Best Little Sister Ever - Episode: 1


“You almost ready?” I yell at my little sister from the bottom of the stairs.

“Do I haaaave to go?” she whines “I don’t even like tennis practice”

“Sarah, I told mum and dad I would take you when they went on holiday. ” I state sternly back at her.

My sister Sarah and I had been left free run of the house while our parents were in Mexico. She was 3 years younger than I was and had always looked up to me. Our relationship with our parents was less than desirable but she always knew I would have her back. In return she would always be ready when I picked her up from her friends houses and do as I tell her, That way I wouldn't get in shit from mum and dad for bringing her home too late.

Sarah stood about 5"2 with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had incredibly pretty features and she always got all the attention at family reunions, being stunning and all. Despite her appearance Sarah was extremely down to earth and mostly a good kid. She never mixed with the wrong crowds and would rather be at home hanging with me then at the mall.

A few moments had passed and she appeared at the top of the stairs in her tennis outfit. Her very short white tennis dress left little to the imagination. I could see her white undies form around her mound as she stepped down from the landing. I stole a glance as she made sure her straps were sitting flat on her shoulders, a clear indication she had been rushing. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and her perky teenage tits barely moved as she came down the steps.

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“ready” she pouted at me, it soon turned into a smile as she could never keep a strait face.

There was no denying my little sister was a cutie. She was very sweet, stayed out of trouble and just wanted to enjoy life. She often did things like hug me and wrap her legs around me or wear short shorts and a spaghetti top with no bra on. She never thought twice about being herself around me and I loved that she felt so comfortable, I just had to remind myself that she was a young girl and really had no idea how hot she really was being.

“ok lets roll” I slap her firm ass as she walks past me through the front door.

Sarah didn't acknowledge the fact I had touched her ass. Even though we had never done anything sexual I guess she just figured its just what I do.

We walk out to the car and I unlock the doors. Sarah jumps in the passenger seat and I go to start the car as my mobile rings. I pick it up, its Sarah’s tennis coach;

“Oh hey, yeh. . no its ok we haven't left yet. . canceled due to rain.

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  . oh she will be really disappointed” I turn to look at her with the phone up to my ear.

She had a huge grin on her face and did a little dance flicking her hair around in the car.

“yep, ok I will let her know. Thanks coach, cya” I hang up and turn turn to Sarah who had already opened the car door and was getting out.

“I can see your really upset” I laugh as I get out and lock the car.

We walk back in the house and she goes to kick off her white trainers as she faces the kitchen bench, her hands resting on the bench to hold her steady.

“You should leave them on” I say

“huh?. . why?” She asks looking at her feet

I walk up behind her, lift her skirt, place my hands on her hips and press my body against hers. I feel my soft cock naturally sit between her ass cheeks, my shorts and her soft white panties not offering much resistance.

“because they make you the perfect height for me” I say holding her hips

She just giggles and bumps her ass against me, pushing me off. “quit it” she laughs

I smile as I back off her, pleased with my decision to do it.

She takes off her shoes and socks and looks back at me smiling “can I watch movies in your room?”

Sarah always bugs me to watch movies in my room because I have a big TV. I often let her chill in my room to watch movies or use my computer.

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   It works for me because we try to “tickle” each other on my bed which results in me getting to touch her perky tits by “accident”, well at least thats what I tell her. Sometimes she will so glued to the TV that I can gently jerk off just looking at her tight young body sitting up on my bed. She hasn’t caught me so far but I don’t reckon she would care if she did.

“mm ok, what movie?” I question as I grab a drink out of the fridge.

“Sorority Row!” she smiles hoping that I will say yes.

“and you be up all night with nightmares?forget it” I take a sip

“Oh pleeeeeeease Tim. I am the only one of my friends who hasn't seen it yet. Mum and Dad won’t let me watch it. ” she pleads

“no way Sarah, Im not getting into shit” I place the glass down on the bench

“Pleeeease come on I am the Best Little Sister EVER!” she yells

“fine” I say rolling my eyes

“yay!” she smiles, wrapping her arms around me “your the best” She runs off upstairs.

I walk in me room to find Sarah laying on my bed. , her legs slightly parted as she read the cover on her back. I crawl up my bead between her legs and lay on top of her.

“Arnt you going to have shower before bed?” I ask looking at her read the DVD cover.

“Had one before and I didn't go to training” she says reading

“Atleast take your bra off before bed” I try to see her eyes with the DVD cover in my face

“Already did see. .

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  . ” she pulls down her top slightly and reveals her perky young tits. She stops just before I can see her nipple but feel my cock grow in size as I examine her milky young breasts. My semi hard cock is now pressing directly against her pantie covered pussy.

“you gonna put it in?” she moves the DVD cover and looks at me

I knew she meant the DVD but for a slit second I enjoyed the fantasy that she was asking me to bone her. “yeh yeh” I say breaking the moment. I push off the bed pressing my cock hard against her, my cock had gone mostly soft again so she didn’t even look at me as I slide off her.

I put the DVD in and went down stairs to cool off. I ended up dozing off on the couch and woke up about an hour later. I drowsily wondered back upstairs and into my room. I almost got into bed before remembering Sarah was still in there. She was fast asleep sprawled out on my bed. I flicked the TV off and carried her to her room. I laid her down on her soft bed and gave her a light blue teddy to cuddle. I left her room and went back to mine exhausted and still half asleep.

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   I got into bed and fell asleep.

“Tim, Tim, Tim” I awoke to a little girls whisper.

Standing in the middle of my room holding her bear was Sarah, still in her tennis dress.

“whats up?” I rub my eyes

“Im scared of thunder” she whispered

I knew what she wanted “stay with me then” I whispered as I lay me head back down noticing the sound of heavy rain and thunder outside.

She quickly climbed in next to me and slid down before straddling me and putting her head on my chest like a little monkey holding on for dear life. She had moved so fast she didn't realise my bottom half was naked. My naked exposed cock lay rest between my baby sisters legs, her soft panties allowing the heat from her insides to pass through her pussy onto my cock.

I ran my hands up and down her back pretending to comfort her. Everytime I ran my hands up her back I would pull her skirt up a little. She didn’t budge at all as I firmly rubbed her resting body. I rubbed a little hared which caused her body to rock back and forth on top of me, causing her pussy to press against me then pull away.

The teasing had made my rock hard and I was finding it impossible to think straight as her hot sleeping pussy molded around my hard cock with each contact. I decided her panties had to go, I had no intentions of fucking her, I just wanted to see what a sleepy warm virgin pussy would feel like resting on my cock.

I slid my hands down and used my legs to straighten hers out. Then I slid her tiny white panties off and allowed her legs to spread around me naturally. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   I put pressure on her hips a tad to slid her down my body until I felt that familiar warmth on my cock.

This time it felt so much better, her undies had masked the true softness of her young pussy. It simply melted around my cock as I ever so slowly poked around it. I took hod of my cocks base and made sure the pre-cum had coated the outside of her pussy good. I pushed a little where I thought her hole would be and allowed her lips to part, engulfing the head of my cock. Her insides were warm and moist but not wet enough to even attempt pushing any further.

I just lay there with my little sister deeply breathing on my chest. The head of my cock halfway inside her. I find myself pressing harder and harder against her pussy until I hear her breathing change as she slightly twitches. She comes out of her deep sleep and opens her eyes. I play with her hair knowing I had been busted so may as well fess up.

“sorry if I woke you” I whisper, running my fingers through her hair

“mmm is sok. . . ” she mumbles “what are you doing?” she asks sleepily lifting her head

“just fooling around Sare, just relax” I whisper

“emm” she moans as she grinds against my cock unknowingly “feels weird” as she looks down at my shaft

“dont worry I’ve got you sis” I comfort her

“are you gonna hurt me?” she mumbles

“yeh, but it will only for a little bit” I say as she looks back at me

She flops her head back down on my chest and relaxes her thighs, allowing her body weight to rest on top of me.

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   “emmm okay, don't get blood on my dress” she murmurs still sleepy.

I lay there slightly in shock about how well she took it. I fully expected her to giggle and tell me to get lost.

“arms up” I instruct the little girl on top of me as I tap her ass with my hand

She raises her arms clumsily as I pull her dress up and off her body. I set eyes on her tits for the first time. The are perfect, about a B cup, perky, round and nipples that made my cock twitch with excitement.

“quit staring” she smiles tucking her arms in and covering her tits.

I just smile at her shyness when a few inches below her tits my cock is squirting pre cum all over her pussy. Her young body knowing what to do when there is a cock pressed against it. Slowly I feel her juices build up and like slippery saliva cover the head of my cock.

I place my hands on her waist and push her down onto my cock, I know I am right on the money when I feel her tense up and she tries to lift herself off.

I feel her heart thumping, her body preparing itself for the onslaught it is about to endure. I push again, feeling my head stretch her hole. I find myself flexing my cock just so it stays hard enough not to be pushed back out by her pussy.

Her hand shoots down and grabs my cock.

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   “It hurts I can’t” she whimpers. Little did she know but as she tried to pull my cock down and away from her she simply pulled back my foreskin and allowed the head of my cock to slide in further as I pull her down toward me.

“Tim it hurts, I can’t, Please stop” she pleads

“shhh its ok Sare” I hold her steady determined to make more progress “I can stop if you really want but I am almost there, its almost all over just one more push, you are doing so well baby girl, I need you to be brave, I need you to be a big girl”

She lays there for a moment and just nods, keeping her head buried in my chest. I lean over and pick up her bear. I snuggle it down between her breasts and my body. She latches onto it and cuddles it tightly.

“good girl” I rub her back comforting her before I slide my hands down to her hips again.

I line my cock up perfectly “Sarah I am going to count down from 5 ok?”

She just nods again cuddling her teddy.

“Ok. . . 5. . . 4” With her pussy relaxed and unsuspecting I slam her down on to my cock as I lift my hips and drive my cock inside her, stretching every inch of her tiny pussy as the head of my cock breaks past her hymen and comes to rest deep inside her.



“oooow” she screams into her teddy and bursts out crying

I immediately feel bad but I had to keep my promise of only one more thrust. I wrap my arms around her as she sobs “aww baby you did so well, its all over now, your such a good little girl” I stroke her hair.

“you. . h. . h. . hurt meeee” she cries

“I know sis, Im sorry I tried to make it quick, your such a good girl, I am so proud of you” I say trying to not enjoy her pussy contracting tightly around my cock as it tries to assess the damage.

“I know” she snuffles “thank you. . ” she giggles “I can feel your pulse”

That is when I realised that this was more then just sex, her and I would be bonded in a special way for life.

“I love you Sarah” I whisper

“I love you too” she mumbles through her teddy

“Want me to leave you for a while?” I ask not sure if her body had been through enough for one night

She shakes her head “you can keep going”

“I feel bad, I cant” I reply

“if you don’t mind me crying I don’t care if you keep going” she reasons with me followed by a snuffle

“if your sure then ok” I rub her ass as I roll her over onto her back.

I begin slide my cock back for the first time then forward. She immediately goes to slide her hand down again but I catch it and pin it above her head, then I grab her other arm and do the same.

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   She closes her eyes tightly as tears stream down her pretty young face.

I start rock back and forth driving my cock in and out of her newly opened pussy. My thick shaft stretching it to make my perfect fit. “good girl, hang in there sis” I pant as I really begin giving her a proper fuck. The first one in her life.

“mm mm mm arr mm mm” she mumbles staying strong as my cock tears her pussy apart

“your doing so well, be brave Sare, cry if you need let it out” I reassure her secretly finding her crying under the pressure of my cock a massive turn on.

Soon enough she relaxed and got into the rhythm of it. She even let out a little moan. Trying it out for size. It wasn't long before she was enjoying it a little too much. I thought what better opportunity to pound her for the first time.

I picked up the pace and started slamming my body weight into her pussy with each thrust, my tired balls slapping against her pussy, virgin blood and hot wet juices dripping down them. “take it Sarah” I instruct watching her perky tits bounce as I keep her hands pinned to the bed.

“uh uh oooh yeh” she moans to my surprise as a cheeky grin come across her face

I grin too in curiosity “what?”

“are you going to cum inside you baby little sister?. .


   the only little girl mum and dad told you to look after. . you just tore my pussy apart and stretched me with your thick cock” she teases as I try to stop from cumming right then and there

“I cumming” I utter as I stop in my tracks and feel my cock twitch releasing streams of hot creamy cum deep inside her. The streams hitting her pussy wall and dripping out of her freshly opened fuck hole.

Just as me cock goes from rock hard to empty and sensitive I feel her cum, the feeling of hot creamy sperm inside her too much to handle. Her super strong young pussy clamps down around my sensitive cock as her body convulses.

She lay the completely spent as I scoop her up and roll over on my back. My cock still inside her as we fall asleep in the same position we had started in that night. Only this time she really was the best little sister ever.

The End. .



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