Bethany's Dad


Topic: Bethany's DadBethany lay in her bed, the covers thrown off and her window open, allowing the warm night air to dance over her exposed, sixteen-year-old flesh. She wore only a tight t-shirt, pulled up over her pert breasts, her nipples erect, tingling in the slight wind. A pair of sweat shorts were dangling from one petite foot over the side of the bed. Her short, skinny legs were spread apart, allowing her left hand unobstructed access to her small, hairless pussy. Bethany had just shaved it this evening and loved the feel of the smooth, tender skin. She ran a finger in between her labia and spread the wetness she found there all around the puffy lips. Her right hand was tugging and squeezing her left nipple, sending little electric-like shocks all the way down to her toes.

Her pale skin shone in the dim light that reached through the window. Bethany’s thick, curly, raven hair framed a heart-shaped face with large, dark eyes, small, almost pug nose and tiny but full crimson lips. Her lips parted as a sigh of pleasure escaped from between them as she lazily teased her hardening clitoris. Only moments ago she’d been sleeping soundly until a rhythmic thumping had woken her. It took her only a few groggy moments to realize her parents were fucking again. Since they’d reunited after a lengthy separation it seemed that was all they did. And Bethany’s bedroom was next to theirs so she usually knew when they were doing it.

Not only could she hear the bed thumping against the wall and the springs creaking but also moans and muffled words. At this very moment Bethany could hear her mother groaning ever few seconds.

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   She imagined her father was forcefully thrusting inside her in short intervals. Her father, who she hadn’t seen in years, was almost a stranger. When Bethany first saw him enter the apartment behind her mom she didn’t even recognize him. With a trace of shame she remembered wondering who this cute guy was her mom was bringing home with her. He was taller than she remembered, broad-shouldered with an athletic build. His short, brown hair had streaks of grey and his eyes were bright and blue. She recalled him glancing over her body in much the way she had looked at him. When her mom told her who the man was, it was a very awkward moment for her.  

That first night Bethany had heard them fucking. She couldn’t believe it. Her mother was an attractive woman, but she’d never thought of her as being sexual. The things Bethany had heard her say through the wall made her blush. She could barely make eye contact with either of them the next day. What was worse was that Bethany kept stealing glances at her father. During the night, she’d heard her mother cry out that she’d “missed his big cock”.

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    Ever since then she’d found herself wondering just how big his cock really was. It didn’t help matters that every now and then she’d catch her dad also looking at her strangely, especially whenever she walked around wearing her short robe or something a little provocative. She was sure he was checking her out.

So things had been a bit strange for the past month but Bethany would put up with the awkwardness. This was, after all, the happiest she’d ever seen her mother so she wouldn’t ruin it for her. Bethany grinned to herself. If she were getting fucked on a regular basis like her mom was she’d be in a good mood too!

As it was, she’d have to make due with her fingers at the moment. As she lay, listening to her parents screw, she began to masturbate in earnest. Bethany slipped a finger inside herself, then another. Gasping from the pleasure, she slowly began to work them back and forth, massaging her aching clit at the same time. Her pussy was now soaking wet and Bethany bit her lip, trying not to moan too loudly. Behind the wall, it sounded like her parents were climaxing. Bethany wondered if she could come at the same time they did. She began to frig herself faster, bucking her hips up and down quickly while she squeezed even harder on her left nipple. Now, as she felt her orgasm approaching, she began to cry out, unable to stop herself.

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   She quickly slid a third, then a fourth finger into her tight hole. “Oh, god…. oh…oh…. oh…” she moaned as she bucked and squirmed. She came hard. Her slim body shivered in the feeble light. She gave a shuddering moan as multiple orgasms coursed through her. After several moments she laid gasping and shuddering, smiling serenely.

Then Bethany realized how quiet it had become. She wondered how long her parents had been finished and if they heard her coming. She withdrew her wet, sticky hand and reached over to find the tissues on her bedside table. That was when she noticed the vague shape standing outside her door. A wave of panic hit her. Bethany silently cursed herself for not shutting her door all the way. She’d left it open before bed for ventilation, not anticipating to masturbate tonight.

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   Before she could pull her shirt down or cover herself, the bedroom light suddenly blazed on. She blinked, stars in her eyes for an instant. Then she stared at the form of her father standing in the doorway. She froze beneath his gaze. His eyes were fixated on her, his mouth slightly agape, a distant, dreamy expression on his face.

Bethany vaguely noticed that her father was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. Her eyes fell without thinking toward his crotch. She saw a great lump there. She looked back up into his eyes and saw that he was staring her outstretched legs, her wet pussy fully exposed. Bethany was petrified. She couldn’t even command her limbs to work and hide her nudity from her father. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Then her father spoke, his voice guttural and slow. “I…I heard…I thought I heard…I thought something might’ve been wrong. ” His voice was apologetic but his eyes lingered hungrily over his daughter’s naked form.

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Bethany, her eyes wide with apprehension and confusion found herself smiling weakly. She knew she should cover herself but somehow she enjoyed the look of utter captivation on her father’s face. He was looking at her the way a man looks at something he wants to possess. Natural instinct was overriding any familial feelings he had at the moment. It made Bethany feel powerful and womanly. She liked it.

“I’m okay,” Bethany said softly, “Just having a little fun. ” She gave her shoulders a little, innocent shrug causing her small tits to jiggle slightly.

“Uh, yeah,” he stammered. “Sorry to, you know, interrupt. ” Still his eyes were fixed on her. “You should probably shut the door when…you know. ”

Bethany huffed. “I usually do but it’s just so hot tonight, Dad. ” She fanned herself with her hand and rolled her eyes.

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“Uh, yeah, I suppose it is. ” He looked down at himself. “I guess I’m a little underdressed, too. ” He laughed weakly. Bethany glanced down and noticed the lump had grown larger. She could clearly see the outline of his dick head against the thin fabric of his underwear.

Bethany giggled. “Dad! Oh my god!” She was playing with him a little, but she was really impressed by the size of the tent he was pitching. Looks like mom wasn’t just trying to stroke his ego, she thought to herself.

Her dad grinned wolfishly. “Yeah. Guess I’ve been having some fun, too. ”

“Look to me like you still want to have more. ” Bethany gave her dad a mischievous smile.

Still grinning, her dad looked over her body slowly, shaking his head.

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   “Jesus, Bethany. You’ve grown up so much. You’re beautiful. ”

Bethany genuinely blushed. No one had ever told her she was beautiful before. At least not in so convicted a tone. “Thanks. ” Bethany lowered her eyes demurely. “No one’s ever seen me naked like this before. ” She was being truthful. She only had sex twice before and it was with the same guy in his car both times. Neither of them were completely naked and exposed like she was now.

“Really?” Her dad seemed surprised. “I suppose it shouldn’t be your father doing the staring. I’m sorry, Bethany.

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  ” He began to turn to leave when Bethany sat up.

“No,” She said more loudly than she meant to. “It’s okay. I don’t mind. ” She looked down again at the erection pushing against her dad’s briefs. “But I think it’s only fair I get to see you, too. ”

Her dad smiled then hesitantly approached her. He stopped a foot or so away from where she sat. His crotch was at her eye level. “Well, I guess that would only be fair, huh?” With that he reached down and pulled his briefs down. His erect cock flopped free, the tip of it inches from Bethany’s face.

“Holy shit!” Bethany breathed as she raised a hand to her mouth in surprise. She looked up at her dad, stifling a giggle behind her hand. “Jesus, that’s big,” she said, laughing. His cock was easily over eight inches long and very thick.

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   It curved noticeably to the left and was covered in bumpy veins. It was circumcised and the head was even fatter that the shaft. Bethany moved her head to the left and right, getting a good look at it. She noticed his balls were rather large as well and shaven. They hung low and pendulously. “Oh my god. ” Bethany giggled again. “No wonder mom screams so loud when you fuck her. ”

Her dad chortled. “I wondered if you could hear us. ”
“Is she asleep?” Bethany asked, wide-eyed.

“She was when I left her. ” Bethany’s dad stared hard at her.

Bethany looked back at her dad’s twitching cock. “Can I touch it?” He nodded wordlessly.

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   She reached up and ran her fingers along the shaft, causing the whole member to jump reflexively and Bethany to giggle again. She noticed dried, white stains all over, doubtless her mother’s vaginal secretions. She ran her fingers up to the shiny head and rubbed it. A drop of pre cum oozed out and she gathered it up on her fingertips then rubbed it all over the flared head, eliciting a sigh from her father. “Feel good?” Bethany asked eagerly.

“God yes. ” He nodded. Smiling, Bethany wrapped her hand as best she could around the fat cock and slowly began to pump back and forth. Her dad closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly as he moved his hips with each slow tug. With her other hand Bethany felt her dad’s scrotum. It was more than enough to fill her palm. She squeezed and pulled at it, fondling his nuts in between her fingers. Bethany was having fun and getting excited. Deep inside her psyche she knew what she was doing was terrible, but she didn’t care. She began to stroke her father’s dick faster, it felt so good in her hand.


   “Jesus, girl, you’re going to make me cum all over if you keep that up. ” Her dad grasped Bethany’s hand to hold it still. Bethany grinned up at him.

“I want to see it shoot. ” Her tone was petulant.

Her dad smiled indulgently. “You will, baby, but first I want to have a little fun, too. After all, you got to touch mine, don’t I get to touch yours?” Bethany nodded her head, relinquished her hold on his genitals, and leaned back in her bed, spreading her legs out in front of her. Her dad glared down at her, his gaze fixated upon the tiny slit in between her creamy thighs. He leaned down, his engorged cock bobbing in front of him, and got on his knees in front of his daughter. He reached out with a questing finger and gently rubbed it up and down her wet crack. Feeling the digit brush against her clit, Bethany’s eyes fluttered. “Damn, you’re so fucking wet. ” He ran the finger up and down a few more times, then found her clit and began rubbing it as he carefully inserted two fingers into his daughter’s quim. Bethany moaned and arched her back.

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   This felt so much better than her boyfriend’s clumsy fumblings in his car. In moments she was writhing on the bed as her dad finger-fucked her harder and harder. She was getting so moist her pussy was making wet, sucking sounds and her juices were splattering on her legs with each thrust of his hand. She began to cry out as she felt herself about to cum. Her pussy contracted around her dad’s fingers and he pushed even harder and deeper, forcing his daughter to orgasm against his hand. Bethany cried out and stuffed a corner of her bedspread inside her mouth to keep from crying out too loudly. This felt so much better than when she fingered herself.

Soon she stopped wriggling and her dad withdrew his slimy hand from in between her quaking legs. She watched through lidded eyes and he leaned down and placed his head between her thighs. Bethany’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt his tongue gently lapping against her tender and sensitive clit. “Oh…oh…oh, Daddy! That feels so good,” she murmured. He lapped at her slowly, her clit hard against his tongue, her juices tangy and sweet at the same time. Bethany began to slowly move up and down, humping her father’s bearded face. His tongue drove deeper inside her, moved around in ways she’d never imagined. He reached up with his hands and cupped Bethany’s small tits, his fingers closing in around her hard nipples.

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   The combined sensations were too much for Bethany, she felt overwhelmed and knew she’d be cumming again in moments. Her father’s rough hands were squeezing and kneading her titties harder and harder while his tongue seemed to push ever deeper inside her, then back out to lap at her clit, then thrust inside once again. Bethany stuffed the soaking bedspread corner back into her mouth to muffle her moans as the she came again, this time all over her dad’s tongue and face. He continued to lick lazily while Bethany’s breathing slowed down and she collected herself.

Bethany raised her head as her dad lifted himself up, his face glistening with her juices. She looked down between his legs and saw his cock was harder than ever. “Fuck me,” she whispered. Bethany spread her legs even further apart, inviting her father to take her. He looked into her flushed face and got on the bed on top of Bethany. She felt his dangling meat slapping against the inside of her thighs as he positioned himself above her. He reached down and grasped himself, held it against her wet labia for an instant before slowly pushing the fat head inside her. Bethany gasped. It was so big, she wasn’t sure she could take it. She looked into her father’s face. His eyes were closed, a look of intense concentration on his face.

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   She felt him push himself in a little further. Bethany whimpered a little. It hurt, but not too bad. She felt him begin to move back and forth, slowly and carefully. She guessed he was only half inside her. After a few moments of this Bethany became used to the uncomfortable sensation and began to even enjoy it. She moaned and smiled up at her father who was watching her face.

“You feel so good, Bethany,” he told her softly. He began to thrust harder, moving his ass up and down, causing Bethany to cry out in surprise and pleasure. She wrapped her arms around his muscular back and dug her heels into his ass. A loud groan escaped her as she felt her father push himself all the way inside of her. She clawed his back as he began to earnestly fuck her. Bethany could feel his tentacles slamming against her ass with each thrust. She pressed her face against his shoulder, biting into his flesh to keep from crying out loudly. She could hear the bedsprings squeaking as her father fucked her as well as his grunting in her ear.

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   Bethany felt so filled up by his prick and it rubbed against a spot inside her she was ignorant of. It felt like nothing before. She was going to cum again, even harder then before.

She began to hiss it into her father’s ear. “I’m coming…I’m coming, Daddy…. I’m coming. ” Over and over again. His thrusts became more urgent, more sharp, and Bethany felt her pussy convulse and cream all over the member inside it. She cried out once again as he body was wracked with unbearable sensation. Suddenly the fullness vanished and her father was outside of her. He stood up on his knees in between her legs, his hand grasping his swollen cock. He gave it a few sharp tugs and it began to spurt. White, sticky cum erupted in ropey strands, falling all over Bethany’s prone, shaking body. Her dad threw his head back and moaned as cum splashed against Bethany’s face, neck, breasts, belly, pubic mound, and legs. She marveled at the amount of semen her father shot onto her.

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   Still he jerked and still drops of jizz fell from his purple head. Eventually he seemed spent and took his hand away from his tool and fell limp on the bed next to his daughter.

Bethany looked over at her dad and regretted that he’d stayed away for so long.  
I hope you enjoyed my story! Please e-mail me at sardonicus1313@yahoo. com and let me know what you think!



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