Big Brother Broke His Legs 1


Big Brother Broke His Legs 1
Lisa was driving to her big brothers house across the state. She is 18 and her brother Dustin is 25. Her parents got a phone call from Dustin three days ago when he had a dirt bike wreck and busted both of his legs up bad. So Lisa told her parents when he got out of the hospital she would go take care of him till he healed.
She pulled up she unloaded her stuff and knocked on the door. Dustin yelled come in. When she walked in the house she could see Dustin sitting in a wheelchair both legs propped up on the leg rest covered from toe to hips in white cast. All he was wearing was a t-shirt and boxers. She walked up to him and gave him a hug. She said to him you look better than I thought. Dustin said well you would not believe the pain I’m in if I move my legs. Aw poor boy. So Dustin what can I help you with? Well Lisa I really would like to go to bed. Lisa pushed Dustin’s wheelchair to the bed room. So Dustin how we going to do this? Well I’ll sit in the edge of the bed and you lift my legs up for me. Dustin got on the bed wincing in pain and Lisa lifted his cast one at a time.

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   She looked down and could see his limp cock hanging out and two huge egg size balls. Lisa could not believe how big it was her ex-boyfriend was 6” hard Dustin was 6” limp and as big around as a red bull can. And to top it off he was uncut and she had never seen an uncut guy.
Dustin ask for his pain pills and Lisa got them for him. It only took 18 min. and Dustin was knocked out. While her big bro was knocked out Lisa looked for something to do but the only thing she found was some beer in the fridge. After 4 beers she was feeling a buzz and all she could think about was the way he brothers cock looked. Lisa sat around and finished another beer when she started to rub her clit through her thong. Thinking of Dustin’s cock was driving her nuts all she could think of is how big it would get hard.
Lisa went back to Dustin’s room to check on him and she could see his cock from the hole in the front of his boxers. Being a little drunk and Dustin knocked out she had to touch it. So she pulled his cock from his boxers and slowly started to jerk her big brother. After only a few seconds of watching his fore skin slide over the head of his cock Dustin got fully hard. Lisa could not believe Dustin was 9 ½” thick and bigger around than a red bull can.

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After playing with his cock a few minutes Lisa started rubbing her clit again. She could not take it any longer and figured what could it hurt if she rubbed Dustin’s cock head on her clit. Lisa slipped out of her thong and vary gently and slowly startled her brother hips being careful not to move is cast. After getting on top of him she rubbed the head on her clit and she could not believe how great it felt and she knew then she had to have him in her.
    Lisa was not on birth control and didn’t have a condom but figured Dustin was passed out so he would not cum. She rode his really slow for more than twenty minutes. Lisa then heard Dustin moan and she thought she had hurt his legs but then she felt his cock throbbing and a vary warm wet feeling in her. Lisa attempted to get off his cock as fast as possible but when she did Lisa fell back and landed on her big brothers cast. Dustin immediately woke up screaming like his cast had been run over by a truck.
    Lisa ran to the bath room screaming and crying. She felt her cunt and could feel what had to be 4-5 huge loads dripping down her bare legs.
    Part two soon maybe…If you like the story I’ll continue. If you have ideas you want added in email me at castjock@aol. com.

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