Big Brother 3


It has been 3 weeks since my brother left for a job out of state. My Mom and Dad have been fighting because he thinks Mom is fucking around on him while he is gone. Guess what "He's right".
Dad had left that morning and I was supposed to spend the night with a friend, but got bored and decided to go home. My friends Dad drove me home and he kept looking at me and saying how cute I was and bet the boys like you. I know he wanted to fuck me but just couldn't get up the courage. He dropped me off and I went in the kitchen door thinking Mom was in bed asleep I tried to not make any noise. Well she was in bed but she sure wasn't asleep. I could hear her moaning and a male voice saying "Yes Yes Yes". Knowing that my Dad was gone it had to be one of her men friends. I tip-toed to her door and looks in and was shocked to see my Mom laying on her back with both legs up in the air and some guy shoving a cock that looked like it had to be 10" long and almost as big as my arm in her pussy. I stood and watched for a while and he was pounding the shit out of her. I could feel my cunt get wet so I went to my room stripped and started fingering my pussy. I was thinking about by big brother and how good it felt to have him lick and fuck my pussy. It didn't take long until I had a huge orgasm, and from the sounds coming from down the hall so did Mom and her friend.
The next morning I was setting watching T.

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  V. when Mom came out of her room. She looked at me with a shocked look and said,"When did you get home?"
"Well let me answer you this way it was while your boy friend was pounding you with that huge cock".
"OH NO you didn't see that?"
"Yes I'm afraid so, he was really giving it to you. "
She started to cry and said "Oh please don't tell your Dad we are having enough trouble without him finding out about that. "
"Oh don't worry I won't say a word, but I will expect you to keep your mouth shut about anything I do also deal?"
"Yes Yes anything you want but just please don't tell. I get so horny and just have to have it".
"Well guess what I know the feeling and you know who takes care of me? "None other than you sweet son Jimmy. "
I thought she was going to faint. "WHAT Jimmy is fucking you?"
"You bet your sweet ass he is and doing a great job of it to". "So when he comes home next time you won't say a word when he sleeps with me in my bed".
"Jan, that's incest it's wrong to have sex with your brother, but if that is what you want I won't tell anyone and I'll have my friend over also".
That afternoon I was supprised when my Jimmy opened the door and walked in. I ran and jumped up with my legs around his waist and kissed him on the mouth and tried to shove my tongue in his mouth. "Hey be careful sis we don't want Mom to find out".

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"Oh don't worry about her. " And I told him the whole story. I reached down and felt his cock through his pants and as I thought it was hard after hearing how I caught mom fucking that guy. I took him by the hand and led him to my room and shut the door. I pulled off my shorts and shirt and stood completely naked in front of the man I wanted to fuck me silly. I un zipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful hard cock and kissed the head then put my mouth over the head and licked it all over. Man was he hard and his dick was just bouncing every time I licked it.   I put my hand on his shaft and started jacking him and still sucking on the head.
"Oh god sis have I missed you, that feels sooooo goood. You are the best cock sucker I have ever seen"
I wanted him to cum in my mouth and get the first one over with so when he fucked me it would last longer. I jacked faster and faster. Soon I felt his balls get tight and knew that he was going to fill my mouth with his sweet cum.
"Oh Oh Yesssss I going to cummm keep sucking don't stop" " Suck little sister suck".
He shoved his cock in my mouth and shot a huge load of cum in my mouth. I swollowed every drop of it that I could but with each thrust there was another shot.

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   He slowly relaxed and released my head that he had been holding on to while I sucked him.
"Take off those pants and get ready to get the fucking of your life". He stripped his pants and shirt off along with his shorts and picked me up and layed me on the bed. He kissed me on the mouth and then lowered his head and started sucking on my tits. I went nuts. "Oh suck my tits my big wonderful brother".   He didn't stay long on my tits and strted kissing me lower and lower and I knew I was going to get my pussy licked.
"Would you like to have your brother eat your pussy?"
"You better do something soon or I'm going to explode, yes eat my pussy make me cum on your tongue. "
The feeling was out of this world when he ran his tongue the length of my cunt and then flicked my clit. He kept getting deeper into my wet pussy with each lick and each time he reached the top he would lick my clit and suck on it. He started to tongue fuck me and I put my hands on his head and shoved it against my cunt and pushed my hips up as hard as I could. My legs were high in the air and spread as wide as I could get them so he could get as much of my pussy as he wanted. I was about to cum when he put his mouth on my clit and sucked and licked it. I started to cum in waves that I had never felt before. I saw stars and was screaming something but don't know what.

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   All I knew was that my big brother was eating my pussy and I was cumming hard on his tongue.
"How was that sis? Was it worth the wait?" He raised up and I could see that wonderful cock of his was as hard as a rock again.
"That was great but I want that dick in my now. " He slid up land I reached down and grabbed his cock and guided it to my wet fuck home and shoved up. When the head went into my cunt I let out a moan that people next door could her. He started pushing his dick in a little at a time and then pulling out. I grabbed his ass and pulled him down and he went all the way in with one stroke.
"Now fuck me brother fuck your little sister the way you want to. Just shove that dick in me hard and fast. "
I looked up and saw the door open a crack and Mom look in. She smiled and shut the door. I knew she was happy now that she knew we couldn't say anything to any one about what we were doing. My brother started sucking my tits and pumping me like a wild dog would fuck his bitch. I had my legs around his back and was shoving my cunt up to get all of him in me. We were both breathing like a race horse that just ran a race, and fucking like crazy.

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"Oh big brother we are fucking, you are fucking your little sister and fucking her good, we are really fucking. "
"Yes little sister we are fucking and you have the best pussy in the world you are just the fit for my cock and you are fucking me good also. " "I'm getting a little tired why don't I roll over and let you on top and you can ride me for a while. "
He rolled me up on top with out ever letting his cock come out of me and I started bouncing on his big cock. I was getting all of it up deep inside my belly.
"Oh baby sis I'm about to cum keep fucking me. "
"Me to brother I want to cum with you, so go ahead and shoot your love juice in me. " "Ohhhhhh shit it feel good, Oh my god I'm cummmminggggg Oh Oh OH it's good"
"Here it cums sis Ahhhhhhhh your so fucking tight I'm cummminggg. "
I could feel the hot cum hit deep into my fuck hole and with each stroke there was another shot of cum. I had the best orgasm I had ever had and I don't think I have ever had that much cum in me. I rolled off him and let his cock slid out and lay on his belly. It was wet with his cum and my love juices. We fell asleep for a while but fucked several more time before morning. My cunt was red and soar the next day but I loved every minute of it. All my Mom said was "Did you two have fun last night?" I just looked at her and smilled.

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