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My sister was in her last stages of middle school and at a whopping age of thirteen, she could have passed for at least sixteen. Her breasts weren't large, but certainly not small. They were nice and pert right upon her chest. She was in very good shape, and had nice legs, most likely from all of her years cheerleading. Her hair was a light brown and she had big beautiful green eyes. She stood at 5'4" and a tad immature. My build was similar with its varying differences. I am seventeen. My breasts stood at attention at a D cup. I too was in shape from my early years of gymnastics and volleyball. My hair is blonde and I have light blue eyes. I'm 5'11".
I'd like to tell you that this all happened the weekend of my parents big get-away vacation, but that's too consecutive. My parents were infact home which makes it all the more exciting to be caught. Volleyball practice ran late and by the time I got to the car I was aching for a shower. As I was driving past the middle school I remembered that I had to pick up my baby sister, Elaine, from her cheerleading practice that conveniently ran late also.

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   I walked into the gym and sat next to her bag on the bleachers. I could notice from the corner of my eye a couple of boys oogling me from a higher bleacher. Probably checking out my boobs. Just to mess with them I started to massage my breasts and spread my legs a little wider. I turned to face them and winked. They ran out of the gym to tell their friends what had happened. Elaine ran over to me after practice and called me a slut. I rolled my eyes and followed her out of the gym.
As soon as I got home I ran into the bathroom and stripped off all of my clothes. I hopped into the shower. I thought back to how I teased those boys from the gym and how hot I had gotten myself. Slowly I slipped a finger into my pussy and massaged my clit with my thumb. I heard the bathroom door open and close. I stopped my game for the moment. I thought it might be Elaine or Mom that needed something from the bathroom or to pee.

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   But that wasn't the case. I could see from the foggy clear glass of the shower that Elaine was beginning to take off her clothes. I froze at the thought she might climb in the shower with me, but how interesting it might become. Then I felt guilty for having those thoughts about my sister.
" 'Laine what the hell are you doing?"
"There's only one shower and I need it. Besides we have the same thing. "
But it was completely different. I could hear Elaine moaning from behind me and I knew she was masturbating. On instinct I too started my excursion again. I thought what the hell, we both know what the other is doing and spun around to face her. I put my arms around her neck and kissed her softly on the lips.
"Jessica. . . stop"
I couldn't stop though.

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   I kissed her harder and meshed our bodies together causing her to jump when my bare smoothly shaven pussy rubbed against her tight stomach.
"I bet you've never kissed a girl before" I moaned in her ear. "I heard you behind me fucking yourself, I think you could use another hand"
With that I slid my hand down her stomach and pulled at her small patch of pubic hair. She moaned louder. We lip-locked again, this time she engaged. I parted her lips with my tongue and we let them dance. She moaned in my mouth and I knew she was enjoying this. I turned the shower off and she looked a little sad, thinking our fun was over. I handed her a towel and grabbed our clothes. Then her hand, and ran off to my bed room and locked the door. When I turned to Elaine, she was already on the bed with her towel off, rapidly rubbing her clit. I crawled on top of her and we began kissing again.
"You're such a sexy little eighth grader, " I told her in between kisses. "Feel my pussy, see how hot it's gotten. "
She gently placed her hand on my outer lips and began to massage them.

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I moaned. "I bet you masturbate a lot"
She moaned back, "I do. Mostly thinking about my friends in strap-ons, occasionally I think about you. "
That shocked me. I put two and two together and concluded that Elaine was a struggling bisexual. Which means she's already thought out a scenario closely related to this one. I kissed down her stomach and tugged at her pussy.
"Have you ever tried anything with your friends?" I asked.
"No. . . " she looked somewhat ashamed.
I grabbed her by the cheeks and kissed her hard. "I'm not going to hurt you, I know you'll love this. "
She nodded and began stroking my hair as I went further down.

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   I kissed her clit and watched her chest heave twice. Then I began to lick around it, making smaller and smaller circles. I inserted a finger inside of her hole, then two and soon I was sucking her clit and fucking her with my fingers. Her tits were jiggling up and down and she was humping my face like a common whore.
"Oh God, Jessica" she moaned aloud. "I think I'm going to. . I'm gonna. . . "
Before she could get the sentence out I bit hard on her clit and her juices covered my face.
"Fuck!" she yelled.
She layed there on the bed and her leg twitched each time I licked her clit to tease her. I crawled up to the headboard and cuddled her in my arms, I knew she was exhausted. I kissed her forehead and she dozed off.

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   But before she could settle herself we heard a knock on the door.
"Jessica, is 'Laine in there with you"
I scrambled to get some clothes on and Elaine pulled the covers over her.
"Um, yes Mom" I shouted back.
"Alright well dinner is almost ready. "
"We'll be down soon," we called back.
"And keep that noise down whatever you're doing in there. "
We looked at each other and smiled.
Soon after we were down in the kitchen fixing our dinner plates. We sat side my side while our parents were on the opposite side. We discussed school and practices.
Mom finally commented on the noise earlier. "What were you girls doing up there anyway. The door was locked and there was a lot of screaming going on. You weren't hurting her were you Jessie?"
"Of course not Mom, you caught us in a tickle war. "
Elaine gave me a quick glance and a smirk.

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Mom looked at us suspiciously but went on to ask Dad about his day. The conversation stopped when I gave out a long moan as I started to cum. I came even harder because I was in the presence of my parents. All the while Dad was going on about his job Elaine had been working on my clit. Making sure to pinch it hard when my breathing changed. Mom asked if I was ok and I just said my stomach hurt. I excused myself and went upstairs to finish myself off some more. Soon after Elaine came galloping in and jumped on top of me. We began to make out. I stopped her when I noticed the door wide open and she was tugging at my shorts. She got up to lock the door and commented on how wet my shorts were because I wasn't wearing any panties. I smiled and we kissed again, now it's my turn to become the bitch.



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