Billy and His Stepmother


Billy knew that his father was a real go-getter, so he fully expected him to leave for his business conference before dawn. Standing in the shadows, he watched the old man driver away. He waved sarcastically as the taillights disappeared down the road. He had been waiting a long time for this moment. Now he had eight entire days alone with his father's new trophy wife. He didn't plan to waste a second of them.

Moments later he entered the master bedroom. He undressed quickly and slipped carefully into bed, not wanting to wake up his peacefully sleeping stepmother.

Not yet, at least.

Billy took a moment to check out his stepmother's perfect body. In her younger days, she had earned quite a following as a bikini model. Now at the age of thirty she looked as good as ever. Boldly, Billy reached out and cupped one of her apple shaped breasts. She smiled in her sleep, still believing that this was some part of a dream. As Billy reached in and took his nipple between his lips, she started to realize that it was actually happening.

"Oh, Rod," she sighed sleepily.


   "Again? Don't you ever get enough?"

"No," Billy said firmly. "And I'm not Rod. "

Leslie opened her eyes then. She almost screamed. But then she recognized her young stepson.

"Billy, what the hell do you think you're doing?" she asked angrily.

"I'm getting to know my new stepmother," he grinned. "That's what Dad asked me to do before he left. "

"I don't think he meant like this," Leslie said. "Wait. Are you naked?"

"Yes," Billy laughed, "Just like you, Mommy. "

Leslie suddenly realized what a vulnerable position she was in. She took the sheet and wrapped it protectively around her exposed body.

"Get out of here," Leslie ordered. "If you don't leave this instant, I'm going to tell your father.

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"I don't think so," Billy said. Reaching out, he jerked the sheet away. "God, you've got such beautiful tits. "

"Billy, you shouldn't say things like that," Leslie told him. "It's wrong. "

"Why?" Billy wondered.

"Because you're only fifteen years old," she pointed out. "Plus, I'm married to your father. You're a good looking boy, Billy. But you should be with girls your own age. "

"I don't want girls my own age," Billy said. "I want you. "

"That's sweet," Leslie said. As she stared at him, she couldn't help but notice just how handsome he actually was. Despite herself, she felt her resistance weakening.

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   "Please, Billy. We can't. What if your father found out?"

"He won't," Billy said. "I promise. "

"This is the worst idea every," Leslie sighed. "But come to Mommy…. "

Billy didn't need to be asked twice. He climbed on top of his beautiful stepmother and pressed his mouth to hers. From the way she kissed him back, Billy could tell that she wanted this as much as he did. She gasped as he entered her.

"Oh, God, Billy," she moaned. "You're even bigger than your father. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. "

Billy was in heaven as he drove his young cock into his stepmother's experienced pussy.

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   Billy was no virgin, but he knew instantly that this was the woman he had been waiting his entire life to be with. Her nails dug into his back and she cried out his name as he drove himself deeper and deeper inside her. With a final groan of pleasure he flooded her womb with his thick, active seed.

The two illicit lovers clung tightly to each other as they basked in the afterglow, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally, the words came.

"Thank you, son," Leslie said softly. "You made your Mommy come. "

"You're welcome, Mommy," Billy smiled. "Can we do it again?"

With a wicked grin, Leslie began to lick her way down her stepson's muscular, sweaty torso. When she reached his flaccid cock she took it between her lips and quickly brought it back to life.

Mother and son spent the next glorious week shamelessly fucking in every position imaginable. And the affair didn't end when the old man returned. Six months later Leslie looked radiant as her husband threw a party to celebrate his trophy wife's unexpected pregnancy. Little did he suspect that it was in fact his son's seed growing in her belly.

But Billy and Leslie knew, as they shared a secret smile.

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