Bedtime before dawn


The night had been silent, sitting outside on the large veranda with her long, slender feet resting at the edge of that old wicker chair. The dining room light pouring through the sliding doors window to the hardwood porch.

The daughter had been touching up that final blotch of pink flesh peeking through her red toe nails, she looks up at the father sitting on the wooden bench and harbors that longing glance he gives with her evil slow smile. He is lethargic; slumped over his news magazine, nearly withering away with each sigh he gave.

She is sixteen, lately her youth and beauty is attenuating his strength to overlook this hot, young, girl. Something he can no longer constrain. She has crystal blue eyes, light hair in three tones of tan blonde. Reasonably tan herself, only she tends to redden in some cases. she is beautifully sculpted; waspy curves but hard body. She has his eyes, crystal blue, his hair is dark though, jet-black and salt-and-pepper mustache and trimmed goatee. His body is hard, sculpted and much taller. The two of them restricting appetites, he more than she.

On this night she wore a soft, filmy, white and cornflower blue jumper that is fastened up the front with clear flower shaped buttons. The fabric is loose around her thighs as it is hiked around her hips. Trailing her long, petite fingers over her bare knee, little bumps tracing behind each caress while she slides her fingers down between her thighs. He tilts his head watching these cruel temptations and snaps his mouth open and shut.

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Placing the news print aside, he kneels slowly to the wooden surface, her smile breaks through and she quickly glances around. Mother is in the kitchen baking tomorrows desert. Little brother is square eyed in front of the boobtube. He crawls towards her, an animal, stalking it's prey. His shoulders rise behind him and his eyes follow her feet to the floor where he meets them with a tender kiss. She stifles a soft giggle and smacks the side of my face with her other foot.

"You're beard thingy tickles. "

He looks up at her, those crystal eyes meet each other like magnets. His mouth moves up her ankle and she holds in the urge to laugh (although it was definite she was about to the way her eyes seem to smile). He makes it to the bulb of her knee and she weakens. Her legs parting and even one leg wraps around his shoulder. As it happens, the cartoons louder than usual, mother is in the kitchen rummaging around with pots and pans clanging.

He tongues his way up her thigh and plants full pressure on the mound of her pussy, she gasps, grabbing two fistfuls of hair into her hand to push her hips up higher to his face.
    He grabs her ass and shakes his head from side to side rapidly, her other leg clasps around his shoulder too. She is pushing herself back into the cushion of the wicker chair which rustles and hisses each time she rotates her hips.

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       She exhales and gasps at the same time.

    A commercial plays in the background, much louder than the show and mother is now running the taps and clanging dishes about.

    He digs his face into her cunt faster, harder, his tongue soaking through to her panties. She is melting into the chair with a touch of perspiration upon her forehead. Her puckered pink mouth swells as they part and her head tilts back. She tucks her ass in and fumbles to pull the fabric of her jumper to one side revealing her anime panties. She even loosens a few buttons showing a hard pink nipple. He gets up onto his knees and wraps his arms around her waist. His embrace warming her and his hot tongue exciting her while it lathers around her nipple.

    He sits back on his knees and pushes her panties aside. The slender pink lips of her pussy are glistening and the nub of her clit inflamed from his previous encounter through her clothes. He bows down and begins lapping away at his daughters clit. She takes a sharp breath at the first flesh on flesh contact. Her body stiffens and she reacts more eagerly while rotating her hips. The chair snaps out of place as she digs her body against it to grind against her fathers hungry face.

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    "Oh God, my God, daddy. "

    She whispers, her voice breaking through with every soft restrained moan. He sits up, watching her while he slides a couple of fingers into her pussy, curled towards her g-spot. She had to cover her mouth, tight, her face reddens while her voice is hollow and gulping back down her throat.

    He starts fingering her, rapidly, vigorous, and accurate. The sloshing of her pussy sounding much delightful. He feels her cunt-walls contract, ballooning around his fingers and so he drops his face back onto her pussy. Tonguing away at her clit while fingering her.

    She squeaks into her hand.

    The vibrations of mother walking around thumping through the floorboards, and the cartoon brother is watchinh causes innocent laughter from the boy.

    The two on the front porch can hear the traffic in the distance, everything ached in urgency. Any moment now someone could discover them.
      His face planted into her pussy, her hips grinding wildly against him with her hands grabbing and tugging at his hair. She's panting hard and heavy now. Each breath is sharp and long.

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      He pulls her down from the wicker chair which rolls to the side, and he then lays her upon the wooden patio. He unzips and frees his thick, hard, aching cock from his jeans and pushes into her tight cunt. This shocks them both, holding in the tender bliss aching through their bodies. Neither of them move nor do they breathe. . . .

      Only for a moment.

      It was her twitchy pussy muscles that revive him, he glides his hand down her spine and presses himself onto her. She is frantic, trying to keep herself from getting too loud. He starts pushing into her, gentle and slow for a good few minutes but mother is in the background. Mother says.

      "It's time to go to bed," she calls out to the daughter, "hurry up and finish your homework and get this trash taken out and then put these dishes away!"


      Her voice was shaking, but he didn't stop, he start pushing faster and harder, his cock digging deeper into her sopping wet pussy. He pins the top half of her body down with one hand clamped over her two covering her mouth. His cock sliding in and out of her pussy so fast his ass bobbed around through the porch window.

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         Just one glance and their busted. Her legs wrap around his waist, tight and her feet pointing to the tip of her toes which would curl and point every now and then.

      Her breathing rough and his low growl each time he entered her.

      Her legs parting slow, one knee brushing against the sliding door, and she arches her back so much her pussy clamps shut. Air tight around his thick and throbbing dick which is ejecting hot streams of cum into her pussy. The two are struggling to keep their mouths shut. She shudders and her eyes widen and roll shut. They surge together, jolting into the final pleasures of that hot moment.

      "Hey!" Mother calls to daughter, "where are you?"

      They scramble about the floor, which catches mothers ear and she redirects her attention to the front patio. She sees their legs fling around in the shadows and hears what soft voices make through the windows. Tilting her head she pulls the sheer see-through curtain aside and sees him on top of her. She pulls the door open and the dad shouts while stomping the floor.


      The mother giggles while the daughter sits up pouting, father has his back to his wife. Their hairs a mess along with their clothes.

      "Haven't seen the two of you play wrestle in a long time.

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        . . "

      Silence but the incestuous exchange a quick smile. Mother continues.

      "So, hurry up then, finish up your homework and get to your chores, love. "

      Mother leaves the door open, father stands up with a fully soaked crotch, he quickly ducks into the house and rushes to change. The daughter readjusts her sopping panties and jumper before goes to finish up to change into her nightwear. .



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