Topic: BLACK SHEEP CUMS SOME MORE Pt. 2 Continuing my wife's brothers visit from Australia.
 We'd had a break from Harvey (Brother-in-law) but he's back with us in the short time of being aquainted,I'd found he was as dirty minded when it came to sexual activity as Jackie and I was. Following the original entry of her brothers penis into her vagina,my wife conceded she actively tried to reject him fucking her but she was alright about it now. Her brother Harvey bought her a mighty box of chocolates and the biggest bunch of flowers you could imagine.
While excepting this token her comment was with a smile, "A peace offering for what you took,or a bribe for what you hope to get brother" He in turn waving his usual bottle of whiskey,now exposed from behind the arm full of presents responds. "That's why there were two presents sis,one thanks,one please" "You're such a dirty sod. I can't believe I let you do that! And to get caught by him and not care - him being me, - as I sat taking all this brotherly flattery and banter in. I could feel my cock twitching and stiffening. "Glad I'm back are you,you two" Before an answer was forthcoming,he grabbed Jackie my wife and gave her a masterful,lip on lip,kiss.
 The instant of rejection by her,changed into a full tongue on tongue sexual stimulant. She broke away with a gasp,as his hands still tried to grip her ass cheeks. "Stop that will you I've got things to do" "Sis,make the most of me,I'm nearly at the end of my stay" "Stop it,let me get on" adding, "perhaps in a bit" as she looked at me in a questioning way. Shugging,"What ever turns you on is okay by me" "Pom,how about it sis,the three of us aye,you up for that"? He looks at Jackie,then to me. "Wife,you'll be on the receiving end,its entirely your shout" Now pensively she turned away for a while giving no answer,then turning back, "If its okay with you Rich' I will,just once only mind"
 The grin on Harvey's face was a picture. "When? now or in a bit,fuck what a holiday,I'm almost inclined not to go back,but business will force it on me I 'spose" I,already having gone hard but knowing it was too early,thought,you necky bastard,what is it with you and women,they seem to only have a 'YES' to respond with.

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   Talk about neck,if I'd been smoking a pipe,the next thing he said would have made me bite the stem in half.
 "Yeah,our kid's prizzy missus got it mind" - That's where he'd been at for a couple of days. This was the brother's wife who supposedly cried off from him staying with them,fearing his advances. - My wife giving her full attention to her brother now, "Never! You didn't did you? fancy telling us as well" "She wanted it so I obliged sis" Never! "Oh she wanted it alright,I twigged straight away" How? I chipped in. "Rich' I told you she did ages ago,remember" Harvey said, "I just knew it,that's all" "Yeah,like I knew as well,see"! says Jackie. . . This I must admit had me baffled,I'd always never been able to read this in women. "Well,you take it Pom,I knew Jackie wanted me to screw her,even when we were on our way down from Heathrow,right sis" My wife went bright red. "Yeah she may have been protesting on that table,but I knew it was just a token,she wanted it so I gave it to her" Jackie recovering some composure, "Bastard,giving all my secrets away,I've a good mind not to do that three thing now" "Bullshit,you're gasping for that especially,that's why I suggested it" - "Bastard! Bastard!"
 "Come on listen,what I was saying. Our kid brother was out pissing around with the bins and his car, don't he fuck about all the time? he does" answering his own question. "So,I look at her,she looks at me,saying,No don't you dare,I'll shout mind. She,realising I was going to even if she shouted,headed for the outside door between us and our kid outside. Then the ok signal" I dumbly look at him, "She stopped behind the door and turned,thats the sign Pom,If she hadn't wanted it she'd had been through that door like shit through a goose. I close on her and give her a mouth job,like in the films she's making out to pull away,come on she's against her door,where the fucks she going to go I ask you" .

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  . . "By now I've got my tongue on her ears and neck,getting a token NO! I feel for what she's wearing. Knickers under her frock I thinks. Got it a bit wrong though,bloomers it turned out to be,you know the old fashion heavy ones with elasticated legs. Plenty to pull on them though,I had them down by her knees in a jiff. Out comes my cock as I feel for hers,fuck she was as slippery as hell. Her bloomers were now on the floor and I asked her to step out of them" "NO" "Step out you silly cow your thighs are in the way of me getting it in. The go ahead sign two,Pom, she lifted one foot so they were out the way allowing her to open up,by the time her foot was back down I had this fucker right into her.
 She dug her nails into my arms and her teeth bit my shoulder enough to draw blood,but it stopped her screeching as she cum off. Not like you at night our Jackie" He added. She needed that,I'm telling you,she clung on,trying to keep me up her saying,not yet,keep it there. I did as long as I dared" "That's caddish telling us" "Yeah,but I bet its worked,go on deny it you're ready to get it on with us now,I'll bet'cha!" "Bastard! Bastard!" "Come on where do you want it" "How did it finish then"? "I spotted Ray heading in,telling her,she grabbed her drawers,slung them in the washing,looked to see if any spunk had dropped on the floor,then grabbed the kettle,filling it just as he opened the door. Just timed that right my love,we're just making a coffee,phony bitch,she didn't add,Oh,you're just in time to see his spunk dripping out my pussy" "That's not very charitable when she'd just betrayed him and committed adultery with you" "Well not like you two,you let each other enjoy the proceeds so to speak. Why don't she tell him she needs more cock and a variety,it might be what he needs as well" I thought,there's some weird logic to that,isn't that where me and Jackie has been for years?
 "Yeah,but our Ray's a bit vicary isn't he" Harvey.

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   "Vicary! Look what they've been up to lately,well chosen words my little sister. I bet you're raring to go now aren't you? My wife smiling,crudely pushed her hand down the waist band of her skirt and immediately pulled it out again with her finger shining with cunt juice. "Taste it" she pushed her finger near to her brothers mouth. "Not on the table mind,that made my back sore because you went ever so rough with me that time" "Where then?" We followed her to the stairs. "I don't want it rushed,I want a lot of playing" In unison we gave her a yes wife just let what clothes she had on,drop to the floor and climbed across the bed towards the middle, "Get on either side of me" She stopped in her kneeling position with one leg slightly forward of the other as she felt her brothers hand plunge up her pussy. Silent now,she wobbled on the springs of the mattress as he tried to push his hand in her and nearly succeeded. As he twisted his hand with his fingers clasped in a point she tried to push back on it. "Fuck! you knuckles are just to big for me" She pulled away and rolling on to her back let her knees bend up with her thighs open as wide as they would go. I dropped in on my usual side of her while her brothers head disappeared between her thighs. I felt her jerk as his tongue had obviously licked her clit. Fuck! steady,go gentle! I was now sucking both her tits,one then the other. So we settled into our first Australian orgy. I was getting a lot out of watching her brothers head bobbing around her pussy and as she headed for her first orgasm she gripped my cock and started wanking me.
 Then she was gripping and pulling really hard on it so I followed where she pulled. Realising she was open mouthed I knelt alongside her face and with a quick opening and shutting of her eyes she pulled my cock into her open mouth.


   Fuck! she closed her teeth on my cock fucking hard and bit. Pulling it out again,"Sorry! Sorry! I'm starting to cum and I forgot I was thinking I was giving you a love bite on your body" Sucking me like mad I could feel her body going into full orgasmic shakes and wobbling. I sensed rather than saw her clamp Harvey's head with her thighs as she strained every sinue in her legs. Her ass had risen off the bed as she tried to get more tongue,then flopped down again as her tongue pushed my cock out as if to gasp more air,with a wobbly sounding oo-oo-ooh! Then she stretched to my cock and dragging it back in her mouth she went absolutely mad with her head and tongue. I thrust at her as I shot,shot after shot in her mouth.
 All at one time she was being made to except her brothers oversize cock into her cunt. I eased away as he started to pound the shit out of her pussy. Her head was first throwing back at the pillow then her head came foward taking her chin into her chest as her tits shook and danced a series of sexy tremblings and wobbles on her chest. All accompanied by a series of sexual noises. Her brother had really kept her orgasm's going,one followed by another. Her legs clamped him now as he thrust his first cum shot up the top of her quim. - that was a lot of cock up her I can tell you, - This orgasm must have been an awsome one because she bit into his neck and drew blood. As his spunk petered out she came down off her orgasm and they flopped down together.
 "Fuck Jack' why did you bite that hard" Rubbing the enflamed mark. "Its that sadistic streak she has,you know the one,like the female spider that eats her mate" "Sorry,I just get carried away,that's all" As Harvey rolls off my wife,I get between her legs and pushed my cock into the now,liberal amount of goo between her thighs.

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   Not being nasty I almost fall in her slippery cunt that's still stretched to her brothers size. None the less I persever and in a remarkably quick time her pussy muscles start the job of gripping me around the cock as her brother has his hand between our belly's rubbing her clit. She's off now bucking against my groins and belly. "I'm cumming again,harder,go harder" I do and spits spunk as she jerks in all directions,finally rolling us both over and lying on top of my torso panting with me still up her.
 "Bend your knees up Jack' so your ass comes up and lets Pom drop out of you" Like a zombie she first drags one and then the other knee forward into a kneeling position around my torso and I chuckle as a great blob of our spunks drop out of her pussy onto my balls. "What" she asks. Our spunk just dropped onto my bollocks I answer. She smiles as her body is pushed forward making her nipples brush across my face. As she moved back again I grasp one between my lips and suck her nipple and most of her oreole into my mouth and starts sucking it. She comes forward again but she's now tethered by her tit in my closed mouth and I feel it strain and see it stretch as her brother thrusts in again. Reaching my hands up through her legs I feel for his cock as he pushed too and fro in my wifes cunt. I can feel the rim of her hole following too and fro holding on to his cock.
 Moving my fingers on to her clitoris I start to rub her, "No,not yet its to touchy,I'll say when" So I jiggle around with her tits some more,grabbing the one not in my mouth and holding it to allow me to move my mouth from one to the other. Then he gave a harder thrust emminating an instant grunt from my wife. In a strained voice, "Now! rub it fast now,he's got it in my cervix and he's going to cum" His jerks were very short and she arched her back making her cunt go more towards him.

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   He made grunt after grunt with each thrust as she gasped a little screech with each thrust then she started shagging him very fast then exploded in a heap on my chest,gasping and panting,"Fuck! what a cumming that was" They eventually got off and I think I had more cum on me than she had up her insides. I was covered in the stuff.
 We all lead and slumbered for a while. On waking,we looked at each other and said nothing,then Harvey broke the moment, "This haunt of yours you both have told me about" "Yeah! Don't believe all Rich' says I get up to,I just do the stamping on the benches like all the others do. I admit the stiens make me a bit tipsy,but I only ever have two all night" "No,what I was going to ask is. Would it be okay for us all to sleep in here together when we get back" My wife looking suspiciously at her brother, "Yeah! but remember this was a one off,so it will be SLEEP" He just grinned, I knew exactly where he was coming from. He'd thought again of what I'd told him that first time of meeting. - When we go to the German oom-pa bar,they start her engine but I get to drive the bus home!
 The horny bastard wants to drive my bus too! . . . See you for the next part.