myself some breakfast.  after breakfast,  I went outside and cleaned the barns, I don’t know why but dad loves having animals at are farm, we got 4 horses, 2 ponies, and 3 dogs, 2 great Danes,  and a old English mastiff, he is a monster of a dog , about 210 pounds, he measured almost 8 foot long, he is not as tall as great Dane, but he is def bigger, it took me 1hr to clean them all out, I thought about Kelly, great I’m going have a good day today,I when to my sister bedroom, and slowly opened the door, she was still a sleep, I walk over to the top off her bed, and look at her pussy, still vibrating, it looked swollen, she open her eye’s, and looked around, she did not say a word, then started crying, “please let me go I won’t tell anyone what’s happened” she said in a sweet begging voice.

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   I looked at her,”you don’t get it do you sis, you are a slave now! If you don’t start call me master! You will be in lot more pain, then you have been in,” I told her, “fuck you “she shouted as she spat right in my eye. ” I would not fuck you, if you were the last man on the planet, I would fuck Rex! Before I would fuck you, “whose Rex your boyfriend at collage?” I shout at her, after rubbing her spit out my eyes, “are pet dog you think prick”, she said, then she saw my eye light up, I got the gig, and rammed it back in her mouth, and ties it around the back of her head, “ok bitch you have Rex” I shouted, and then stormed out the bedroom, she now realized what she had just said to me, oh my god he not that evil is he she thought to herself. I gone to got Rex, he was a big dog, come on Rex, I lead him in the house, and to my room, I put Rex in my bed room, then went back into her bedroom, “ you better do as your told “I told her. I pick up a whip, and belted her tits, 3 time ,she screamed, but she was gagged I could only hear muffled screams, I put a blindfold on her, “ right sis if you don’t do as I say, you will wish you were not born , I untied her legs, and I put a choke chain round her neck, “ best be safe than sorry sis” I told her I then untied her arms, ok, I lead her down stair, to the small concrete coffee table, in the front room, “ ok I think we should take this chastity belt off” I told her, I untied it and pulled it out off her pussy she was wet still I grabbed hold off the butt plug “ok sis this may hurt you need to push” I pull the butt plug out,  “gross” I shouted as I saw, shit, running all down her legs, I grab the lead and dragged her to the bath room, I took the mask off  “you say a fucking word I will whip you ass all day!”I told her, I took the gag off her “ok you start cleaning now slave” I told her, “yes master” she said, she got in the shower and clean herself, when she was done I pulled her down the stairs, she was still wet, we went into the front room again, “get on you knee’s and bent over the coffee table”, I told her, “yes master” she replied,  I watched, as she got on to her knees, and bent over the coffee table.  (There was no way the coffee table would move; It was about half ton of concrete). I tied her to it,  she could not move, her legs were open nice and wide, with full view of her sweet pussy and ass, I set up the camcorder, and hit record, “ ok sis time for your training I thinks” I told her  “yes master “she said “ I can fuck you or spank you, what would you per fur?”  I ask her, “Spanking master” she said.
     I gagged her mouth and blindfolded her, “yep I’m going give you 20 lashes, across your ass later”, I went and got the big standing floor mirror, and stood it right in front of her, so she could see me behind her “ok ill back in bit sis I told her”, I went to get my bag of stuff out her room, and the dog out of mine. I lead the dog down stairs to the front room,  Rex walked over to Kelly’s behind, and start sniffing, I laughed,She screams and screamed in her gag, she know it was Rex sniffing her behind, but it was useless, her screams wear not heard out the gag, ”Rex get out of it” I shouted. I wisped into Kelly’s ear “little bitch you’re going to be my slave if like it or not, and I sore her crying, I looked back to see Rex, was licking her pussy, she cringed at his touch is he going to let are dog fuck me, she thought,  I took the blind fold off her, she was scared, Rex was still lick her, she know his dick was at lest 9” long, and 3 thick, Rex suddenly jump with his front paws on the table, I Watch and laughed.  “Oh looks like you are going to make 3rd base, with are pet dog! now oh how gross, I’m not the last man on the planet sis, are you going let him fuck you sis, oh your Sick sis “ I said out loud, Rex was now was fully erect, and inside her legs try to hump her, she could feel his penis, touching her pussy lips, but not entering her, he still trying to enter her, I laughed it was only matter of time, and Kelly, was trying to close her legs, and back him off, but it was no good, he was just too big, and she was tied down to the coffee table, then it happened, Rex got his penis 2 inches inside her pussy, “oh that’s is gross sis, you are really sick, man that the sickest thing I’ve ever seen, you are letting are DOG FUCK YOU!” she was now crying harder, and screaming into the gag, I watched as Rex got deeper in to her, she felt his penis now starting to hit her cervix, the pain was awful, she opened her eyes, and looked in mirror and sore Rex her pet dog fucking her like mad, “now, ok sis I’m going take the gag out, if you dear scream ill set fire to your nipples, and you will only speak, when I give you permission too, I have record you fucking are dog, now I’m going to give you a choice 1, you be my sex slave for rest your life, or I sent all the videos to every porn site, and you tube and all your friends and dad work mates, you better think before you speak remember I’m the master so what’s it going be?” Rex was still fucking her; I took the gag of off her mouth.  She did not answer at first, after about 2 minutes “sex slave master slave” she said, and look down at the ground in shame.
    Kelly’s will was now gone.   I saw Rex’s bulls going inside my sister, “looks like your taking all off Rex, and his ball’s sis!” I said “Please no please master” she cried”ok as you been a good slave”. I manage to get Rex’s ball’s back out, so he does not get his knot stuck in her, then I saw her head lay down, as Rex had just cum, she felt her inside getting warm. Rex climbed of Kelly “Rex come good dog “I said.

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     I put him in the lead on Rex and took him out side, when I got back to the front room Kelly was crying” I walk over to her, I saw a load of dog cum and her juices all over the floor,  “look at the fucking mess you made” , I looked her in eyes, and showed he the dog color, I got out the dog pen, “don’t you dear speak” she know it was Rex’s Training color, it gave a electric shock, if it went too far from the house and she saw I had the controller in my hand “ok sis you understand your place yet, or want more training” he put the color around her neck and padlocked it, he press the button on the controller in his hand, and she jumped in pain, and fell to the floor, she never now it was that painful, the stock made all her body spasm  “yes master” she now did not care, after what she has now been though, Kelly’s will was lost  “good, let’s see how trained you are then,” he untied her from the coffee table.
    “sit up now” he shouted, she sat there ”yes master” I look down at floor ”you made a mess sis, now lick it clean. ” she look at the mess, then at me, she know It was gross, but got on her hand and knee’s, and starting licking, the floor clean “good slave I knelt down, and stuck me finger up her pussy, it was wet then I stick in her mouth, “What do you say?” she did not know ”yes master” she whispered unsure what she was meant to have said “no! It’s thank you master”, I told her, “thank you master”.
    “ok as you done a good job at cleaning the floor, and you’re being a good slave, I’m going to let have some food” I told her, she was staving it had been over day Kelly has had no food at all, “right first go and clean you self up, you stink, and no clothes you need earn them! .  Kelly headed off upstairs too clean herself TO BE CONTINUED  



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