Best of Walker Family Ch. 01


"Best of Walker Family Fun Ch. 01", by Susan Walker (08/15/2010)

This story was taken from the "Walker Family Fun" series by the original author (myself), then revised and edited for easier reading.

All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity, or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

Hello, my name is Susan Walker and I am a beautiful 40 year old mother of two. Right now, my husband is upstairs taking a nap with my 20 year old daughter Krissy, and my 22 year old son Tommy should be arriving home from college for spring break at any moment.

Suddenly, I hear a car coming up our long driveway and run to the living room to see who it is.

Oh! It's Tommy! I open the front door and run down the sidewalk to greet him!

Outside in the bright sunlight he gets out of his car, then we immediately embrace and begin passionately kissing each other. Tommy slides his hands down my back, runs them underneath the fabric of my bikini bottoms and starts squeezing the cheeks of my ass while we stick our tongues in each others mouths.

After a couple of minutes he leans back a little and says "Mom, you and Krissy can kiss better than any of those girls at the college!"

Just then I hear someone yelling, "Hi Tommy! Hi Tommy and Susan!"

I look across the street and see my neighbor Monica watching us while she waters her flowers with a garden hose. She has a fantastic body and I go over to her house regularly to have sex with her.

I yell at Monica "My son Tommy is home from college for two weeks!"

Monica replies, "Tommy! My husband is out of town all week visiting his parents! Make sure you come over to have coffee with me if you have time! I have some new bikini swimsuits I want to model for you!"

Tommy waves at her, then suddenly reaches around behind me and unties my bikini top!

I immediately put my arms across my breasts so he can't pull it off, but he gives the top a big yank and throws it on the hood of his car.

He loves looking at my naked body, but forcefully stripping my bikini top off outside in public is going to far!

Just then a car driving by our property slows down and the horn beeps. I look towards that direction and see it is my neighbor's two teenage boys.

They stop in the middle of the road, then Bobby rolls down his window and yells, "Hi Mrs Walker! You are looking fine as usual! Hi Tommy! Hey Tommy, make sure you invite us over to play "strip poker" again with your mother and sister before you go back to college!"

Tommy replies, "I'll call you next week!", then the two boys drive off.

I am still pissed at my son for taking my top off in public, so I put my hands on my hips and sternly say to him, "Jesus Christ Tommy, can't you wait until later tonight to get me naked after your father has gone to bed?"

I lean over the hood of the car to get my bikini top and Tommy steps behind me and pulls my bikini bottoms down to my ankles!

To avoid tripping, I step out of them and start running towards the front porch. Tommy quickly catches up to me and puts his arms around my waist.

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   He pulls me back against his muscular chest then moves both his hands up and grabs my naked tits.

As I struggle to break free of his embrace, I scream at him, "Tommy, behave yourself! If you let go of me now, I promise that you can do anything you want to me once we are inside the house. "

He releases his grip from my breasts and I run into the house then walk over to the big picture window. I look up and down the road to see if there are any neighbors that have just seen my son strip me naked in the driveway. Luckily, the only person I see is Monica.

As I have been looking out the picture window, Tommy has quickly stripped naked, then he walks up behind me. He runs his arms around to the front of me and grabs my tits with both hands, then pulls me back against his chest while he moves his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks.

I struggle to get away from him, but he pushes me up against the picture window. Across the street Monica is looking directly at me with a big smile on her face.

After a few seconds, Tommy forces me to turn around and guides me over to the couch. He forces me to bend over, so I extend my arms and place my hands on the cushions to support myself.

Tommy has positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and is ready penetrate me at any second!

I say to him "Jesus Christ Tommy, you can't fuck me here in the living room with Monica watching us! She will tell the whole damn neighborhood that I am having sex with my son and I will be embarrassed to death!"

My son ignores my pleas and shoves his cock inside my pussy about three or four inches.

Oh Jesus my son's cock feels wonderful inside me! I have been looking forward to this moment for over two months!

After a few attempts, Tommy gets all ten inches of his cock inside me and begins giving me a good fucking.

Being treated like a cheap slut by my son really turns me on, but I don't want him to know that, so I look over my shoulder at him and say "Stop fucking me right now you mother fucker! Your father may come downstairs at any moment and see you ramming your big hard cock into my tight little pussy! Stop fucking me right this moment before we get caught!"

Tommy ignores me, then pushes my head down and slaps my naked white ass over and over again.

Slap, slap, slap!

I shout at him, "Stop slapping me you fucking bastard! How am I going to explain to your father how I got red hand prints on my ass!"

My son responds by grabbing my long blond hair and yanks my head back while he continues thrusting his cock into me over and over.

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I just love it when he pulls on my hair, but I say to him, "Let go of my hair you son of a bitch!"

Suddenly, he lets go of my hair and pulls his cock out of me. I think he is done with me, but instead, he forces me back across the room to the picture window.

I look outside and see Monica and another one of my girlfriend neighbors, Michelle, standing in the street intently watching us.
    They wave to me and smile, so I wave back to them.

    Tommy forces me tightly up against the picture window and my tits squash against the glass and bulge out the sides of me.

    I plead again for him to stop making a fool out of me in front of the neighbors, but he starts fucking me again!

    Monica and Michelle just stand there in the street and watch my tits bounce against the picture window for the next few minutes.

    Just then, I hear someone coming down the steps from upstairs!

    I strain to look over my shoulder in that direction and see that it is my daughter Krissy. Thank God it was not my husband! How could I ever explain to him why my son and I are fucking in the living room!

    Krissy starts walking towards the kitchen, but suddenly looks over towards the living room and sees Tommy fucking me up against the picture window. She is excited to see her brother again and runs over to us and begins kissing him. Tommy stops fucking me, but keeps me pinned up against the window with his cock inside me while he and his sister passionately tongue kiss each other.

    I struggle to look over my shoulder at my kids and see that Tommy has slid his right hand under Krissy's bikini bottoms and is caressing her firm little ass cheeks.

    After a few moments, Krissy stands back while her brother places his hands back on my hips and continues ramming his cock in and out of me.
    He is being especially rough with me today, and it seems like he is trying to get his cock deeper and deeper inside me each time he thrusts his hips forward.

    I am delerious with incestuous erotic pleasure and start chanting, "Oh Tommy, fuck me! Fuck your mommy! Give your mommy a good fucking! Your mommy has been a bad girl and she needs her little boy to punish her! Don't stop fucking your mommy! Fuck your mommy! Fuck her!"

    After about five minutes Tommy says to Krissy, "Get down on your knees next to me because I am going to shoot my load in your face!"

    My daughter immediately strips off her bikini and gets down like her brother told her. Tommy fucks me for a few more seconds, then pulls his cock out of me and aims it at his sister's face.

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       Suddenly, a huge stream of sperm shoots out of him and hits her right in the eyes. She starts blinking to get her vision back, then Tommy shoots another big load right into her open mouth.

    I tell my kids, "Well, we have had enough fun for now. Put your clothes on and get ready for dinner. Tommy, get the grill started for the hamburgers and baked potatoes. Krissy, go upstairs and wake up your father then come back down and make your special "tossed" green salad for us. Now, get going before I paddle your little butts!"

    They kids run off, then I walk outside down the sidewalk to the driveway to get my bikini. Monica and Michelle walk up through the front yard, then stop and talk with me while I get dressed.

    Monica says, "Wow Susan, that was a great show you put on with your son! Michelle and I are so horny now, that we are going back to my house and have a sex party of our own. Do you want to come with us and join in! You will be the honored guest and get special treatment from us!"

    I reply to her, "I will take you up on that offer in two weeks after Tommy has gone back to college. I am pretty sure you can see that I will be quite busy until then. "

    Monica and Michelle have a quick laugh, then Monica puts her arms around me and we have a nice long tongue kiss while she slides her hands down underneath my bikini bottoms and gently squeezes my naked ass cheeks.

    After a few moments, I break the kiss, then say, "Remember this is a secret just between the three of us. Don't be telling anybody else about what my son and I were doing a few minutes ago. "

    Monica and Michelle giggle for a few seconds, then both say at the same time, "We won't!"

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