This happen a couple of year ago on my younger brothers 16th birthday, my parents were going all out for it. They hired a D. J. for music and a bouncer for the younger kids. They invited the entire family all the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I did my duty and stay most of the afternoon, but I had a date to get ready for.

I when upstairs and took my shower, the music was so loud I could hear it in the shower. When I got out I dried off and start working on my hair I wanted to look special tonight as my boy friend and I were celebrating our six month anniversary. I put on my thinnest bra and my yellow see through panties, now to get to work on putting on my face and getting my hair just perfect.

As I was working with my curling Iron my older brother walked into the bathroom. I said “what the fuck” you see me in here. He just mumbled that he was wanted to that a pee. He must have been smoking weed all afternoon because he stunk of it. I was irritated that he just walk in. he only had a t-shirt and a pair of speedo type underwear on. I had not seen in his underwear since we were young kids and it appeared that he had grown up quite a bit.

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   I just kept working on my hair and try to ignore him.
As he finish peeing he started to left and I told him to flush the toilet, he did and started to walk out and I said wash your hands you idiot.

As I moved to the side a little bit to let him get to the sink I saw in the mirror that he had removed his speedo and his cock was hardin a second he was on me and forced me down on the bathroom countertop. I told him to get off or I would scream and he go ahead nobody will hear you over the music, then I said I would Mom and Dad and he said no you won’t because you would have to admitted that your boyfriend had popped your cherry and Dad would kill him (little did he know that my current boy friend was probably the sixth or seventh boy who put his cock in me). My brother said I see you like to wear see through bra and panties is so the boys can see what they are getting, he was far off of the truth. He reached down and ripped my panties off me threw them on the floor and kept me pinned against the countertop. I could feel his cockhead push up against me. I was even wet, except the moist that was left behind from my shower. He was pushing his cock in me and there wasn’t much I could do about. As he pushed further in me I thought God his cock is huge, he the biggest I ever had in me.
I then realized that my head said now way is this going to happen, but my body cried out “YES”. The fact that he ripped my panties off me really got me hot I loved the fact that he was treating me like a slut that deserved whatever she got.

I started pushing my pussy back to meet his thrust, my god he was really filling me up. His cock was so big, and then I remember this is my brother who was fucking me and my pussy really started to flow. I thought to myself this is my brother and his huge cock is banging my pussy.

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  He reached up and pulled on my bra and finally got it off. My mind was spinning if he reached around and got hold of my nipples I was a goner I discovered that my nipples weak my weak spot, ever boy that got hold of my tits so far got to fuck me. Getting my nipples played with made my pussy start to ache and started to flow. He grabbed my nipples and if feel the ache coming on. I pushed back even hard now wanting all of his cock in me and making me moan and scream. I told him fuck me harder shove all your cock in me. He didn’t have to be told twice, he started really fucking me hard and fast. I couldn’t imagine that be fucked by your brother could feel so good. I opened my legs wider so he could get better access to my pussy. I don’t know how long we were fucking when his friend (Fred) came down the hall to see what was taking him so long. When he saw us his eyes almost popped out. He asked where he found his little play toy. He said I was his sister and his sister was a cock hog. He asked Fred if he wanted to fuck me too, that he wanted to see how good I could suck a cock. Fred was gamed and pulled down his underwear, and then I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen he had to be 9 or 18 inches long and real thick.

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   My brother pulled his cock out of me and Fred stepped right it and once I felt his cock going in me I knew I was going to be fucked royally today and I was loving it. My brother came around me and said for me to start sucking his cock, as soon as I opened my mouth he shoved it in and I could taste all my cunt juices on it. God I was heaven two cocks in me and I would be able to fuck them as long as I wanted to. My brother said we should go back to his room and I was all for that. We went to his room and he sit down on his bed and told me to get over there and start sucking again. I knew once I started sucking that monster cock would be fucking me again so I wasted no time and I was cumming again I had already lose count of how many time I came or how many time they shot their cum in me.

I finally got back to getting ready for my date and my mom walked into the bathroom to tell me how the party was going and she found the torn panties on the floor she didn’t say anything just walked out with them I could have sworn that I saw her smell them as she walked down the hall I was sure she knew what had happened.

My boy friend that night got the fucking of his young life and probably thinks it was because he was such a stud


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