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My 18-year-old cousin, Ardeena is beautiful. She's a smooth caramel skin color with small, but handheld breasts. Her ass is plump and reaches out about 7 inches passed her back. Her face is geniune: wide brown eyes, supple full set of lips made just for cock sucking. I've always wanted to have sex with her, but could never bring myself to do it. When we were younger, we'd kiss, and feel on each other, but we were young. We didn't know any better. Now, I was 19-years-old, and she was 18 Now, I knew full well what I was doing. I lived by myself in a house over on the Westside of my neighborhood, and she called me up to tell me she was in town. Without hesitation, I invited her to come over. I cleaned the place up because I certainly wasn't going to have her over when the house was a mess.
Around 6:30 PM, she knocked on my door. I had decorated the house to where it was clean and smelled of cucumber melon. I opened the door to my one room flat, and saw her standing there in the doorway. She had done nothing to appease herself to me. She hadn't dolled up her face, redone her hair, painted her nails, or wore anything alluring.

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   She stood there in a yellow, low-cut halter top, and a pair of light blue jeans. The simple fact that she was a light-skinned caramel color only made the brightness of her outfit exude a sensual lust in me. See, she could've worn anything to get me excited, so she chose to wear something that would draw me to her, but not take me over the edge.
I tried my hardest to keep it in my head that this was indeed my cousin. My own flesh and blood, and that lust could not be the right path for us. We had tried several times before, but were caught in the act. It's part of the reason why many of my family members don't trust me around any of the attractive females in my family. My grandmother refused to let any of my female cousins come into my room without the door open, even though I managed to shoot a load of cum down my 18-year-old cousins' throat once. So yeah, I could understand their restraint. But never had I had what I'd always imagined: the chance to finally have sex with my most attractive cousin.
We tried to pass the time by telling jokes, regaling of old times, watching tv, playing games and whatever else we could do to refuse to engage ourselves in our lustful desires. I don't know why I was fighting it so hard. Deep inside I knew it was wrong, and if I could resist it, I would. . .

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  if I could. But then the turning point came when the clock struck 9. We're both big fans of professional wrestling, and when the show came on, we were glued to the tv. The first match was a crowd opener that was exciting and uplifting. Ardeena, and I were really into it. The match had a spectacular finish that brought both of us to our feet. "Man, that move was cool. " Ardeena cheered about the finisher that finished the match.
"Yeah, I could show you how to do it. " I interjected. I should've known this would lead to something more, yet I couldn't resist the temptation any longer. I lifted Ardeena onto my shoulders, with her head on my left shoulder, and with a lift, I shifted her body onto my entire left side. I put her down softly, but landed on top of her. I could've moved. I mean, it would've been easy, but I was too focused on her eyes.

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   Her round, wide brown eyes had me transfixed, and before I could bring myself to move, my lips connected with hers. She didn't try to fight me off, instead she pulled me closer. Kissing me with lips and tongue like we did when we were younger.
With the slightest ease, I slipped my hand underneath her halter, and placed my hand over her right breast. I could picture the breast as I flet it. It didn't have a nipple tip, it would be a round circle at the center of her breasts. A nice darker toned nipple that I could suck on and leave my saliva across. We were still kissing, as I slipped my other hand under her shirt and fondled her left breast. I could feel her breathing increase sharply. Our lips parted for a second as I went to lift her halter top to reveal exactly what I had pictured: two caramel colored 32C size breasts with round flat nipples. I smiled brightly at the sight, and went to meet my new friends with my tongue until Ardeena pushed me away.
"What's the problem?" I asked curiously.
"I don't think we should be doing this. You're my cousin. " she protested.

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   Part of me didn't want to dignify her with a response. Part of me wanted to just keep going, and make sure she'd like it, and so. . . that was the part I went with. I focused my attention back to her breasts, and continued to drown them in my saliva. Her perky colored tits were a dream come true. How long I longed to shove my dick inside of her. Now I was finally going to get my chance. Ardeena slowly unbottuned her jeans, teasing me with her speed. I removed my shirt, and my black jean shorts to reveal a stiffened 9-inch cock. Ardeena's eyes bulged at my size obviously catching her off guard. Ardeena was no virgin, but her other suitors didn't have my length and width, so she was a little nervous to say the least. When her jeans reached the floor, I laid eyes on the prettiest pussy I'd ever seen. It was cleanly shaven with two soft, dripping wet, juicy lips anticipating the arrival of my dick.

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   I didn't keep it waiting much longer.
"Do you want it?" I asked Ardeena, before we continued what was bound to be inevitable.
"Hell yes!" she answered me, and with that, I plunged my engorged dick into the soft wet hole of my cousin. I pumped my dick in and out of her fuck hole time and time again. With each stroke letting out an exasperated grunt. Ardeena buckled underneath me with her arms hooked under mine, and her legs clamped across my back. She bit my shoulder to tell me how much she loved my incestual dick pleasing her. I continued my lustful assault in her pussy as I stroked and grinded softly inside her, making each stroke count. "Ohmigawd, I didn't think your dick would be this good" she screamed.
I replied only with satisfied grunts, the more I penetrated her pussy, the better it felt. It was finally happening, I was fucking my cousin. Her soft wet pussy tightened in the middle of my stroke making some of my pumps harder, and harder, and harder. "Oh yes, fuck me! fuck me! I'm your little whore. " Her dirty talk was turning me on even more. As my pace quickened inside her, we both traded back dirty words, "How's it feel to fuck me huh? Do you like fucking your cousin?" she taunted.

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"Hell yeah, I gonna fuck the juice outta your pussy" I threatened. Ardeena removed her legs from my waist to put them over my shoulders. I grabbed hold of both her knees as I drove my dick in and out of her pussy with speed and force. I spread her legs wider, and move on top of her. I kissed her lips again, and started sucking on her tits. Watching those big caramel knockers bounce up and down while I fucked her tight wet pussy made me even more intense. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum. " I warned.
"No, no, don't cum inside me!" Ardeena argued, but I wasn't trying to listen. I offered a few more heavy pumps as I jerked my dick inside her pussy forcefully for the next few strokes until I couldn't hold out any longer.
"Ahh, I'm cumming. " I screamed as I let a jet load of my semen fill my cousin's pussy, my back locked as I jerked out spasm after spasm of cum and deposited it inside my cousin's fuckhole. It wouldn't stop flowing until some of it started to trickle out the sides of her pussy lips, and even then, I continued to shoot more cum inside her while still fucking her. Her breath grew dry as I still unloaded every drop of long awaited cum inside her pussy until I was completely out. When I released my dick from her pussy, I fell to the side of her on the floor, and she went down to my dick to suck any remnants of her pussy juice off my semi-hard cock.

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   "You're the best fuck i've ever had in my life. " I cheered.
"Same here, but what if I get pregnant?" Ardeena asked when she removed her firm, smooth lips from my dick.
"Let's hope it's a girl. " I replied.
"Cuz then I can fuck her too. . . "


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