Being Looked after by Mother


Topic: Being Looked after by Mother My name is Brian and I am 43 years of age. I was married but my wife left me for a younger model quite some time ago.   This is not about anything that happened now but when I was a Teen.
It all started on my 14th Birthday.   My mother arranged for a surprise party for me and boy was I surprised.   I arrived home after school and all was dead quiet in my house.   I wandered through the house calling "Mum, Mum, where are you?"  Nothing and then I walked into the living room and it was Dark as all the curtains were drawn and I could see nothing.   I felt for the light switch and as I clicked the light on the silence was split with the combined yell of about 50 people, "SURPRISE!!!"
I was so shocked I just leapt in the air and as a fell down I tumbled over and I fell on my right arm, "ARGH" the pain was enormous and I screamed out loud.   It was not a successful party as it turned out I had broken my arm in two places and I had to be rushed to hospital.   Fortunately after an X-Ray my arm was manipulated straight and put in a Plaster.
I arrived home several hours later and I went straight to bed, what a wonderful Birthday I thought. My Mum came in to see how I was and she gave me a Painkiller to ease the pain.   Shortly after I fell asleep and before I knew it, it was the next morning.   One good thing was that I did not have to go to school.   My Mum came in my room with a tray with Breakfast for the two of us and she sat on the end of the bed and we had Breakfast together.   We chatted about all sorts and the morning soon passed and before we knew it, it was nearly noon.

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"Well, come on then Brian" my Mum Said "It is time you had a wash and got dressed" So saying she pulled back the Duvet and waited for me to move.   I just sat there and looked a bit sheepish.
"What's the matter Brian?” She asked.   I just remained quiet.   “Come on you can tell me, after all I am your Mother”
I very quietly muttered, “Can’t I just keep my Pyjama’s on for the rest of the day, after all it is almost the afternoon”
“No you certainly can’t Young Man, so get out of bed this minute”
I just Blurted out “I can’t cos I can’t get washed by myself or get dressed cos of this silly broken arm, Dad had to help me last night and he undressed me and put my Pyjama’s on.   Can’t I at least wait until he comes home tonight?”
“MMM I see what you mean but unfortunately your Dad has flown to France, didn’t you remember that.   So if you were to wait for your Dad you would still be in those Pyjama’s two weeks from now. ”
I just sat there frozen, I had forgotten all about this trip.   I don’t know why as it had been the main topic of conversation in our home for the past Month.   Dad was to go to France for a Large Business conference, one if successful would change our lives for the better, it was that Big.
“OK then” Said my MUM, “I will just have to get you undressed and wash you and then get you dressed, after all it is not that long ago since I did that for you. ”
“BUT” I said with a quiver in my voice, I was just a little boy then, now I am almost a man, my Pals would laugh at me if they found out I was being washed and dressed by my own Mother”
“Tish Tosh Brian”, she said, “I won’t tell anyone and I am sure you won’t so no one will ever know, so come on slide off that bed and stand up and I will get those Pyjama’s off you and then we will go to the Bathroom and give you a good wash. ”
I very slowly slid off the bed and stood up, being careful not to knock my right arm which was not only in a Large Plaster but held up with a metal Bracket so it stuck out.   This made it impossible for me to move and all I could do was to wiggle my fingers.
I stood up and my Mother removed my Pyjama Jacket, which was very easily done as it was only draped over my shoulders as it was impossible for my right arm to fit in the sleeve.

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    She then looked at me and said well you have grown up, I see you even have some hairs on your chest.   Come on then now is the time to see if you hairs anywhere else.   So saying se reached out and unfastened my Pyjama Bottoms.   They fell to the floor and I was standing there in front of my Mother Totally Naked.
At first she kept her eyes on mine, but they soon dropped and she was looking straight at my Cock which as soon as I saw her looking at it started to grow.  
She looked back up at me and said “I see you are more like your Father than I thought, all it takes is for me to look and you get a Hard ON, Come on I am Only kidding you.   It is only natural and I have seen a Hard On before you know.   Mind you for a 18 year old you do have a beauty. ”
Hearing this my cock seemed to grow even bigger but I was pleased and proud at the same time and I thrust my hips out a little to make it look even bigger.
“Hurmph” She said, “Mind you it is going to be difficult in getting you dressed with it in that state.   Do you want me to leave you for a bit so you can take care of it”
“What do you mean” I asked as I was completely puzzled by this question.
“Come on Brian, you know what I mean, do you want me to give you say 18 minutes?”
I Just shook my head and said, “No, honestly I don’t know what you mean”
OK Then let me spell it out for you, Masturbate, you know have a wank, toss off, so that your Prick will be able to fit in you Pants. ”
I swear I blushed and said, “Oh I see, yes now I know what you mean but I can’t as I am right handed and I never have been able to that with my left hand, it just does not work” and I Blushed again.
“MMM OK then you could be right as your Dad has told me exactly the same thing many times, so what are we going to do.   I can’t wait around all day for it to go down and by the look of it, it has no intention of doing so anytime soon.

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    Oh well there is only one thing left, I will have to do it for you”
“What!” I exclaimed and I took a step backwards and the bed caught me just behind the knees and I fell on the bed on my back.   My Mother looked down at me and said, “Perfect just you stay like that and I will soon fix this little problem, or not so little I should say. ”
She pulled her skirt up a bit and knelt on the bed beside me. She reached out and took hold of my cock in her hand and started to toss me off before I could say anything.   Then it was too late as the waves of pleasure washed over me and I tensed my muscles of my Buttocks and pointed my feet.   The feel of my Mothers hand on my cock was fantastic, much better than me doing it, much, much better.   I could feel the sperm welling up and I tried to hold it as long as I could but I could not.   All too soon my cock jumped in my mothers hand and my Sperm spurted out and it hit me in the face.   I kept on pumping out my thick white cum again and again until it just dribbled out but my Mum kept pumping until nothing more came out.   I, at last could breathe again, all be it in gasps, and my cock was wilting.   My Mum wiped her hands on my Pyjama Jacket, got off the bed and said, “There I told you it would not take long, now come on into the bathroom with you and I will clean you up. ”
I slowly sat and got to my feet, slowly for I was still out of breath and in a state of Shock of what had just happened.   My Pyjama bottoms were still around my ankles so I just kicked them of and I started to head through to the Bathroom.   I was in a bit of a mess as I had Cum all through my hair, on my face, chest, tummy and my cock was dripping cum.
My Mum was waiting for me and she had a basin of hot water waiting for me.

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    “Right , stand there Brian” she said pointing to the side of the wash-hand basin, “I will start with your hair and face and work my way down until you are all clean.
She started to wash my hair and then my face. After that she washed my chest and so down to my tummy.   Getting another clean cloth she said “Now for your cock and balls, we must get them clean as they kind of wiff from all your cum, so please stand with your feet apart for me so I can reach all the way round.   I separated my feet as told as I was still in a dream world as well as shock.   In the meantime My Mother knelt on the floor in front of me and her head was level with my cock.   She started to wash my cock and balls and washed around underneath and reached back as far as my Bum Hole, but I never made a move.   After a bit she stopped and looked up at me. And said “There is just this one place on the tip of your cock that I can’t get clean so there is only one way to clean it properly”
So saying she took hold of my cock, lifted it and quickly slipped it in her mouth.   I froze at this and I felt her tongue licking all around the Knob end.   “Humph!!”  Was all I could say and fortunately the wall was close behind me as I had to lean back on it or I would have fell down. .
My mother continued to suck and suck on my cock and the inevitable happened, my cock started to grow bigger and bigger, until it was the same size as it was in the bedroom and I think it was actually bigger and harder what with my Mother Giving me head.
She suddenly stood up and said, “Well that’s it clean now alright, but look at it again, all hard and big again.   What are we going to do this time?”
I know come with me Brian.

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   As she said this she took hold of my hand and led me out of the Bathroom and back into my bedroom.   She pushed me on my bed and told me to stay there while she got ready.   Got ready I thought, what can she mean, I was soon to find out.
She stood in front of me and started to remove all her garments.   I just lay there and looked with my mouth wide open.   Soon she was down to her Bra and Pants and with a flick of her wrist the bra was removed.
Her Boobs were beautiful large but not all droopy, well not too much, and her nipples were a nice color brown and all hard and pointing out at me.   She slowly put her thumbs in the waist of her Panties and slowly, ever so slowly pulled them down.   Her Pussy came into view and it was completely hairless, the lips were all puffy and there was a glisten to them showing that they were moist.   She took them and climbed on the bed and opened her legs so that on leg was on each side of me.   She slowly moved up the bed until she her pussy was just above my cock.   She took hold of my cock and rubbed it up and down the slit of her pussy.   I shuddered with pleasure  as she did this and a waft of musky fragrance came to me from her pussy.
She placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy Hole and sat down hard.   WOOSH my breath was pushed right out of me and my cock was buried deep in my mothers Pussy.

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    It was all warm and moist and tighter than I thought it would be and I could feel her clenching her muscles in waves as they gripped and then relaxed all over my cock.
She reached down and squeezed my balls gently and then she started to ride me.   The sensations that was ripping through me was so great that all I could do was to Moan out loud.   My Mother was making almost the same kind of noise and she was clearly getting close to having an orgasm  I felt her cunt muscles suddenly grip my cock and I thought they would crush it as it was so tight.   This was the start of her Orgasm and when this happened it was just too much for me and I came as well.   My cock twitched and twitched and I pumped out even more Cum into my Mother than I had when she tossed me off. . I threshed about the bed as the intensity of the orgasm was so much, I actually think I fainted.
My mother slipped off me and my cock. all soft now, slipped out of her cunt.   She was smiling and she looked down at me and said.   “Now that was something I never expected to happen but I am sure glad it did as that was fantastic. ”  I Looked up and said ”Like er… Yeah, Same here but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. ”
“Good”, she said, “I will now get you dressed and washed again, but this time fast so It doesn’t grow hard again.   At Least not again this morning.

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    Now that I know you are willing and have such a nice cock I would love to teach you some more about good sex, would you like to be my student in the art of sex.   I can teach you the best Oral Sex, anal sex, lots of different positions for sex and lots of real kinky stuff as well.   What do you say.
I just smiled at her and said “Well I don’t have much choice do I for at least 6 weeks until I get this Cast removed, so until then I am completely at your mercy. ”
My Mother smiled, rubbed her hands together and said, “Then the next six weeks will be the learning experience of your lifetime and you will have the best of FUN you could ever have. ”
“MMMM" I thought "I like the sound of that”



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