Bad Dreams


It would be hard to understand if I had not been Neil's neighbour these last 18 years. I hadn't imagined what was going on in their house or his relationship with his daughter. To the outside observer he was a single parent making a go of it, after that fatal collision with a drunk driver, which took his wife's life leaving him and his daughter unharmed.

To be the sole parent of a young child, juggling work, full time parenting and responsibility for the daily tasks usually shared by two adults, must have taken a herculean effort but he never complain. Anytime he needed a pick-me-up all it took was seeing his girl's eyes lighting up and a squeal of "Daddy" to reinvigorate the man.

Well bad dreams ended up turning their lives into criminals, but I am getting ahead of myself. Here is the email that arrived in my inbox:

Dear Frank,

I am writing this letter so you can have some inkling of why things turned out as they did. It seems that the gods mock us mortals for their own amusement. It all started soon after my wife's funeral. Of course I was still grieving but I had a three year old to care for so I pushed away my own needs to concentrate on the living.

To me our fatal slide began the night Linda woke me up complaining of a bad dream. I led her back to her bed, laid down beside her and held my girl until she feel asleep. Those bad dreams turned into a regular event so much so that I took her to a psychiatrist. After a few sessions he determined that it was not about the car crash or the loss of her mother. He gave me the name of a specialists in parasomnia disorder (night terrors) which predominantly affects children.

As soon as I got home I made an appointment.

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   To make a long story short, after numerous session and tests the specialist came up with zero, zilch, nada, nothing. Except for a hefty bill that I could barely afford. His parting advise was to work nightly with my daughter in hopes that I would find someway to curtail the bad dreams. With luck she may just grow out of them.

So before Linda went to sleep I would lie down beside her and read the usual bedtime stories. I made sure that they were never scary. That was more of a task than you might think as it seems almost all children stories have some element of danger or spookiness. Anyway, the stories were read only with her bed side light on, in theory this was to ease her into the darkness. I already knew that a night light never helped as she complained that it kept her awake long into the night.

At the beginning we found that when I stayed until she fell asleep, she did not have those bad dreams. It averaged about fifty/fifty which was way better then before. I started changing into my robe and boxers before her story as a snuggled up kid would end up wrinkling my shirt and pants. This became our habit for several years.

The day after Halloween she ate way too much candy for any ten year old. When I went to read her the story she complained of a stomach ache.

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   I scolded her as she had ignored my warning. I got her a glass of water and seltzer, which she drank right down.

Linda said her stomach still hurt, pulled her tshirt up and put my hand on her tummy. I obliged her wishes by rubbing it until she fell asleep. The next day she told me she had a fantastic sleep with no bad dreams. I said it was just the aspirin in the seltzer. She would not be deterred claiming it was the tummy rub.

The next night she demanded another tummy rub. Just as she predicted she didn't have a bad dream. Whether psychosomatic or not if she had a tummy rub while falling asleep she never had bad dreams. From then on a going to sleep tummy rub became the norm.

When Linda reached puberty I felt that she was getting too old for our nightly habit so I told her that she should go to sleeping without tummy rubs. Of course she was reluctant but I figure it was time she was weaned off that habit.

Big mistake, in the middle of the night I heard screams and rushed to her room. There she was sitting up in the middle of the bed shaking in fear.

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   I rushed to her wrapping my arms around my sweat soaked daughter. Until I rubbed her stomach she simply would not calm down.

Well that was it, back to nightly tummy rubs. Several months after that we started to alternating between reading stories and just talking. Linda asking me about the adult world she was entering. She especially wanted to hear my experiences as an adolescent and my first encounters with girls. Although I was not too graphic I still told her the truth.

By the time she was fourteen I could not deny I was lying with a women. Specifically one that was a ghostly image of my dead wife. This was taking a heavy toll on my libido. Despite Linda burying her face in a blanket, I had noticed she occasionally moaned while I rubbed her tummy.

Having not been with any women for several years, due to Linda having her worst dreams when I dated, my own needs began to play havoc with my morals. I admit that I started masturbating thinking of my teen daughter. Yes, I am ashamed and will always be dammed with no excuses.

The slide into moral chaos came when Linda for some reason wore a nightie instead of a t-shirt and bed shorts.

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   I was unaware of this as she was under the covers when I came into her room. When it was time for her tummy rub she tossed the covers aside and pulled up her nightie stopping right below her breasts.

There before me was an almost naked women. She was made of exquisite curves with a flat stomach and wide hips. As my eyes travelled over this heavenly sight I became transfixed by her fertile triangle. The vision of her sex covered only in shear panties which framing a camel toe is permanently engraved in my memory.

I was so focused that I was barely aware when Linda took my hand and put it on her tummy. I was so well trained that my hand automatically started light circles over her soft skin. There was no doubt that this time my daughter moaned.

I looked at her face to see closed eyes and a contented smile. As this erotic dream unfolded she began slightly moving her hips in rhythm to my hand. In the limited light I could not see a wet spot but smelled her scent as it waft into my nostrils.

After a long while her hips stopped moving and her breather told me she fell asleep. I drank in her beautiful body for a few more minutes then covered her up and left the room. In moments my boxers were around my ankles stroking myself while reliving my interlude with an erotic angel.

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   When I came I nearly passed out at the intensity of my climax.

In the morning my guilt was profound so first thing at breakfast I told Linda that she must not expose herself like that. She laughed it off but promised to do as told. That night she wore a nightie again but she kept under the covers when she pulled the nightie up to her breasts. She took my hand under the covers to her tummy. The only thing different from any other rub was she kept her hand on top of mine.

Over the next few nights her hand progressively increased the area that I rubbed. I never touched the bottom of her breasts but my pinkie finger grazed the elastic of her panties. Yes, I should have stopped her right there but I was already under the spell of my sexy goddess.

She now moaned openly but not too load that I could force myself to stop. Of course with her moans and arousing scent I always had an erection threatening to bust out of my boxers. My member was already hard the night Linda took my hand to put on her stomach and her elbow grazed my erection rubbing the shaft.

This time I moaned revealing what her elbow had touched. The little vixen held my forearm instead of my hand making sure her elbow continued to stroke me. My breathing became more rapid which seemed to match hers.

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   Just as I could take no more she moved my hand high enough to touch the underside of her breasts. From her reaction she came at the same time as I did. Despite all the moral issues this simple was a beautiful moment shared between Father and Daughter.

We cuddled for a while but she fell asleep within a few minutes. Stunned at the line we had crossed I went to the bath room to wash off the cum. Instead of sleeping I rolled around conflicted but that caused me to relive what had occurred and I was soon beating my meat until it spewed cum again before falling into a deep sleep.

This was definitely a turning point as she wanted more and I could no longer resist the temptation. Even though I had great trepidation as the evening approached, I deluded myself that everything was under control. I had no doubt my daughter had only accidentally pushed my hand to touch her breast. I was soon to learn that was not the case.

I read her a chapter from our latest book, then excused myself to take a leak before the tummy rub. When I returned she was waiting under the covers. After I lay down beside her she took my hand and guided it to her stomach. With her hand on mine I started rubbing in light circles.

She started to moan earlier than usual.

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   Her hand broadened the area of contact. When she dipped my hand low my pinkie finger did not feel the elastic of her panties. She moved my hands up this time my index finger definitely touch the underside of her breasts.

This higher than usual position caused by arm to tilt her covers up revealing a sight no Father should have as Linda was naked. She must have taken her nightie and panties off when I was in the bathroom. When I change the elevation of my arm the covers slid onto the floor.

She did not seem to care if she even noticed. I argue that no man less a saint could resist the temptation to enjoy the flesh before my eyes. My hands went higher cupping a firm young breast then travelling to the other nipple tipped flesh teardrop.

She did not even open her eyes but moaned all the more as I began to play with her young body. She even removed her hand from mine to stroke my erection. It was like giving me free reign to use her as I willed. I bent down and kissed her, progressing from mouth, to neck, to nipples all to the applause provided by her moans and cries of yes Daddy yes.

As my lips and tongue assaulted her breasts my hand travelled down to play with her special place. It was not hard to get her legs parted as I lightly touched her slit.

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   Soon her pelvis was pumping up trying to capture my hand. I obliged my wanton daughter by running fingers up and down until they were slick with her juices.

I wiggled a finger into her and started thumbing her clit. My daughter was going wild under her Daddy's guidance. When she came her back arched, pelvis shot into the air and toes curled so hard I thought they would break. When she fell back to earth she continued after shock like spasms.

I pulled her into my arms spooning my daughter while her breathing slowed and she fell asleep. I admit that after she slumbered I pulled down my boxers pressing my naked body up against her. With my erection nestled between her cheeks I started to rock into her. My hand slipped around and rubbed her clit.

Even in sleep my sexy daughter began to get excited and pushed back into my erection. I kept this going but hearing her moan "Daddy" made me blow my load on her ass and up her back. I swear as soon as she could smell my cum Linda also climaxed wetting my hand.
    We laid like that for a while before I pulled off my boxers and wiped away all the cum I could see. After covering her up I left for my own room.

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    I was honest with myself, I simply needed what my daughter was offering. Yes I felt guilt but just thinking about the situation brought back those incredible memories and easily undermined my ability to stop. If I was already half way to hell the next night took me to that fiery basement in an express elevator.

    Unknown to me Linda had, long ago, found a box of her Mother's cloths, those that with such strong memories that I could not throw away. The next night I had just changed into my robe and boxers with a stiff column already struggling to get free. When I went to her room all the lights were off. Out of the darkness Linda said Daddy turn on the lights.

    From her door I hit the switch and almost fainted. Sitting on her knees in the middle of bed was my daughter dresses in a see through negligee that once belong to my wife. She smiled at me as a tear ran down my face "Daddy when you make me come I think its even better than a tummy rub. "

    Quickly I took the few steps to the bed. Standing in front of Linda I shed my robe while she pulled down my boxers. As my cock sprang out she giggled and kissed the tip. I stepped out of the them as she continue to kiss it. Soon my girl mixing licks with kisses.

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       I instructed her what to do and my dutiful daughter did as Daddy asked. This was home schooling at its best.

    Before she could make me cum I pulled out of her mouth and sat beside her. She revelled in my gaze then started to take off her top. Soon the only clothing that remained was her shear panties. I placed a hand between her breast and gently pushed her backwards. When she fell on the bed and her tits jiggled in small circles.

    My hands went to the elastic on her panties and pulled them down with Linda raising her bottom to assist, then she was naked. She watched me gaze upon her body and her nipples looked hard enough that they could cut glass.

    I started to massage and kiss the bottom of her feet. She giggled and squirmed as if she could feel my hands all over her body. Moans replaced giggles as I sucked on her toes and rubbed the inside of her legs. My mouth started kissing her ankles working their way to her calves.

    All the while my fingers lightly touch the inside of her thighs. Like advancing messengers they told my daughter were Daddy's mouth was next to venture.


       She got louder the farther I advanced. By the time she was spread wide and the hair on the top of my head touched her pussy she was literally thrashing. If it was not for my hands holding her down she would have bounced off the bed.

    I could smell her excited scent as I stared at my prize. As soon as my tongue licked into her slit she came ejecting a goodly amount of come on my face. I lapped up her gift like a beggar at a banquet. Soon I was lost in the shear joy of making my angel come. She drove her pelvis into my face with enough force she to almost broke my nose.

    God this women child loved to come. I moved up to suck on he tits and for the first time my hardon rubbed against her pussy. I was leaking so much precum there was no need to slick the glans with her juices. Still I held back, kissing, licking and playing with her while my cock continued rubbing her pussy.

    Despite her near delirium she recognized what was touching her and tried to mount me be moving her pelvis around. I teased her for several more minutes until she screamed in pure frustration "DADDY FUCK ME NOW!" Not having to be asked twice I positioned my cock then pushed the head into her tight love canal.

    No thrusting was required, as soon as I was in her, she wrapped her legs around my back, lifted up and thrust herself until she hit bottom.

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       The girl went wild, I may have been on top but out of pure will, her back raised off the bed and she moved under me pulling her pussy back and forth along my shaft until she screamed out a come cry that almost deafened me. Her arms fell from my neck and her back hit the mattress but those legs held me fast and deep.

    Now I took over and started a steady stroke. She became conscious enough to open her eyes to plead "Fuck me Daddy just fuck me!". My baby asked and I responded. When she came again I rotated under her so she could ride dear old Dad. There must have had cowgirl in her blood as she rode me in wild pursuit of her next climax.

    When she came I meant to get back on top but we rolled off the bed. She ended up under me as we hit the floor. The impact drove me deeper then I had been before. I must have hit her cervix because she came with her loudest scream yet. I sensed an urgent tingle so pulled out, flipped her over and positioned her butt in the air.

    I grabbed her hips, drove into her and fucked her as hard as I had every fucked any women including her mother. I thrust with all I had left then came inside my princess emptying what seemed like ten years of cum. She obliged her old man by coming once more and her pussy gripped so tight you'd think she didn't want to loose a single sperm.

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    Exhausted I pulled out, lay on the bed and Linda joined me. We spooned together. As I drifted off I heard my angel whisper "No bad dreams tonight Daddy. I think I know the cure. "

    The illicit liaison continued over the next few years until, through the open window, your wife heard my daughter scream "Fuck me Daddy!" and called the cops.

    By the way thanks for the tip off otherwise we'd never have escaped.

    Forever grateful, Daddy and Daughter, still on the run.

    Neil and Linda.



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