Big bro takes control


Ok lets get on with the story. I was running late one morning and I only had 18 minutes to get ready. Im not a morning person so I was in trouble. I got dressed fairly quick this morning and well. . I was amazed! I had to go to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth when i found out the door was locked. I knew who was in there. My little sister Cari. She was 13, she was tall for her age. She was about 5'5, 110 pounds, dark brown hair that went a little passed her chin and curved around her face. She had 32B breasts and a nice tight little ass. I have to say it. . . my little sister was a knock out! Well anyway like I said I was in a rush! So I knocked on the door and screamed, "Cari unlock the door right now!" I didn't get any answer but i heard sounds. I knew she wasn't gonna let me in so went and got a butter knife and popped the lock, are locks suck.

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   When I went in there I was expecting to see her combing her hair or something but boy was I in for a surprise. There was MY little sister fingering her little pussy! The sounds that I heard were her moaning! "Cari what the hell are you doing?", I said. She finally realized I was there when i said it. "Brian please don't tell my mom and dad they'll kill me?!", she said to me. I had no intintion at first to tell are parents but then an idea popped into my head. "I won't tell my mom and dad but you have do whatever I say. ", I said with a wicked grin on my faceShe hurried up a bit and by the time she got my pants off my member was hard and saluting. It's about 7" not bad. You could hear her gulp as she looked at it. I got impatient and took off my boxers. "Well get to it. " I said to her as I gave her a wicked grin. She started to rub it from the base to the tip. Then after a few seconds of that she started to lick the tip, then finally to the base. "Mmmm, take in all of it.

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  " I said to her. I was already in heaven! She started to suck on it like an expert, and I started to wonder if she had done it before. After a minute or two i started to feel like I was going to shoot my load. "I'm gonna cum and you better take all of it!" i said to her. She kept on going and I lost it i cummed all over her pretty face. She tried to take in all of it as I told her to do. "You did pretty good sis so now im going to return the favor, im gonna fuck your little pussy. "Brian please dont do this!" she replied. She started to cry. "But i have to you deserve this!" I said to her.
    I undressed her and saw her sexy little body. I took her over to the couch and laid her down. "You better get ready little sis cause here I come!" I told her. I opened her legs and she closed her eyes. I mounted her and with one quick moting I pushed in.

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       I could feel her hymen break. At first I was fast and hard but after a second I started to slow down. "Mmmmm she started to moan. She was enjoying this. But hey who was I say anything so was I. After a few seconds both of us were about to cum. Then out of the blue she bursted out, "Brian faster im going to cum!!" Well I was in a giving mood so I went faster. The next thing I knew we were both cumming! I couldn't take it anymore so I just collopased on her. We both exchanged a grin. I could to tell she wasn't as mad any more about me blackmailing her. "Ok little sis you be here on the couch tomorrow right after school I have some plans for us. " I told her. She just nodded at me. *I know, I know. Not alot of sex! But hey this is my first story!!! And plus im easing into the story.

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       If you like it there will be a second chapter. But like I said my first story so PLEASE PLEASE comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!*.