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It is only recently that I have started fantasising about this special person, and it all grew from one simple evening browsing the internet. As I trawled through some web pages one of the links sent me to a site that I knew I should have left straight away, but was too engrossed in what was in front of me. It had a large image of this toned naked man sticking his dick into the bare cunt of an more mature woman, and when I say mature I don’t mean she was past it because she was dead gorgeous. Above the image was a large banner “Incestual Relations”!!! and as I slowly read the article beneath it, I realised it was offering movies of family members fucking each other. The image above was apparently 21 year old Freddie, sticking his dick up Jane’s cunt, Jane being his 55 year old mother, and it also went on to say about a dad fucking his daughter, an uncle penetrating his teenage niece and a father sucking off his huge son. It wasn’t until I finished reading, that I noticed the small tent in my trousers bulging out as the tip of my dick was almost visible pressing up under the elastic of my jockey shorts and resting along my taught stomach, and as I heard the door go I had to make a hasty exit to wank off in the bathroom, never before had I shot so much cream. That evening was the first time I looked at my mother in a different way, eyeing her up like some kind of pervy jerk, not being able to do anything other than sit and stare at that huge firm butt, encased in the small red skirt that she was wearing. Her name is Marie and to give a brief description, I would say she was still beautiful, looking as young as someone half her age. Mum had given birth to me and my younger brother at an early age, me being born when she was only sixteen, so she was only thirty six years old now. She had much fairer hair than myself, but had the same sparkly hazel eyes. Her body wasn’t as stick thin as it was when she was younger, but she certainly wasn’t fat and it made her so voluptuous and curvy, with her ass still firm and round and her huge breasts only showing the slightest sign of sagging beneath the lose top she was wearing. I had such a huge erection all through that first night with my renewed sexual appetite, and must have cum at least three times as I stroked my nine inch dick continuously, dreaming about what my mum’s delicate pussy looked and tasted like and how firm her mature, tender butt and breasts would be. I must have dozed off for a while though, because just after seven in the morning, mum was shouting at me and my bro to come downstairs. I hurried down and the news wasn’t good, my dad had been killed in a car accident on his way home from his night shift, and the police wanted my mum to go and identify his body. A week later and mum still hadn’t cried and let all her grief out, and I knew she would cave in soon. Which is exactly what happened when me and her were sat watching television in the lounge.

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   Something came on the television about couples going on holiday and she just burst into tears, as I rushed to the side of her chair and put my arms around her to give her comfort. All erotic thoughts I had about mum had gone out of my head since the accident, but as I sat there taking in her intoxicating womanly scent, I could feel myself twitching. “I’m so sorry about that Dan”, she said softly “It’s just that I miss George so much”. “That’s alright mum, if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here for you, now why don’t you have a large brandy and put your feet up” I uttered with a slight hint of authority. Mum gulped down the drink, and before long, as was custom when she had a bit to drink, had fallen into one of her deep sleeps. When mum went to sleep, she did get knocked out of it, because she would go into a deepness that blocked her ears and senses out to even the greatest sound and movement anyone could throw at her. I walked over and turned the television off, and as I sat on the edge of the table scanning through one of my brother Lenny’s magazines, I happened to glance over at my mother, and what a sight greeted my eyes. Her small legs were propped on the stool in front of her, and with her legs slightly spread, the expanse of naked thigh now uncovered by her short skirt was obscenely obvious as the tops of her smooth sheer black stockings strained from where the garters stretched to the full. I walked over and knelt before her, at first leaning my face in close, taking in the deep scent of her most private area, almost tasting it deep in my throat. I had an idea and gently grabbed both sides of her black mini skirt gradually working the material further up her legs, and in doing so I was able to ease mum’s legs apart more. Her legs were now spread as wide as they would go restricted by the tight fitting skirt, but it still gave me clear a sight of her panties and the slight bulge of her mound encased in her pale lace trimmed panties. The gusset was smooth as it outlined her tight lips below, squeezed tight together as if protecting her love hole from any invaders. There was the slightest hint of a wet patch in the centre, as though her juices were overflowing within her burning tunnel. At the same moment I was about to feel her hot patch, I could see she was beginning to wake, and this gave me a couple of minutes it would take her to rouse, to leave the room, but I thought I would leave her skirt hitched up and see what she would do. As I eased the door closed, I remained at the opening, just to see what she would do about her skirt as she realised she was gaping open.

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   It was to my utter surprise when I seen her look down and in noticing her state of dress, she eased her hands down and rolled her panties down almost to her knees and spreading her warm thighs, opened the lips of her bare pussy with the fingers of one hand and rolled the swollen knob of her clit with the fingers of her other hand. I was stunned and as I made a grab for my rapidly enlarging dick, but my fun was cut short as the phone rang, and mum covered up to answer it. I waited up in my bedroom for her to finish on the phone, and as I heard her say bye, she called up to me and said she was off to visit uncle Keith. This is mums brother, who was struggling to cope on his own with two broken legs after a motorcycle accident. I now hated Keith with a vengeance as his actions had ripped away the perfect chance I had of watching my mothers sexcapades. So upset was I that our fun had been ruined, that I decided to hatch up a plan for tonight that would let me know if I would ever have a chance with my mum, sexually speaking. I made sure my brother Lenny would be out for the evening, by giving him money for him and his friend Joe to get drunk and crash at his house. Then I awaited the return of mum. I never realised the potential of having a shared toilet and shower room downstairs, until that night. I jumped under the shower quickly, just long enough to get wet, and waited at the door for my mum. I knew the first thing she would want to do after visiting uncle Keith would be to empty her weak bladder after the lengthy drive back. So there I stood as at that very moment, the floor flung open and exposed my nude torso to my mother. “Oh my god” she exclaimed. “I’m so sorry Dan, you must have forgot to put the lock on the door. ” With that she shut the door immediately and walked off.

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  I gabbed a t-shirt , and put on some jockey shorts and some jogging bottoms as I hurriedly walked up to her bedroom to confront her. “Mum, I’m coming in” I said. She was sat on the bed crying. “Come on mum, it’s not that bad it was only an accident, and I’m sure you’ve seen it all before”. “I’m really sorry Dan” she sobbed, “It’s not just that. Seeing you standing there so handsome and bare reminded me so much of your dad. I miss him so much, not just the company and laughter we gave each other, but the physical and loving side we shared too. ”“I wish I could say I knew what you are going through mum” I said comfortingly, “but having never loved anyone or got physical with anyone before, I can’t. Yet, I’m still here for you if you need anything. ”She stopped crying when I said that, and looked at me with a hint of pity in her face. “You mean you’ve never…. ”“No I’m still a virgin mum” I admitted embarrassingly. “Oh honey, you’ll find someone soon enough, there’s no hurry. Is there any one you’ve had you’re eye on?” mum enquired. “I almost gave up hope until the other week” I replied.

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   “Then I saw something on the internet and it got me thinking about who I loved more than anyone in the whole world. ”“What did you see on the internet that inspired you?” she asked blankly. “It was a site on incest, mum. ”“But that’s…. . two members of the same family…. having sex!” she uttered alarmingly. Well I had come this far, and there was no going back now. I slipped my hand onto her leg, just above her knee where her plump thigh began and managed to get the words out my mouth, “it’s you mum, I love you more than anything. ”Mum glared at me as her face drained of colour, then as it began to sink in, she looked more shocked than anything else. “I’m…well of course I’m flattered Dan……. but we are mother and son, and nothing can ever happen between us. You know that……don’t you?”I grabbed her head and felt her beautifully soft hair, as I pulled her mouth towards me, pushing our moist lips together. Working out my tongue into her mouth, tasting her, devouring her, letting my tongue explore her. She let me continue at first, savouring the closeness and loving that she had missed so much with my dad.

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   After what seemed like hours, which must have been seconds, she pulled away. “Stop it” she screamed at me, “this shouldn’t and cannot go on!”Replying sympathetically, I said “Think about how much you miss dad, I can take his place as man of the house. I can love you more than him, and we can bring pleasure to each other that I know you urge so much. ”A small smile appeared on her face, which I couldn’t quite work out. To back up my idea I added “We can do anything you or I wish mum, and nobody needs to know about us, so we won’t be causing any harm. ” Mum stood up and looked at me lovingly, and said “As long as you want it and nobody finds out then I don’t see why we can’t have a more intimate relationship, just like you’re father and I shared. ”She walked over and shut off the radio, leaving us in silence, and as she ambled back towards me swinging her sexy hips, I eyed up her heavy straining breasts as they bounced around in there enclosure. I stood infront of her, and kissed her lightly on the lips as I prised her black mini skirt up over her veluptuous hips. As we continued to kiss, my hand moved down to the elastic of her sheer black knickers, as I rubbed down further between her inner thighs, which I spread a little. Our lips separated as I knelt infront of my mum sliding my hands up over her buttocks, inside the elastic of her panties, and gently pulled them down. . . they stuck a little at the gusset, where her moistness had almost glued them to her pussy, but as I continued to pull, they came away to reveal her juicy lips as she kicked off her panties. There before my eyes was the most wonderful sight I’d ever seen, my first real glimpse of a womens most private region. I’ve seen stuff on the net and in magazines, but to see it for real, and to take in the sweet scent of her love tunnel.

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   Her pussy shone in the light, as her love juice seeped out sparingly on her shaved bare pussy. Her cunt was so lovely, nice and tight, with her lips not hanging down like some I’ve seen, and I could see every detail without the unsightly pubic hair that would have obstructed the fantastic view. I wanted to touch it, to feel it, and to taste it, but that would wait as she motioned me onto my feet. “Your dad enjoyed these the most” she delighted, as she squeezed her large breasts through the white, tight fitting blouse that she was wearing “Come and look. ”As she unbuttoned her blouse, I almost ripped it off her, so eager was I to access these sumptuous globes. Mum had on a bra that matched her panties, and even with this on, I could still see the prominent outline of her swollen nipples poking out. I reached behind mum’s back and fumbled for a while as I struggled to release the catch on her bra. Suddenly the bra pinged open, dropping down as her heaving chest flopped out. They were huge, almost the size of two big pumpkins, and each nipple was surprisingly long. The aureoles were wide, swollen and had a bright pink hue. She cupped her breasts in her hands and began to vigorously fondle them. She pinched her nipples in turn, then brought her left tit up and motioned it towards my mouth as I began running my tongue around her nipple in large circles which gradually became smaller until my tongue was flicking across her nipple. Slowly, I drew the nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it. The pressure of her hands on my head increased and I tried to suck as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. With my free hand I gripped that now bare ass of hers, and I sent one of my fingers drifting along her crack.

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   Oh how wonderful her large ass felt, so smooth and unexpectedly firm to the touch. As she sat on the bed, I took a moment to stand and admire her, now sitting there in just her black stockings and garter belt, she looked so fine. “Let’s see that firm body of yours again” she ordered as she proceeded to remove my top. As she pulled the t-shirt up and over my head she gasped as she ran her hand over my taught stomach, feeling every tight ripple. “God you’re so firm” mum panted as she worked my jogging bottoms down. All that was left now was my white jockey shorts, which were now extremely tight as they outlined my dick through the straining fabric, throbbing erratically. Which is why my mum had trouble, trying to get them off over my enlarged cock, but eventually with a little persuasion, she managed to ease them down as she was met with the sight of my nine-inch hard on slapping up against my stomach, straight-out, now finally free of the fabric restraining it. “Oh my gosh” she exclaimed, “I don’t know why, but you’re at least 2½ inches bigger than your dad, he was only 6 ½ inches long, although he was perhaps a little thicker than you. “This bought a huge grin to my face as I sat there stroking my pounding erection. I suppose settling down young meant she had only had sex with dad, and had never seen this amount of dick meat before. “Can I taste it?“ she asked eagerly. “Sure thing mum, you can do what ever you want with it” I replied even more eagerly. At first she sat there gaping at my swollen cock as the purple head kept appearing and disappearing as I slowly massaged my foreskin up and down, slowly circling the head of my rigid dick between my thumb and finger. Eventually she pushed my hands away and took hold of my enlarged member as she eagerly eased back the foreskin, licking gently around the head of my dick. As she did this she began teasing me, licking down the whole length of my shaft, taking my heavy and hairy balls into her moist welcoming mouth, whilst still gently licking the sensitive part under my swollen head.

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  My mum had her hand held tightly around my shaft, and now and again when she would remove my dick from her mouth to nibble at the underside of my dick I would see my enlarged cock head oozing pre-cum as I felt the pressure building in my balls. I think she sensed my climax was nearing, as she removed her mouth, cupping and dangling my balls and letting them roll between her fingers, as she proceeded to jerk my cock back and forth rapidly, twisting it from side to side. I was now ready to explode, and as she felt the hot cum surging up my throbbing shaft, she moved her mouth back down, slightly too late, as the first shot of my boiling seed hit her right on the chin. Her mouth locked on to my dick as I rammed it down her throat, she gagged slightly trying to force as much of my man juice in her as possible. It began seeping out the side of her stretched mouth, as it slowed up, but she wasted nothing as she sucked for all she was worth until she drained every last drop out of me. I then pulled my deflating member from her mouth as she licked her lips, for the remaining leftovers. “You taste just like your dad” she compared “although maybe a little sweeter, which is just how I like it. ”“Thanks mum, that was fantastic, now how about you let me return the favour?” I asked expectantly. Her response was quick, “Sure thing Dan, get down there and eat me out, and who knows maybe after some experienced guidance from me, you’ll be the best pussy licker in town. ”I pushed my mum back on to the bed so she was lying face up, and then took hold of her stocking clad legs and eased them up so she was spread out and I had plenty of room to play. I slid down between her smooth thighs, bringing my mouth nearer to her fragrant pussy, and couldn’t help but take a long lick of her bare pussy lips, noting how delightful it tasted. I prodded a couple of fingers up into the hot, moist passage of her slit, ensuring that my thumb rubbed in little circles across what she called her clit, which was quite stiff and swollen already. My other finger gently rubbed down the outside of my mum’s pussy lips, tracing up and down her juice covered slit. With my tongue I lapped full against her pussy lips and spread them wide, the tip of my tongue moving from the point where my finger entered her, up across her lips and settled on top of her clit. I darted lightly in and around her clit, and was deliberate and infuriatingly slow, as each time my tongue hit the bottom of her engorged clit, her hips involuntarily jumped forward towards me.

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   My mum was now lying with her eyes closed and was writhing in excitement, as I continued my oral onslaught. I was now fingering her moist box with three fingers and still sucking her clit and pussy lips tasting my first and hopefully not the last sample of female love juice. “Stop!!!” she screamed. Oh no…. “I’m not hurting you am I mum?” I asked immediately. “No, quite the opposite son” she replied reassuringly. “It’s just that I need you now, I need to feel your hard dick up my pussy before I go crazy. ”With that, I stopped what I was doing and eyed up my mum’s tight pussy, eagerly awaiting the loss of my virginity, as a continued. I gradually lowered myself over her, as I positioned my nine inch hard on above her shaven pussy. Slowly, I rubbed the swollen purple head my dick over her soft pussy lips, the sensation of her shaved lips against my throbbing erection was immense. My cock head was slowly pushing down into her tight little pussy, and she let out a groan as my dick entered her. I was so big I was afraid to hut her, so at first worked in half my erection, but feeling the warmth and slipperiness I soon pumped in my dick right up to the hilt as she whimpered beneath me. I gripped her waist as her tight little cunt clenched around my cock, contracting rapidly. I managed to continue for another five minutes until it became to much. The sight of my own mum’s hairless pussy being filled with my huge cock, the delicate lips stretched so tightly that they were sucked inward with each of my downward thrusts.


   She had already orgasmed four times while I was pumping in and out of her, and her pussy sensed my climax as her legs gripped round my ass, thrusting her heels downward, pushing my dick harder into her tight hole. It was as though her taught cunt muscles were milking my hard length for all it was worth. As I plunged in and out of her wet and grasping love tunnel with deeper and faster thrusts, I started pumping my juicy white seed into her pussy, feeling it exploding and shooting out deep into her womb at incredible speed. Once she had drained me dry, I pulled out and we cuddled and kissed deeply, which is where we fell asleep, in each others arms. I awoke the next morning thinking it had all been just a dream, that losing my virginity to my very own sexy mum had been nothing but pure fantasy. But I was brought hastily back to reality, as I glanced down and there at the foot of the bed was my mum, feasting once more on her 20 year olds dick like it was her breakfast!!.



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